18 Of The Best PC Gaming Chairs (2018)

I spent at least 16 hours (plus a dozen cans of Mountain Dew and a shit ton of Cheetos) researching, testing, and writing this guide that'll help you find the best PC gaming chair from ANY budget. While it did feel like I wasted 16 hours of my life that I cannot get back, I realized that I'm wasting my life anyway so I might as well help my fellow gamers.

by Yoshi Kihano   |   Last Updated: April 25, 2018

18 Of The Best PC Gaming Chairs (2018)

I spent at least 16 hours (plus a dozen cans of Mountain Dew and a shit ton of Cheetos) researching, testing, and writing this guide that'll help you find the best PC gaming chair from ANY budget. While it did feel like I wasted 16 hours of my life that I cannot get back, I realized that I'm wasting my life anyway so I might as well help my fellow gamers.

by Yoshi Kihano   |   Last Updated: May 28, 2018

Our Best PC Gaming Chair Picks Based On Price Point



Homall Swivel Chair

  • Good value for the price
  • Comes w/ headrest and lumbar pillows
  • Comfortable to lean into



GT Racing Gaming Chair

gt racing is the best mid-range chair pick
  • check
    Looks a lot like a racing seat
  • check
    More cotton than leather
  • check
    Comfortable even without the lumbar supports



Herman Miller

herman miller embody black if you want it all
  • Modern, sophisticated look
  • Moves and adjusts with your sitting position
  • Fully adjustable armrests

Big-ass Note: While the three products above are our best picks on their respective price points, I listed down several more chairs that are pretty much good choices as well.

There’s a multitude of gaming chairs to choose from, but what sets apart the best PC gaming chair from your dinky kitchen or office chair? We’ve curated some chairs to give you a wide selection to choose from and make give you an idea of what to expect from the market as of the moment.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at a selection of the top rated PC gaming chairs in the market today:

Budget PC Gaming Chairs

Recommended Seats Under $100

1. Homall Racing Chair Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair



  • Height: 29.1 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.5" X 30.5" Backrest 

I’ve never really heard of Homall Furniture until I saw his chair, but according to their description they’ve been around since 2015.

Which isn’t that really that long, but at around $100, they can do quite nicely for gamers on a budget.

To be honest, it doesn’t really look like much and you may spot some very minor imperfections. But at it’s price point, these things are easily overlooked. Honestly, it is surprisingly comfortable!

Homall Gaming Chair

It’s one of those things where you may not consider it much at first glance, but then are pleased to be proven wrong.

Although it may not be as snug as more expensive chairs, the headrest and lumbar support pillows it comes with make up for it in those long gaming sessions.

But you really have to remember that you’re getting what you pay for, and the verdict for Homall is that it may not literally be a perfect PC gaming chair but it definitely runs at the top for the bang-for-buck gaming chair.


  • Value for money quality
  • Headrest and lumbar pillows
  • Comfortable to lean into or rock


  • Unimpressive look
  • Leather feels a bit cheap
  • Some visible minor imperfections overall

2. Best Office High Back PC Chair

Best Office High Back Computer Chair


  • Height: 17.5" to 20.5" (Seat Area)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22" X 36.6" Backrest 

Before you get on this chair, I recommend you shave your head, put on a red onesie and have everyone call you “Captain.” Jokes aside though, the Best Office Computer chair is probably the most deceptive gaming chair on this list.

It’s marketed as an office chair, and costs under a $100, but the quality and comfort is well above that price range.

best office close up

Close up images of Best Office Chair

It kind of copies the racing colors of a typical gaming chair, but doesn’t go as far as to make wrap around contours or go too extreme into the bucket seats.

I especially love the design feature of cloth mesh on the edges where my thighs would rest, this avoids that awkward leather gripping that happens when I’ve been sitting too long while wearing shorts. But even the PU leather is soft and breathable enough to be very comfortable even after long hours of sitting.

The only drawback is because it’s touted as an office chair and not for gaming specifically, you can’t adjust anything other than the seat height making this a strictly upright sitting chair.


  • Wide seats and cushion accommodate for large body frames
  • Well thought out design mix of PU leather and cloth mesh
  • A steal at under $100


  • Lumbar support is somewhat awkward
  • Strictly an upright chair
  • Can only adjust height

3. Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair


  • Height: 34.84 to 38.58 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 225 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 25.8 inches

If you wanted the bare minimum, then the Amazon Basics office chair will do you nicely.

You may be wondering why it’s included in this list, but the fact that this managerial chair is literally a steal at under $80 but still gives much greater comfort than the run-of-the-mill office chair.

The Amazon Basics Chair does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and does it quite comfortably.

The faux leather can fool you into thinking it should be priced higher and the cushioning is comfortable for everyday usage, just don’t expect to stretch out long gaming sessions on this chair.


Side view

Since it’s not aimed at the gaming crowd, this office chair is devoid of any racing styles and bucket seats, but as a basic chair, it’s comfortable enough for any body type. Although you might want to note that they advertise a maximum weight of 250 lbs.


  • Absolute steal at under $80
  • Padded armrests
  • Fits all body types


  • Strictly an upright chair
  • No headrest or lumbar support
  • Not recommended for extra long sessions

4. Giantex Racing Style Chair

Giantex Racing Style Chair


  • Height: 42 to 46 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 264 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25 x 26 inches

Here’s another gem in the running for the title of best PC gaming chair under $100.

In summary, I’d say that the Giantex Racing Style chair is actually an office chair masquerading as a gaming chair, with that said you should already set your expectations in that it’s not all that feature-rich, but does well for what it’s meant to do.

And what it’s meant to do is give your butt a comfortable seat for a few hours, and it does it well. If you forget that it’s supposed to look like a racing seat, you’ll actually think you’re in a comfortable executive chair.

What maybe a drawback for some gamers is, contrary to what’s advertised, the chair doesn’t actually recline. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

On one hand, this is strictly a sit upright chair and it is really comfortable in that sense.

Giantex Chair

The Giantex fits any room - gaming or professional.

But on the other hand, it’s not gonna be very comfortable for extra long gaming sessions since you can’t really lean back to relax.

However, because of its simplicity, the Giantex Racing Style chair is a lot easier to assemble than most of the other PC gaming chairs that have a lot of moving parts. And another plus: due its rigidity, the frame feels a lot more sturdy. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a smaller frame so if you’re a slightly larger fellow, you may want to skip this one.


  • Ridiculously low price
  • One of the simplest to assemble
  • Rigid sturdy frame


  • A bit on the small side
  • Doesn’t recline
  • A bit stiff

Mid-Range PC Gaming Chairs

Recommended Seats from $100 to $400

1. GT Racing Gaming Office Chair

GT Racing Gaming Office Chair


  • Height: 48 to 52 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 22 inches

Now this is a racing seat. The GT Racing Gaming chair actually looks like it belongs in a rally car rather in front of your desk, even the reclining lever feels like it was taken right out of a sports car.

It’s important to note that at just over half the price for one of the top end brands, the GT Racing Gaming chair delivers enough quality to be in this list.

One of the strangest features of this chair is that it actually feels much more comfortable without the headrest and lumbar support pillows that are supposedly to make things better.

But what I really love about this chair is that it’s actually more cotton material than it is leather, which I actually prefer.

gt racing has a sturdy and ergonomic back

The GTRacing chair is stylish and possess a high quality finish that's rare for it's price range.

I like to wear shirts and shorts at home and I’ve always had issues with leather sticking to my thighs and arms. Which makes this one probably my personal PC gaming chair of choice, since most others tend to be some form of faux leather.


  • Looks a lot like a racing seat
  • Very comfortable even without the support pillows
  • More cotton than leather


  • Headrest and lumbar support pillows are not the best
  • A bit uncomfortable on the thighs for larger frames
  • Minor imperfections in manufacturing

2. Ficmax High Back Gaming Chair

Ficmax High Back Gaming Chair


  • Height: 50 to 53.1 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 

Costing around $200, you’d be wondering why an unknown brand would market at the mid-range price, but the Ficmax High Back Gaming chair does have a couple of neat features that even a gaming chair at a higher price point is lacking.

Namely, the USB powered lumbar massage support. It’s really nothing more than a pillow with a vibrator, even the “massage speeds” don’t even matter, but still it’s a nice touch and deceptively comforting.

A lot of mid-range chairs don’t offer a retractable footrest like the Ficmax either, but this is more of a miss than a hit.

Really, I didn’t even bother using it at all. It would be nice to have a version without the footrest and a few dollars cheaper.

ficmax regal red

Ficmax also comes in regal red.

Lastly, the cushioning is a bit of a mix as well. Although the frame design is comfortable enough and have some give, the cushions themselves seem to be made of lesser quality materials.


  • Lumbar massage support
  • Larger, wider ergonomic armrests
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Lightweight base made of plastic
  • Footrest isn’t well designed
  • Cushions are of lesser quality material

3. Furmax Swivel



  • Height: 51.2 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 310 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 23.2" X 32.2" Backrest 

Now this is a chair that’ll initially blind side you because of looks that belie an actually pretty decent quality for its price.

Coming in at just over $200, you’d be hard pressed to find a PC gaming chair for this cheap, but the Furmax chair is well into the running.

The quality of upholstery is actually deceptively good and the contour of the backrest is surprisingly comfortable.

Another plus is that the bottom cushion is a lot wider than most of the chairs out there, which will accommodate larger body frames or simply if you like gaming in varying positions.

You have to remember that you're getting something quite cheap, so you are getting what you pay for.

furmax white

Furmax also comes in white.

Not to stay the chair isn’t sturdy, but there are some parts that seem a bit flimsy such as the retractable footrest. It’s definitely a nice touch for the price range, but I didn’t use it much since there’s very little adjustment for it.


  • Great value for money
  • Wide bottom for larger body frames
  • Thick armrests


  • Design and style look dated
  • Footrest is a bit short and feels flimsy
  • Plastic base

4. Devoko Ergonomic



  • Height: 46.6 to 50.5 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds 
  • Dimensions: 19.8" x 30.5" Backrest 

The Devoko Ergonomic looks like a run-of-the-mill budget chair, but once you’ve tried it you’ll quickly realize that it’s quite a find after all.

Finding a decent chair within the $100 is a massive challenge as you have to really weigh in the pros and cons, luckily, the Devoko chair has more pros than cons.

You have to be reminded that because it’s so cheap, there are some parts that seem to have been overlooked or not carefully thought out like the armrests.

They’re a bit short and don’t provide enough support if you tend to rest your arms while using the keyboard.

devoko parts

Devoko has a ton of must have features

That aside, the comfort level of the chair is quite good for its price range. The back rest is has ergonomically comfortable contours and a lumbar support that actually provides great support even though it may not seem to be the case in the product pictures.


  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable lumbar support
  • Ergonomic back support


  • Design and style look dated
  • Seat is a bit narrow
  • Short armrests

5. Techni Sport

Techni Sport


  • Height: 48.5 to 52 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 21.5" X 32" Backrest  

Techni Sports is the official gaming chair of the eSports Arena, and with good reason.

Even though their selection may not be as varied as other top end brands, any of the chairs can easily stand out from the crowd of decent gaming chairs.

The first thing I noticed with Techni Sport is their chairs look damn good, and I mean real damn good.

What I absolutely love is the carbon fiber finish on some of their models that easily lift the design style of the best PC gaming chair to new heights.

I could spend as much time looking at the chair as I would playing on it.

techni view

Techni comes in several colors, like red.

Now, whereas the seats have everything going for them, sometimes it may feel like the other parts of the chair weren’t given as much tender loving care in he design and production. For example, the lightweight hollow base or the small armrest area with divots that actually feel awkward on the arms.

But those issues can easily be overshadowed by the pure beauty and comfort of the Techni Sport chairs, and the fact that they are much more forgiving seats for larger body frames.


  • Design and style stand out
  • Accommodating for larger body frames
  • Premium upholstery and cushioning


  • Higher price point
  • Armrest have small resting area and awkward divots
  • Lightweight base

6. EWin

EWin Gaming Chairs


  • Height: 51 to 52 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds  
  • Dimensions:

I’ve actually never heard of Ewin Racing until I saw the chairs, but they do give the impression that they’ve been in the business of making the great PC gaming chair for a awhile, and deserve a first hand look.

First thing to note is that they do have quite a selection to choose from, ranging in prices of about $250 all the way to $400. But regardless of which chair you’ve decided to go for, Ewin Racing promises “Quality but cheap office chairs”.

And so far they seem to live up to the promise by checking a lot of boxes in comfort and customization.

The look and feel of the upholstery can easily fool you into believing that Ewin is up right up there with the big boys, if not for a few parts that show there was some cost-cutting in the overall design and manufacturing of the chairs.

ewin chair

This is the $400 model

However, these minor imperfections can be easily forgotten after a gaming session.


  • Solid frame
  • Great upholstery and comfort
  • All models come with headrest and lumbar pillows


  • Base is lightweight
  • Some plastic parts feel cheap
  • Minor manufacturing imperfections

7. Cougar Armor

Cougar Armor


  • Height: 50.78 to 53.93 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 180 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 23.23" X 33.07" Backrest 

This one is a bit of a charlatan - not to say it’s a terrible chair, but quite the opposite actually.

The Cougar Armor chair could easily fool you into thinking it’s one of the top-end brands, if not for the logo at the top of the headrest.

Apparently the Cougar brand has been around since 2008, initially making gaming edition power supplies, cases, and cooling systems they’ve now expanded to making keyboards, headsets, and related gaming accessories.

Now they even make what’s potentially the best gaming chair it seems. What’s awesome about the Cougar Armor is that it checks a lot of boxes: comfort, recline, height, fully adjustable armrests, the list goes on.

cougar armor chair

We're talking about the chair, not your mom.

It’s not exactly cheap per se, but definitely more affordable than some of the best PC gaming chairs of comparable quality.

At just around $300, first impressions of the Cougar Armor looks like it was made with premium quality, however, on closer inspection you will start to notice the minor imperfections.

Sadly, the part where you figure out it’s not really a top end brand is the base. Unlike the premium metal finish on some of the more expensive chairs, the Cougar Armor has a very plasticky base and casters. Not that it’s brittle or weak, the base actually feels solid, but it’s still plastic and in an obvious way.


  • Cheaper than similar quality chairs
  • Comfortably rigid backrest
  • Great for wider and taller body sizes


  • Comes in only one color, at least for now
  • Plastic base and casters lack premium finish
  • Armrests feel stiff and have limited adjustments

8. Wensix

Wensix Gaming Chair


  • Height: 18.1 to 21.3 inches (Seat Height) 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds  
  • Dimensions:  23.6" x 33.1" Backrest 

At first glance, the Wensix would easily be written of any list of top PC Gaming chairs, but you need to be willing to take the risk to find out that you can’t just a seat by it’s upholstery.

The leather is clearly subpar, but upon closer inspection it’s still incredibly soft and feels like as if it’s some pretty good thick leather.

This impression goes for the entire chair overall, if you love the softness of thick padding then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this gaming chair.

And best of all, they don’t binge on any part of the seat either, it’s thick comfortable padding all over.

Another great thing is that it doesn’t feel constricting for larger body frames.

wensix red stripes

I like Wensix's red strips here.

 Sometimes I can feel like I’m getting sucked into a wrap-around chair which can cause moments of claustrophobia.

No such feeling with this one, even though there are contours on the seat and backrest, they’re not as constricting as some other chairs. For under $200, this definitely deserves it’s spot on a list of best PC gaming chair, especially if you're a gamer on a budget.


  • Thick comfortable padding
  • Value for money.
  • Non-constricting contours


  • You can tell it’s fake leather
  • Design is unimpressive
  • Reports of suspicious squeaking in the frame

9. Arozzi Enzo Series

Arozzi Enzo Series


  • Height: 48 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 270 pounds  
  • Dimensions:  20.1" x 20.9"

At first glance, the Arrozi Enzo Series looks pretty basic, and that’s because it pretty much is.

With no features really except for height adjustments, I can see why this chair would appear to be a hard sell.

Although it may not hold up for extended long hours in gaming, this is still a pretty great chair to sit on for the regular 9 to 5 work.

The cushioning is great, especially for people who are, well, let’s just say a bit more on the large side.

And because it’s not like the typical wrap around ergonomic design, this probably is the best PC gaming chair for a much wider range of body types, sizes, and heights. What gets me though is the price seems to be a bit more than I’d be willing to pay for an office chair.

arrozzi enzo orange

Arozzi also comes in bright orange.

After all, there are other options that can do the same thing at a lower price then around $150.

I guess maybe you’re paying for the Ferrari Enzo look? But strictly speaking, these aren’t exactly the design nor ergonomics of the Enzo seats either.

If you're looking for a similar alternative try the Merax Gaming chair.


  • Padded armrests
  • Great cushioning and upholstery
  • Comfortable for wide variety of body types


  • Not very value for money
  • Non adjustable armrests
  • Rigid frame

10. Kinsal Chair

Kinsal Gaming Chair


  • Height: 17.5” to 20.5” (Seat Height)  
  • Weight Capacity: 280 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 22" X 34.5" Backrest 

The thing about the Kinsal, is that you have to make sure you’re getting the newer improved version.

As it turns out, Kinsal had produced an older model that would never get on any best PC gaming chair list. According to many reviews, it was just downright terrible.

But there is good news, they clearly learned their lesson and made a number of changes that have actually made it a much more viable gaming chair for a decent price.

At under $200, the new Kinsal seat easily fits larger body types for a snug fit and can even give some of the higher priced brands a run for their money.

kinsal gaming chair blue

Kinsal comes in blue too.

The Kinsal also places itself on this list because of its simplicity, not that it’s lacking adjustable features, but because it takes only 3 easy steps for assembly, which is quite remarkable for any chair of this quality.


  • Snug fit for any body type
  • Great quality for price range
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Confusion between older and newer model
  • Armrests feel a bit flimsy
  • Faux leather is of lesser quality

11. AK Racing

AK Racing


  • Height: 49.8 to 53.1 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 180 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 21" X 36.2" Backrest 

If you can’t tell form their logo, you can from their chairs.

The AK Racing brand name is pretty much literal since they did, in fact, start out as sports car seat manufacturers. It’s actually not at all hard to believe since even the office chair lineup looks like seats taken out of a rally car.

They feel like it too. Even though I’m not such a fan of leather upholstery, I can’t help but love how I’ll just sink into the chair.

AK Racing also promise years of durability, so much so that they’re willing to offer 5 years warranty on the seats, 10 years on the frame.

That’s a very confident claim, and I don’t feel they’re bluffing either. The build on their chairs are quite solid and, because of the sports car ergonomics, feel quite snug for extended playing sessions.

akracing black

AKRacing has this glorious black variety.

Their price range is about $300 to $400, depending on the series. This puts them in direct competition with the better-known DXRacer brand, and I’d say they’re in good competition. 


  • Sports car comfort
  • Solid build
  • Excellent warranty


  • Somewhat rigid armrests
  • Not enough non-leather options
  • Not much variety in frame design

12. DXRacer

DXRacer Gaming Chair


  • Height: 51 to 55 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 425 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 25" X 35.5" Backrest 
  • FREE Shipping, delivered within 5 business days, financing available

If you’re ready to play with the big boys, then you’d best be prepared to spend like them too. There’s a reason DXRacer are highly coveted gaming chairs.

Originally founded as a luxury sports car seat manufacturer, they evolved into a recognized gaming brand by bringing their luxury expertise and experience into the realm of eSports.

It’s no wonder their seats are used in a number of major international e-sports tournaments.

You’ve probably noticed their logo behind a pro gamer or popular live game streamer, and so they're easily at the top list of any PC chair list.

Of course, the downside is that you’re gonna have to loosen your grip on your wallet. But like I’ve mentioned earlier, you get your money’s worth. And for a DXRacer that means quality and for their more pricey selections: luxury. Plus the fact that all of their chairs look pretty damn good after all.


Learn more about this chair on our complete DXRacer Racing Series Review

On the lower end side, they have basic PC chairs from just under $300 and on the high-end range expect to shell out about $400. They even have a line of “office chairs” that don’t really seem to be much different except that these chairs can go upwards to about $800.


  • One of the most recognized brand
  • Excellent quality in overall design, style, and materials
  • Large selection of models to choose from


  • You have to be willing to pay the price of quality
  • Tend to have very specific weight and body measurements
  • Limited selection for bigger and/or taller body frames

High-End PC Gaming Chairs


1. Herman Miller

Herman Miller


  • Height: 42 to 45 inches 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 29.5"(W) X 15"–18"(D) 

Although, strictly speaking, this isn’t designed for gaming per se, the Herman Miller chair still deserves to be on our top PC chair list simply because it’s pure luxury comfort.

Although, personally, what I really love about this chair is the fact that it doesn’t look like a gaming chair nor the expected office chair either but probably on the bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise.

According to Herman Miller, their chairs were designed with the philosophy that “sitting does not need to be sedentary.”

Honestly, health-wise that’d be the perfect philosophy for designing the greatest PC seat (known to man, at least), unfortunately, it seems they may have come up just a bit short on that promise.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of soreness on my bottom and fatigue feeling on my back, so this chair is a godsend when sitting upright for hours on end, but it’s not as comfortable in all sitting positions.

herman miller embody black

Herman Miller comes in this sexy black variety.

Not that it’s terrible if you’re not sitting upright, but thing you’ll definitely need to take note of is in order to get the best comfort, you’ll have to dial it in first. Although it’s highly adjustable, fine tuning will take a lot of trial and error, which is kind of a hassle for me. But once you get it tuned perfectly for you, it’s definitely sweet heaven.

In other words, what makes this chair difficult is that you’ll have to adjust it to the different positions you frequently sit with. Or if you’re really good at fine tuning – or simply just lucky, depending on how you look at it – and find an adjustment that‘ll work for all your positions, then you’re gold!


  • Modern sophisticated look
  • Adjustable to fit like a glove
  • Excellent lumbar support


  • Hurts the wallet
  • A bit of a hassle to get tuned in
  • Not as comfortable in different positions other than upright

2. Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture


  • Height: 16" to 21" (Seat Height) 
  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds  
  • Dimensions: 16.75"(W) X 24.06"(H) Backrest 

Another luxury item, we just had to put in, the Steelcase Gesture is an office chair that is definitely in the running for top PC chairs, at least on the high-end category (not that there's a lot of competition up here).

It seems that a growing trend in office chairs is the mesh backrest, which is all right for a few hours, but sometimes I feel it just doesn’t cut it. I mean, there are some outstanding mesh backrests, but it still doesn’t beat the comfort of an actual cushion.

Now strictly speaking, I’m not sure you can actually call the Steelcase Gesture backrest as a cushion but the texture feels just like one.

And it feels so good when leaning back! Even though the maximum lean is only around 45 degrees, it’s not a deal breaker for me since I never lean that far anyway when I’m at my desk.

However, I did notice the lumbar support needs some getting used to. Being non-adjustable gives me some mixed feelings because it’s a little off for certain sitting positions, in fact, I can imagine that it may even be uncomfortable for taller users. But overall, it’s still an extremely comfortable chair.

steelcase gesture back view

Sadly, the biggest downer of this chair is that the price matches it’s luxurious looks. At around the same cost of two iPhone X’s, it’ll put a major dent in any budget plans you might have had. But that price, after all, affords luxury in every sense of the word. From the handsome modern businessman looks to the luxurious textures and pure comfort in any sitting position.


  • Premium upholstery
  • Moves and adjust with your sitting position
  • Fully adjustable armrests


  • Way tOo pricey
  • Not the best lumbar support
  • A bit stiff on the butt

The Office Chair vs Gaming Chair Debate

office chair vs gaming chair

Owning the best PC chair sounds pretty awesome, but maybe you’re wondering if there’s really any point since a lot of the managerial or executive office chairs seem to also provide similar benefits.

Gaming Chairs Are Smexy

The truth is: they actually do. A good office chair with proper padding can actually serve well for a gaming session, but there are some major advantages to a gaming chair.

First of all, you gotta admit, they look pretty damn good. If you’re into that sleek business look, an executive chair would do you nicely, but if you want something that says “I eat chicken for dinner”, nothing screams “fragalicious” more than the a smexy PC chair.

Secondly, think of it kinda like buying a car. You know how you can get just the stock car or with additional options like better sound system, nicer kits for the body or wheels, and various other gizmos and gadgets.

You Actually Save A Few Bucks

Well, an office chair is basically just a chair with maybe up and down hydraulics and wheels, but even a basic gaming chair is like a stock office chair with all the bells and whistles.

If you consider the fact that a top-end office chair with all the features such as lumbar support and adjustable armrests will cost maybe twice as much as the top-rated PC chair, which already has these features as standard. Let’s just say there’s little argument for saving a few bucks to get pretty much the same quality seating.

General Thoughts on the Right PC Gaming Chair for Gamers

However, you might still be thinking,

“Jeez, why should I shell out a couple hundred bucks for a chair when I can upgrade my cooling system or slap on some more juice for my rig instead?”

ergonomic chair vs new rig

Now let’s be honest: although that is true, if we really look at the gaming market, the majority of PC games that need an over-the-top rig is a really tiny percentile. Most, if not all, of the popular games - probably the ones you’re playing now - can do with a decent setup.

And that’s actually okay.

What’s not okay is sitting for hours every day in a single posture. Of course, exercise and getting up every so often is the best solution, but it’d be difficult to work out while trying to win a chicken dinner.

That’s where owning the right PC chair comes in: why not spend that extra dough on something that’ll help your body cope with those back-to-back (pun intended) victories? After all, if your health deteriorates, what’s the point of owning an awesome rig when you can’t even use it?

So what it boils down to is your comfort and posture. There are dozens of PC gaming chairs out there to choose from, but you have to pick the one that’s right for you. Which one allows you to sit in the most comfort without giving giving you soreness or sacrificing on your posture.

PC Gaming Chair Important Features

Overall Design and Style

Saying that looks aren’t important for the best PC gaming chair is like walking up to a stranger at the bar and saying you approached them for their personality.

That’s a lie and we all know it!

You gotta be attracted first before you’d even consider making a move.

Overall Design and Style

Gaming chairs have A LOT of designs.

The same goes for picking the right seat for you. You gotta love how it looks first, before you start getting to know it’s “personality.” That’s why most gaming chairs look like something taken straight out the cars in the Fast and the Furious.In a word, they look sexy.

On the other hand, you may be like me, and would prefer the sophistication of luxury sports cars over the powerful growls of muscle cars. There’s something for every gamer style, and that’s worth considering.

Ergonomics and Comfort

After spotting that one person who stands out from the crowd, it’s time to make your move and get to know them a bit more. This is where feelings come into play. How do you feel sitting? Does it suit your needs?

Ergonomics is very important to ensure a comfortably seamless gaming experience. 

Ergonomics and Comfort

Adjustable supports, armrests, headrests, incline, these are all things that’ll depend on how you like to sit while playing. Most of the chairs for gaming have padding that are designed to help you find a comfortable balanced sitting position.

Armrests largely depend on what you play and how you play. What positions you place your arms while gaming. Which is why the general rule of thumb for the is to have adjustable armrests, some even allow the complete removal of the armrests for those who find it as a distraction or don’t need it at all.


Upholstery is a lot specific in detail, but still a very important aspect for some gamers. I would personally avoid leather upholstery altogether because they have a tendency to stick to exposed skin making for some uncomfortable movement.


The materials used are just as varied as the styles available. And although the upholstery cover is really up to your preferences, I would recommend making sure to get soft yet sturdy padding. You need it to be comfortable for your back and bottom, but do not want it giving way after just a couple of months or even weeks.


Honestly, I think casters are kind of an often overlooked feature in the PC gaming chairs. Probably because we tend to focus more on the the sitting comfort, but it’s still something that needs to be considered. Especially if you want to avoid nasty looking scrapes on your beautiful mahogany flooring.


Generally, there are two types of casters: hardwood casters and carpet casters. So you’ll have to take your pick depending on where your gaming rig is located. I’d say that hardwood casters are generally a safe pick since it’s still better to avoid potential scratches in case you move of carpeted flooring.


You may be tempted to go all out on the getting the best seat for your butt, but keeping a budget is still a very wise decision and can potentially avoid buyer’s remorse, trust me, I know. Just because one chair has all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean it’s a smart buy, “just in case I need the feature”.


Personally, and not just for a working chair, I’ve come to realize that if I haven no need for a certain feature, like adjustable armrests for example, then I probably won’t find any use for it down the line anyway. Pick a gaming chair that has something your current chair is lacking but need, rather than burning a hole into your wallet.

Benefits of Sitting On A PC Gaming Chair

Okay, so looking good and feeling great are nice, but what are the real benefits to upgrade that dinky desk chair for the best PC gaming chair?

Well, there are a number of reasons, which have been mentioned numerous times, but the best reason really is because it’s good for your health.


Of course, playing only 2 hours at a time is the best thing for your health, but who are we kidding? We all know that’s not gonna happen. So with the ever growing gaming industry resulting in extensively longer average playing hours, gaming chairs were invented to ease the health problems that may arise from sitting on our bums all day.

Better Posture

Great PC chairs were designed to help us sit in proper posture by following the contour of the spine and providing support in the proper places, especially the head and lower back areas which is where most issues of soreness start from.

You’ve probably noticed that many chairs included in this list put a lot of emphasis on lumbar support or at least provide adjustable pillows to make your lower back more comfortable.

correct sitting position

Correct sitting position

Personally, I’ve always been hunched forward on my workstation, but all the chairs I got to try out helped me keep upright by appropriately and comfortably pushing my lower back forward. The headrest pillows of some chairs were also very accommodating for quick naps, which honestly, may have occurred more often than it should have. I blame the chairs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t try leaning further than maybe 45 degrees on the chairs, because of a certain traumatic experience when I was younger which made me more trusting of simple chairs. But even without leaning all the way back, the gaming chairs were still very much comfortable. Another major reason why it’s worth spending a little to get one of the more decent seats.

Comfort = Better Playing Experience

It may not make all that sense, but it is true that comfort directly correlates to a better playing experience. I’m sure many of us gamers have had that occasional mishap or missed opportunity during high stakes moments all because of the couple of seconds distraction from having to adjust our sitting position.

An ergonomic PC chair for gaming helps avoid those circumstances by providing the best overall comfort, regardless of your sitting position, allowing you to focus completely on getting those skill combo timings perfect rather than the pins and needles tingle of when your butt has suddenly fallen asleep.

Wrapping Up

gt racing is the best mid-range chair pick

The GT Racing Chair is our best mid-range pick.

With all that’s been said and done, the best PC gaming chair is not something I can coerce you into getting, but rather something you’d have to experience for yourself. We’ve done our best to list down the 18 top-rated PC chairs for gaming we can find on the market today, but in the end, you’re the deciding factor.

How much you’re willing to spend, what features you’re looking for, and even down to how tall you are and how much you weigh are very important factors in picking the best PC gaming chair for you. 

After all, not everyone has the exact same body and the exact same preferences. You may like to sit a certain way, while others prefer another.

But the point is, it’s all about your personal comfort and gaming experience and also knowing where to put your money’s worth. So it is definitely worth your time and effort to look for the best PC gaming chair that’ll fill all of your check boxes, just as much time and effort you spend fragging on screen.