AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board In 2022 (How to Fix)

AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board In 2022 (How to Fix)

Want to know why AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything out!

When you don’t know why an electrical problem is happening, it can be overwhelming. In our effort to make you more knowledgeable, we will explain a bit more about the fuse, why your AC keeps blowing it, and what is the most probable solution that you can take.

When the air conditioner blows the fuse in the circuit board, it is quite distressing. You might not think much about it if it is just a one-time occurrence. If it happens frequently, you have a problem on hand. 

When you plug in a computer or other electronic device that uses a circuit board, the electricity flows through tiny wires and then into the circuit board. But sometimes, the electricity gets shorted out and stops flowing. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as corrosion or oxidation.

What Is A Fuse And How Does It Work?

An electrical safety device that is made of metal or wire is called a fuse. It’s usually inside a cover or a case. The purpose of a fuse is to make sure that the electrical device is safe from overload or high voltage. 

The AC is connected to either the trip box or the disconnect box. If there is a power surge or a short circuit in your AC, the filament in the fuse will melt. This acts as a circuit breaker because it stops the flow of electricity. A blown fuse is what this occurrence is often referred to as.

The fuse is a part of the safety mechanism so it can’t be a problem on its own. The contactors are very sensitive to overload, and so they get very hot very quickly. If the fuse has blown, that means you have a problem on hand for which you may need professional assistance.

AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board

Why Is My AC Blowing A Fuse?

Out of the many problems your Raleigh cooling system can encounter, electrical-related ones are the most difficult to deal with. It’s no surprise that electrical problems can be dangerous if mishandled, so if you’re more than a little frightened or stressed out, that’s a good sign. 

The specialists at Air Experts Heating & Cooling have dealt with the issue many times and they can help you figure out what is happening with your tripping breakers.

With over three decades of experience in serving our North Carolina clients, our team is well-equipped to offer all of the advice and services needed to keep your home cool and safe this summer season. If you follow along, you’ll discover why your cooling system might be tripping breakers.

You can find a list of the most common reasons that could be the cause of your AC blowing fuse here.

Dirt and Temperature Fluctuations

A damaged motor, dirty coil, and intense temperature fluctuations can cause the AC’s condenser to break down. This causes the electric circuit to be overloaded and causes the fuse to blow up. Clean dirty coil, repair damaged motor and set right temperature fluctuations.

Deterioration of the Fuse

It takes approximately 20 years for a fuse to last. How frequently the AC is used is one of the factors that affect it. When the machine is turned on or off, time-delay fuses are installed in the AC. 

Due to the constant use of the AC unit, the fuse wires will be subject to wear and tear. These should be checked regularly and should be replaced immediately if they are worn or damaged.

Old or Clogged Motor

The extra effort needs to be made by the AC’s Capacitor to keep the motor running. The running of the cooling system is carried out by a condenser. The purpose of the capacitor is to help the condenser. If the Capacitor is not working properly, it will blow the fuse in no time.

Unsteady Electrical Connection

Extreme temperature changes could be the reason for the unsteady connections within the breaker box. Temperature fluctuations can lead to sudden expansion and contraction of fuses, which can cause them to be loose and unstable. To fix this problem, you should get the unit inspected by a qualified service technician.

Why Air conditioner Keeps Blowing Fuse In-Circuit Board?

There could be several reasons why the air conditioner keeps blowing the circuit board. There is a good chance that these are the most probable.

Loose Electrical Cables  

A short circuit could be caused by the loose electrical cables inside the circuit box or somewhere in the AC. The location of the loose wires will only be revealed by a thorough check by a trained technician. Once they are discovered, you will have to tighten them so that they don’t cause any more short-circuiting, which can lead to a blown fuse.

A Faulty Capacitor 

The flow of electricity inside the AC is regulated by the work of a Capacitor. The Capacitor is unable to work properly when it develops a fault. There is a chance that this will cause the fuse to blow repetitively. The problem will have to be solved with the replacement of the Capacitor.

Over time, an old or blocked motor will force the Capacitor to work. This can cause a lot of strain on the ac capacitor, which can cause the fuse to blow continuously. The best solution for this problem is to get the motor checked and then take action as advised by the technician.

Problem In Condenser

The dirty coils on your ACs can cause strain on the capacitor, which can make it run over time. There is a chance that the fuse will blow. If the condenser fan has to work harder to cool your home, it may cause electrical problems, one of which is a fuse blowing often. 

The solution lies in getting regular maintenance of your AC done so that these issues can be found at the very beginning and addressed before they turn into troubles.

Low Refrigerant Level 

The air conditioner needs to work harder to cool the house when it is low on refrigerant. The extra work that the AC has to perform can trip your circuit breaker or cause a blown fuse. 

The blowing of fuse becomes a regular occurrence if the refrigerant level is not topped to an adequate level.

It is clear from the discussion that the solution lies in maintaining an optimum refrigerant level in the AC. Paying attention to their advice and taking quick action is what a technician can do if they recommend replacing the coil that carries the refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filters 

If there is continuous pressure on the AC, it will result in a blown fuse. It can be as inconsequential as a dirty air filter for that matter. Especially on hot sunny days when the AC works overtime, hours of operation under tremendous strain can take their toll in the form of a blown circuit board. It is a good idea to replace the air filters every month in the summer.

Small Fuse  

Somewhere down the line, someone replaced the AC circuit board’s fuse with a smaller one which was not large enough to handle the load of your AC. The folly of this action is that if the fuse blows, you replace it with another one that has the same capacity. 

Replacing the fuse with one that has an adequate load-bearing capacity should be done by a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) technician. The problem should be solved after this is completed.

Low Refrigerant 

The system has to work harder when the air conditioning is low on refrigerant. It can trip your system if this extra work is not stopped. It’s possible that you have a refrigerant leak and that’s the reason for your low refrigerant. If you think your system is malfunctioning, it is a good idea to have an expert look at it.

Malfunctioning Capacitor

The small part in your cooling system that helps regulate the electrical flow is called the Capacitor. The left and center of the fuses will blow if the Capacitor is not working correctly.

A Faulty Condenser Fan

The fan works by blowing air over the coil. Your system will not be able to cool effectively if the fan is malfunctioning. The harder it is to cool your home, the more likely you will experience electrical issues.

AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board

Issues That Require A Professional In Raleigh

These are the most common issues that need a trained AC repair team to fix.

  • Refrigerant leaks
    The dirty filter issue and the lack of refrigerant have the same effect on the system. Refrigerant leak repair is a job that can be done by a professional
  • The breaker is damaged or old
    The problem may not be with the cooling system at all, but with the breaker panel. The panel will begin tripping far too often when it is too old or weak for the needs of the home. It is quite possible that the AC breaker is not the only one tripping.
  • Electric motor shorts
    Electric motors work hard for a long period. If the fan begins to heat up, it can lead to a repeated breaker trip until the motor is serviced

What Fuse Type Should I Use For My AC?

It’s very important to be careful when buying a new fuse for your air conditioner. The power requirement of your unit makes it necessary for the new fuse to be compatible with it.

How Will You Know What Fuse Rating To Go For?

If you don’t see the rating on the blown fuse, you can look in your unit’s access panel or the manufacturer’s website. Too much current will cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction. It has happened before and we have seen it before.

How To Remove And Replace AC Fuses

You have confirmed that the air conditioner’s fuse is broken and needs to be replaced. If you want a professional to do the dirty work for you, we recommend you invite them.

However, if you still insist, below are steps to follow. 

  • If you want maximum security, shut down the breaker and cut off the air conditioner’s power supply. The disconnection box needs to be located next.
  • The wires and the fuse might be in the disconnection box. If it is in the “T” handle, pull it to stop the current from flowing into the fuse. 
  • Attach the disconnection box to the new fuse by using a pair of pliers with plastic insulation. It’s a good idea to leave it when you found it.

How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner From Blowing Fuse?

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t trip the circuit breaker or blow the fuse frequently.

Ensure your air filter is clean

Many homeowners don’t bother to check their air filters, which could be the source of many problems with their AC. Dirt and dust can restrict the flow of air in the unit, which will make it difficult to operate. It is recommended that you check your AC’s air filter every three months to avoid this. If the air filter is dirty, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned immediately.

Ensure your outdoor unit is clean

The surroundings of your air filter must be free of dirt, grass clippings, and dried leaves. If you want to get rid of the debris, you can use an old screwdriver or firm brush. Make sure that the furniture, window curtains, and carpet aren’t blocking the vents.

Reset the breaker

Resetting the breaker is an important quick fix. If you have an old electrical system, you can swap it for a newer one.

AC Blowing Fuse in Circuit Board


You can always use the same old, tired, and ineffective method of doing things, or you can take some time to evaluate what you are currently doing, and try out some new ways. There are so many options available to you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

You just need to do a little research on what is available, read some reviews, and start experimenting with different approaches. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn. You may even find that you are already doing some of these things. This blog on “Why AC Blowing Fuse In-Circuit Board (How To Fix)” would help you with this issue.

I would like to thank you for reading. We want you to find the article informative and fun. If you have any comments, suggestions, or additional information, please comment below.

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