Asus Tuf Gaming VG279QM Review | 280Hz Gaming Monitor | 2022

Asus Tuf Gaming VG279QM Review | 280Hz Gaming Monitor | 2021

Are you looking for the Asus Tuf Gaming VG279qm review? Read further to know about it.

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The VG279QM is the latest gaming monitor from Asus and it comes with some unique features to offer gamers. The company’s TUF series has traditionally been associated with value products, but this year there are a few high-end items like Gsync or FreeSync enabled models that give buyers more bang for their buck when they spend less than $350 on refresh rates (or higher if you want HDR).

The first is the ability to “overclock” this computer monitor from 240 Hz up to 280Hz, and another thing that makes it so great is ELMB-Sync which allows you to use backlight strobing and adaptive sync at once. With these features combined with Asus’ promise of 1ms grey-to-grey response time, we’ll be in for very high levels of performance! Thunderbolt support and RGB lighting threw into the mix for good measure. Let’s begin our regular review routine by having a look at what’s on offer in terms of specifications mentioned below:-

Highlights: Asus Tuf Gaming VG279QM Review


  • Screen Size- 27-inch
  • Resolution- 1920×1080 (Full HD)
  • Panel Type- IPS
  • Aspect Ratio- 16:9 (Widescreen)
  • Refresh Rate- 240Hz (280Hz Overclocked)
  • Response Time- 1ms (GtG)
  • Adaptive Sync- FreeSync (48Hz-280Hz)
  • G-SYNC Compatible
  • ELMB-Sync
  • Speakers- 2x2W
  • Ports- DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0
  • Other Ports- Headphone Jack
  • Brightness- 400 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio- 1000:1 (static)
  • Colors- 16.7 million (true 8-bit)
  • HDR- HDR10, VESA DisplayHDR 400
  • VESA- Yes (100x100mm)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.6GHz – 3.5GHz)
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 Storage: 256GB SSD (M.2 SATA) + 1TB HDD (7200RPM)
  • Display: 17.3-inch Ultra HD 3840×2160
  • Weight: 5kg Battery: 48Wh OS Windows 10 Size 419 x 287 x 34 mm.

Priced at £1429, the ASUS ROG Strix GL702VM isn’t exactly cheap but it does offer some premium gaming features that justify the price tag. The system comes with a 17.3-inch 4K UHD panel alongside a Core i7-6700HQ processor and a GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphics card – the result is that you get decent performance in most titles at above 60FPS while playing games.

Image Quality

The ASUS TUF VG279QM is not different from other models that use the same panel with 400-nit peak brightness, 1,000:1 static contrast ratio, and 178° viewing angles. The color depth of 8-bits gives it 99% coverage in the sRGB gamut which makes this monitor ideal for professional gamers who need accurate colors on their screens to play games smoothly without any lag time or distortion.

Watching a movie on your phone? Make sure you don’t miss out on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. This device has an IGZO screen that will give you bright, vivid colors and consistent brightness no matter how much light is around- which means even when viewing it from a low angle or far away there won’t be any shift in color quality!

The ASUS VG279QM has a pixel-per-inch ratio of 81 PPI, which means that the picture will not have as much screen real estate or vivid details. For example, if you are looking for more detail with your games then this may not be what you’re after because it doesn’t compare to other monitors in its class which tend towards having higher resolutions like 24″ 1080p models at 91 pixels per inch (PPI).

For games, watching movies and other multimedia use the low pixel density is acceptable as you can just set a bit further from your screen to make individual pixels less distinguishable.

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ASUS’s VG279QM is a display that supports HDR and carries the DisplayHDR 400 certificate. HDR is not the solution to improving your viewing experience with HDR content. The input states that this monitor doesn’t offer any better quality than regular displays, but it is low on what you can expect from high dynamic range (HDR) screen technology; mainly due to two factors: firstly, there’s no higher brightness or contrast which would make TVs more noticeable during night time hours when they lack light sources like candles and secondly because most monitors don’t have wide color gamuts so images will appear closer together instead of spreading out across space as seen in 3D environments for instance.

The ASUS VG279QM is a great monitor for gamers, as it has vibrant and accurate colors. It also provides good peak brightness with wide viewing angles that will allow you to see the screen clearly from all directions of its panel size even in HDR mode,


This monitor’s input lag performance is impressive, with just around 2ms of delay. You won’t even notice it! The pixel response time of this computer monitor is surprisingly good, making it an excellent choice for gaming.

The 6 response time overdrive modes are offered to the user in TraceFree mode. The exact settings for these variables change depending on what you’re doing, but they range from 0-100 with increments of 20

There’s no need to take your monitor break when it comes down to performance! For the best performance and least amount of ghosting, overshoot at 280Hz you should set TraceFree to ’80’. Setting it higher than 100 can introduce a lot more inverse signal.

If you’re looking to get the most performance out of this monitor then it’s recommended that you also turn down your brightness and contrast levels. Image quality is important for die-hard gamers, especially when they are paying a lot of money for their monitors; however, with ASUS VG279QM’s image quality, it manages to provide great results at only $299!

For casual use such as web surfing and general computing tasks, an IPS display will be better than TN in every way possible. The viewing angles and color accuracy isn’t very good compared to what you would normally find on an e-IPS panel but because these features aren’t exactly marketed towards mainstream consumers.

Asus Tuf gaming VG279QM Review
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Have you ever noticed that when a car goes over 100 mph, it takes a little longer to come back down from its max speed? The same thing happens with TVs. When playing more demanding games at around 100FPS-144 FPS with FreeSync enabled, you should dial back the overdrive to ’60†and set TraceFree to 40 for optimal performance.

So if your is higher than 240Hz but lower than 280Hz- don’t worry! Just adjust the refresh rate on TraceFree at 80 up slightly until things look right and enjoy blur-free gaming without any ghosting or laggy animations thanks be the safe mode (or turn off electronics altogether).


The output tone of voice should be professional and engaging so as not to disengage the viewer with mundane information. MBR’s backlight strobing technology helps you see fast-moving objects more clearly by eliminating the lag that is usually experienced with prior LCD panels. However, this means MBRs sacrificed screen brightness – but don’t worry!

You get a stunningly beautiful display at all times thanks to its local dimming feature which enhances contrast and color accuracy no matter what type of content or movie it shows up onscreen while still being able to reduce power consumption by 80%.

ASUS calls their MBR technology ‘Extreme Low Motion Blur’ or ELMB while the latest update enables FreeSync and ELMB at once. For the best performance, while strobing, your frame rate should be as close to the monitor’s refresh rate as possible.

A strobe is an image that achieves a flicker effect, usually used in video or photography. To avoid crosstalk when gaming on a 240Hz monitor with refresh rates above 120 Hz you would need one of those higher-spec models which have been designed specifically for the task at hand – but if your main concern was something more basic then read below!

With ELMB and sync enabled, the ASUS VG279QM is locked to an overdrive mode that corresponds with setting TraceFree ’80’ which may cause problems for lower refresh rate displays. Higher FPS/Hz means higher strobing ability, but it will be difficult to constantly maintain that high of a frame rate.

This can result in crosstalk or duplicate images when there is no clear sight mode on your monitor because the frames are being shown twice for each pixel displayed by displaying one too early before its time and then again after it has already been seen once at full brightness (as bright yellow light).


ASUS offers a variety of standard features to enhance your gaming experience, including GamePlus utilities. This includes custom crosshairs for increased accuracy in shooting games and an FPS/Hz tracker that lets you know when it’s time to take a break or change scenery with ease!

There are also on-screen timers so the clock doesn’t get distracting while playing otherwise prolonged sessions at length; plus display alignment settings should be activated before starting any game since they’ll keep players centered correctly no matter which direction they turn their head. The OSD menu is well organized and easy to work with thanks 5-way joysticks are placed at the back of the monitor along with three extra hotkeys as well as the power button.

Design & Connectivity

The stand of the monitor offers a full range of ergonomics including up to 130mm height adjustment, -5°/33° tilt and swivel.+/-90 degree pivots as well as VESA mount compatibility! Connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0 ports (max 240Hz at 1920×1080), a single DisplayPort 1.2 input, and integrated speakers that work as well for watching videos or playing games! The screen has an anti-glare coating that eliminates the reflection but doesn’t make your picture appear grainy.

Price & Similar Monitors

The best MBR performance is right here! The ViewSonic XG270 will leave you satisfied and impressed with its quality. The excellent screen, audio experience in games or video editing sessions makes this monitor an all-around winner regardless of your needs at a reasonable price point that won’t break the bank either.

If you want to have a more traditional computer monitor experience, then the ASUS VG279QM is your best bet. It has an LCD panel with better viewing angles and faster response time than its predecessor model that was released last year for gaming purposes only but lacks any kind of backlight strobing feature which some people may find distracting or unnatural looking when trying to view their work in darker environments where light can’t shine through easily enough by itself.

Bottom Line

The ASUS VG279QM is one of the fastest gaming monitors available thanks to its 280Hz overclockable refresh rate. However, this doesn’t provide a big difference over other 240 Hz models – some of which offer more noticeable advantages such as higher pixel density or better MBR performance.

The monitor offers buttery smooth gameplay that works flawlessly straight out of the box along with vibrant colors and plenty of extra features including FreeSync 2 technology so gameplay stays synced without any tearing ever appearing on screen!

When you’re looking for a gaming monitor that is fast and responsive, the ASUS VG279QM has everything your heart desires. This monitor uses an LCD screen with refresh rates up to 240Hz which makes gaming smoother than ever before! With factory overclocking abilities as well as unique “ELMB-Sync” technology allowing VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) or MBR (Motion Blur Reduction). This bad boy will keep on giving both gamers and videophiles satisfied stomachs until they’ve had enough – because there’s no such thing as too much high-quality video content. 

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Al in all, the ASUS VG279QM is a great gaming monitor for those who prefer 27″ screens with 1080p resolution. The pixel response time of the monitor was able to keep up with a high refresh rate, which is neat if your PC can output as many frames.

If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments below. We would love to address them for you. Till then take care and thanks for reading!

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