Atelier Firis: the Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX Review (Switch)

The game: Phiris workshop: The alchemist and the genre of mysterious journey
: JRPG, Simulation, System building
: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam and PS4)
Developers | Publishers: Gust Koei Tecmo
Age Rating: US Teen | EU 12+
Price : US $39.99 | UK £32.99 | EU €39.99
As part of the Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack (released on Switch and PS4) :
US $89.99 | UK £73.99 | EU €89.99 Release date
: 22. April 2021

In the past, most of Gust Studio’s games have been released on Playstation consoles. Luckily for us Switch owners, older games are being ported to the Switch after the huge success of Ryz’s Atelier. Reissued as a trio, starting with the Arland trilogy, and after the Twilight trilogy, it’s now the turn of the Mystery trilogy.

The trilogy consists of Sophie’s studio: Alchemist of the Book of Mysteries, Phyris Workshop: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey and Lydia and Suel Workshop: Alchemists and mysterious paintings. All games will be in DX version, which means new content will be added to the games and all DLC will be included.

Let’s look at the second game. And if you are interested, you can also find a detailed concise manual on our website: Synthesis manual of the Phiris workshop


Firis is a teenager who knows nothing of the world outside the sealed underground village where she lives. His family lives in the mining town of Erton, where Firis has an important job. She always knows where the ore is, which is a good gift when the town lives on mining. Her sister Leah can go hunting outside the cave, and Firis dreams of leaving the cave one day.

The cave doors are in ruins.

Their lives change when Sophie and Plachta, known from the previous game, come to the village. She bolts the giant stone doors that Firis has tried so many times to open with alchemy.

When he meets Sophie and hears about alchemy, Firis discovers that she too has a natural gift for it. This is your ticket out of here! The village elder allows her to travel with her sister to the outside world on condition that she passes the exam for the alchemist’s license within a year.

Elder Erton has set the bar very high.

Phiris is a real teenager who has a fight with his parents. On the other hand, his parents don’t seem very open to him either. Let’s say everything ends well in the end, and Firis and Liana follow on their journey.

I have to say that the prologue shows good interaction with Sophie and Plachta from the first Atelier game of the mystery trilogy. On the other hand, I felt it was taking too long, I was eager to get out of the cave, and neither was Phiris himself.

Firis makes its first article.

Open world exploration

When you leave the cave, a big new world opens up for you. It’s really nice to see Firis feel the wind and see the sun for the first time.

Give the gift of a portable workshop.

As for the gameplay, the first thing you’ll notice is that in Atelier Phiris: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey has an open world that was the first! Without having to go from one point to another on the map, this roleplay offers about 10x areas to explore, with no indication of which direction to go.

Landmarks appear on the map as you explore Firis.

The map of the area Firis is in is blank at first, but fills in as she explores it. After all, there are places to put his portable studio (which Sophie gave him), people with wishes, and attractions. After visiting a place, there are quick travel options and those who want to return can do so easily. That’s great, otherwise the open world concept would be hard to handle.

Because you only have one year to get three letters of recommendation, I felt pressured from the start. But now I can assure you that this is not a problem at all. Plenty of time to get letters of recommendation.

Atelier Firis world map

Jumping into the game is not a good idea anyway, you may very well miss a dungeon that contains things you need to progress. In my case I took my time, but not all the side missions I encountered, I was afraid they would take too long. I don’t recommend it either, because you can get materials and possibly points for recipe ideas from the quests you solve. The main missions are of course mandatory, but the side missions are connected to the characters’ storylines.

Grid-based alchemy and turn-based combat.

The heart of alchemy is the grid, just as it was for Sophie. Use different colors and cover desired areas to achieve different effects. We’re not using different boilers this time, but we’re adding catalysts to give the item a little more energy, which is nice.

Bomb Synthesis

Ideas for recipes come to Firis through a variety of activities, such as collecting ingredients in the wild, talking to people, fighting enemies, etc. You also earn recipe points by completing quests that unlock new recipes.

Atelier Firis cookbook ideas.

Playing with the grid, colors and properties can keep you pleasantly busy while trying to get the best possible object. If you really want to go deeper into the best way to synthesize, check out our synthesis guide Atelier Firis

Battles in the Firis studio: Alchemist and Mysterious Journey alternate, as was the case in the Atelier games before Firis. Unlike Sophie’s Studio, where you select all moves, skills and items and then set the combat order for all members of the party, now you select an attack and the character immediately executes it. The timeline on the side of the screen indicates who is next, enemy or party member.

Battle of the Bulge at Atelier Firis

Finally, you get partners to add to your party, and you can fight with up to four characters. You can use the items you make in Alchemy, and each character has special abilities.

The trick is to fill up the chain hit-meter to perform combo attacks that may be needed against tougher enemies. Fighting and exploring cost LP, which you can replenish by sleeping, but a much better solution is to synthesize healing items: they also replenish your LP.

Lianna in action with her special move.

Additional functions in DX version

The DX version of the game comes with all the costumes previously released as DLC. Not only do they show Firis, but they also add a few bonuses. For example, the Wonderland costume, the resort costume, etc. The Wonderland costume will reduce the amount of time you spend moving and repairing.

Several new costumes in the DX-version

What’s great is that four new vehicles and exploration points have been added to increase efficiency and speed. New missions have been added to defeat the seven monsters, and a stronger version of the Palmyra boss has been added to the DX game. Plus 2 additional playable characters (Shanon and Heinz), additional in-game soundtracks and 2 new areas to explore.

As with the other two titles, photo mode and digital art book have been added. A feast for the eyes for every studio lover.

New cars in the DX-version

Are there any complaints?

Phiris is definitely not my favorite main character in the series, I know she’s only supposed to be 15, but her girlish behavior and squeaky voice irritate me. What’s nice is that you can also choose English voices, like the ones in Sophie’s studio.

I played the original game on my PS Vita and at the time found that the presentation and load times were good, but the framerate wasn’t great. In the mining town of Erton, at the beginning of the game, this is most noticeable in the games that seem to be played in slow motion. There’s nothing comparable on the Nintendo Switch: The game is great to play manually!

review Inside the surprisingly spacious laptop Atelier.

Comparison with other studios

Even though Firis is not my favorite character, I love open world games. Some significant changes have been made to the gameplay of the 18. The games in the series are not easy to make. All of this, of course, brings us to the future we now know from Ryza’s Atelier games, and I can confidently say that if you love these games, you have to give Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey is also an opportunity.

The more you play, the more things you unlock in the game. Mass production in Fusion, where you create a very special item that unlocks a part of the game you haven’t visited yet. New monsters, new ways to travel and exciting items to collect. New satellites to fight different landscapes. The game is far from over after the review, after the credits roll. New features enabled, including new travel methods. You can choose different paths (alchemy, combat, and character relationships), and each of these also gives you different endings. So even after you get your alchemy certificate, you can still spend many, many hours on it.

Firis sees the sun rise.


No matter how hard I try, these studio game reviews always end long…. so if you’ve read to the end, please stick with me.

Firis Studio: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey offers an excellent coming-of-age story with good mixes and turn-based combat. This game has a great sense of exploration in this open world and makes for interesting and extensive gameplay.

The prologue is too long (3 hours!), and Firis is a bit boring, but overall :

Final Judgment : I like loose.


How do you load…

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