17 Best 1440p 240hz Monitors In 2022 - Expert Guide and Review!

17 Best 1440p 240hz Monitors In 2022 – Expert Guide and Review!

17 Best 1440p 240hz Monitors In 2021 – Expert Guide and Review!

Do you want to know what are the best 1440p 240hz monitors? This guide is just right for you. Here we will let you know the best 1440p 240hz monitors in detail. So keep on reading.

When you play games, the most important thing is not how well your mouse and keyboard work but also what kind of hardware do you have? For example, if there are no display screens around then it would be hard for gamers to see which way their enemies go.

Whether in corners or face-offs with another gamer; survival depends on fast response skills as much as possible so keep attentive eyes peeled! The outcome isn’t solely determined by handling actions – Mouse & Keyboard combo ‘or’ gamepad buttons—but equally affected due to monitor/screen presence *which keeps players connected*.

Best 1440p 240hz Monitors

Things To Remember While Buying The Best 1440p 240hz Monitors


Resolution means a lot when talking about displays because everything you could watch on the screen is built up from thousands or millions of tiny squares called pixels. The higher the resolution, the better quality your picture will be as well as clearer fonts and images that aren’t pixelated. So make sure to pick one with what looks good and has enough detail before buying so it doesn’t disappoint later- especially if it’s something expensive like an HDTV.

Adaptive Sync

If you’re looking for a new TV, be sure to check the display screen size. For example, 1440p means that there are approximately 144 pixels per inch (PPI). The number of PPI is an essential feature as your graphic card may send more signals than what displays on-screen refreshes – so ensure this matches up.

Panel Type

Having an IPS or LED monitor can affect your game in the way it looks. A lot of people like having a more eye-friendly screen because they are easier on you, but if that’s not what interests you then maybe these high refresh rates might be for sale at some point! LEDs have bright colors with high contrast ratios which may cause eyestrain when used without getting too intense during gameplay time periods – though this isn’t always true since every person has their own tolerance levels depending on how long each type stays active before flicker starts bothering them personally.

Response Time

There are two things that can make a gaming experience uncomfortable. The first is the monitor, which needs to have around 1ms of response time so you don’t get pixelated graphics during gameplay or an error message from your computer when something goes wrong in-game (like being hacked). We’ve got many monitors with great latency levels for any gamer looking for fast reaction times.

RAM Speed

The other key factor associated with playing games on PC is RAM speed. While this may not seem like such a big deal before getting started making adjustments here, higher frequencies often mean better performance overall because they allow more information per turn without causing stutters as soon moves to progress through their full range especially.

17 Best 1440p 240hz Monitors

[amazon table=”1622″]

1. Acer XB271HK / Acer XB270HU – Best Widescreen Display Monitor

[amazon box=”B018MYTF4W”]

Both of these monitors are the best 1440p monitors you can buy and both have a native 144hz refresh rate. The Acer XB271HK has G-Sync support while the Acer XB270HU is Free-Sync compatible (not available on all graphics cards).

I would also like to point out that the image below is not updated, it shows how they used to look (missing USB port, etc.) The newer versions of both monitors look more updated and stylish. It’s up to you which one you prefer, there isn’t really a “better” one.

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2. AOC AGON AG271QG – Best 1440p 240hz Monitors

[amazon box=”B01GTODWPU”]

This monitor was released in early 2016 and it’s the cheapest 1440p monitor with a native 144hz refresh rate. It also has G-Sync support, however, I find it strange that AOC decided to go for the DP port (which only supports G-Sync when using DisplayPort) instead of the more popular HDMI or DVI ports which would be compatible with older graphics cards. Keep in mind that you will need an Nvidia graphics card to use this monitor at its full potential.

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3. HISENSE H27U87 – Exclusive ULED Technology

[amazon box=”B091YM7DP5″]

This is one of my favorite monitors, its 27″ IPS display makes for excellent viewing angles and color reproduction. This monitor doesn’t have any fancy features like Free-Sync/G-Sync but it’s still worth checking out if you want a cheap 1440p monitor.

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4. ACER PREDATOR XB252Q  / ACER PREDATOR XB272 – Epic Gaming Experience

[amazon box=”‎B00B2HH7G0″]

Both of these monitors are the best 240hz monitors on the market, however, they will require an Nvidia graphics card to run at 240hz. The Acer Predator XB252Q is more affordable than the Acer Predator XB272 but it’s also missing features like G-Sync support and ULMB (Ultra Low Motion Blur). If you really want a monitor with a 240hz refresh rate, don’t settle for anything lower than these two options.

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5. ASUS VG248QE/ASUS VG278HE – HDMI Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”‎B00B2HH7G0″]

These monitors are great if you need them for console gaming or any other use that doesn’t require fast response time or motion blur reduction. The ASUS VG248QE is one of the most popular monitors out there and has been used by many gamers over the years.

If you’re looking to buy such a monitor for console gaming, however, then be aware that it doesn’t support Free-Sync or any other similar technologies so your frame rate will always be limited to 60hz on consoles (PS4/Wii U).

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6. ASUS MG248Q  / ASUS MG278Q – FreeSync Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”‎‎B014X4U076″]

This is a great monitor if you want a cheap 144hz monitor with Free-Sync/ULMB support. These two monitors look almost identical but the Asus MG278Q has only a 1ms response time which makes it a better choice for serious competitive gamers who need fast input response times.

Keep in mind that ULMB only works at 85hz/100hz/120hz which is good enough for most gamers but if you want to use it at 144hz or 165hz then there are other monitors out there with better motion blur reduction.

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7. LG 27MU67-B – Compatible Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”B07YGZL8XF”]

This monitor is great if you want an ultra-wide 1440p monitor. It’s not as cheap as regular 16:9 1440p monitors but it has much better color reproduction and viewing angles thanks to its IPS display.

Keep in mind that this monitor doesn’t have game mode so the best option would be to switch it to sRGB mode which will reduce contrast ratio and saturation of colors, however keeping your games looking just as intended by their developers. If you’re looking for a cheap 1440p IPS monitor then you should definitely check this one out.

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8. MSI OPTIX MPG27CQ – Curved Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”B08CFXYXY3″]

This is my personal favorite 1440p 144hz/165hz Freesync monitor and I’m using it right now myself. It has an excellent picture quality thanks to its great contrast ratio and decent color reproduction, it also supports picture in picture mode so you can watch your movies on one screen and play games on another simultaneously. Keep in mind that you will need a powerful graphics card to fully utilize the 165hz refresh rate, but if you have such hardware then this monitor is definitely worth buying.

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9. Asus MG279Q – Best 1440p 240hz Monitors

[amazon box=”B00ZOO348C”]

If you don’t have an Nvidia graphics card and you want a 1440p 144hz IPS to monitor with Free-Sync support then this is the best choice for you. It lacks advanced features like picture in picture mode or speakers but it has excellent build quality, good colors, and great viewing angles.

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10. Philips 276E6ADSS – Best 1440p 240hz Monitors

[amazon box=”B01BMB3FCK”]

If you’re looking for a cheap 1440p IPS monitor then this might be the best option available right now. This monitor isn’t as popular as some other offerings on the list but it’s still worth checking out if you want to save some money and don’t care about fancy features such as PbP mode or ULMB (this monitor doesn’t even have game mode). 

Also, keep in mind that Philips monitors are not compatible with third-party stand/mounts like Ergotron or VESA and you need to buy their proprietary mount if you want to use this monitor with other stands.

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11. Acer Predator XB272 – Jaw Dropping Specs

[amazon box=”B071D6NGMH”]

This is the best 144hz 1440p G-Sync monitor for people who need a high refresh rate, low input lag, and picture in picture mode. Keep in mind that it’s not compatible with third-party mounts so you will have to buy Acer’s own “Predator” mounting system which costs extra money.

If you already have a desk/monitor combo then there are much better options available at a cheaper price because this monitor doesn’t come with any advanced features such as PbP mode speakers. This monitor is specifically designed for console gaming and it’s a brilliant choice if you have a PS4. It doesn’t offer any advanced features, but it has a decent picture quality, high refresh rate, and very low input lag, making this display perfect for competitive gamers who play on consoles.

This monitor looks great but keeps in mind that its main purpose is to serve as a smart TV so there are much better PC monitors out there which can serve the same purpose without all of the limitations. However, this monitor does have an excellent contrast ratio and good picture quality thanks to its giant size, just don’t expect amazing pixel response times or build quality because they’re not even close to being good enough for serious competition.

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12. SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9 – Best 1440p 240hz Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”‎B088HH6LW5″]

This 27″ LED-backlit LCD monitor with a response time of less than 1 millisecond is perfect for competitive gaming situations. It also includes Nvidia G-Sync support, which ensures that your fps and refresh rate stay in sync so you don’t get any tearing across the screen!

The extra features on this 1440p resolution panel are headphones jack + 1000:1 contrast ratio to ensure blacks look absolutely black – great if you’re looking at older games like HL2 or COD4 through 1920×1200 resolutions without full HD visuals.

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13. Omen X 27†240 Hz – Blur-free Gameplay

[amazon box=”B07SCX1JG2″]

HP Omen X 27″ 240Hz is the best budget 1440p monitor out there. With its fast response time of 1 ms, this LED display offers gamers an advantage over traditional monitors with higher refresh rates clocking in between 4 and 8 milliseconds on average! Not only does it have a much lower price than the competition but also delivers high-end product quality at nearly half the cost so you can enjoy all those pixels without sacrificing anything else.

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14. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series – Cutting Edge Qled Technology

[amazon box=”B088HJ4VQK”]

The Samsung CHG70 monitor is the best 240Hz monitor and has everything a professional gamer would need under one roof. The screen is 32â€, which makes it perfect for any user who aims to use this as their gaming tool; plus thanks in part to an improved viewing angle (1000R curvature) along with its large size helps when playing games such as Call Of Duty or Battlefield four-player teams where each person needs good visibility over his own territory without being distracted by enemies too close on either side of him.

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15. Acer Nitro XV272U Xbmiipruzx 27″ WQHD – AMD Radeon FREESYNC Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”B08PG1T4DQ”]

The Acer Nitro XV272U Xbmiipruzx monitor is the second-best IPS 1440p, 240Hz monitor. With its 27″ screen size and wide range of motion adjustability for swivel, rotate or tilt adjustment, it’s easy on your eyes while providing a top-notch gameplay experience at all times!

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16. Porsche Design Agon PD27 27″ – AGON Gaming Monitor

[amazon box=”B08FJGH8DJ”]

AOC’s 27″ inch screen is not your average monitor. It has been specifically designed for professional gamers, who want a 1440p 240Hz display with the fastest response time possible so they can react quicker onscreen and win games!

The panel features an edge-to-edge curved design that ensures every pixel will be visible from any angle – even under bright lights without glare or reflections bothering you during those late-night sessions of League Of Legends.

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17. Dell S2719DGF – Ultra-fast Performance

[amazon box=”B07NJD3Y3Q”]

Dealing with a tight budget and still want the best monitor for your buck? Get Dell’s S2719DGF, which has an excellent build quality. Users report that it feels firm and robust without any flashy RGB or Logo Holograms to distract from its performance.

The monitor has two HDMI ports, but only supports the higher 2.0 version of this cable format! It also features a DisplayPort that will connect you to your PC or gaming console without any issues and offer excellent color fidelity due to its TN panel tech (though viewing angles aren’t their best).

The 890:1 contrast ratio might not be what some people want out of an expensive TV they use every day though so keep that in mind before buying one – we think our readers should take note if HDR support is something important for them too because then there’s no telling how much more cost-effective these TVs could really get on sale later down the line.

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Wind Up [Best 1440p 240hz Monitors]

So these were the list of 17 best 1440p 240hz monitors. I hope this article helped you in making your purchase decision easy. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comments below. We would love to address them for you. Till then take care and thanks for reading!

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