Best 360hz Monitor In 2022 – Expert Review and Comparison!

Best 360hz Monitor In 2021 – Expert Review and Comparison!

Looking for the best 360hz monitor? Just keep on reading to know more.

There are a number of different types of gaming monitors on the market today, but they can all be broken down into two categories-those that have been around for many years and those which are newer. For example, older models like CRT screens will never go out of fashion as technology evolves; however, we do see faster responsive graphics with higher resolutions coming up each year – making them more appealing than ever before!

If you’re looking to build a high-end gaming PC, then it’s time that serious gamers invest in some expensive hardware. The new 360Hz monitors are perfect examples of this! Finding the finest Video game Display can be quite hard. There are numerous variables to take into consideration, for example, screen type, reaction time, refresh rate, viewing angle, and several others.

The gaming business is extremely aggressive as well as shows no sign of slowing down. It’s simple to save lots of time using different devices that make you more productive however they could likewise save you time playing your favorite video games.

A 360 Hz monitor alone won’t transform your PC. You’ll also need a gaming computer with high frame rates and the latest Nvidia Ampere graphics card series, which will work perfectly for playing games at higher resolutions than ever before.

With a higher refresh rate, you can enter the game and leave with an advantage. With less time between each frame displayed on the screen, there is no lag or delay in what you’re seeing so when an enemy attacks it’s because they’ve done something unexpected – giving players who are fast enough to see it before it’s too late! To help pick out which one will work best for You. 

360Hz Monitors Release Date

It’s finally here! The release date for the new 30-series graphics cards and a possibly soon-to-be-released 360Hz monitor is coming up. We’re still waiting on an exact date, but we do know that they will both be in September so there shouldn’t really be any more suspense left as these releases were targeted heavily towards gamers like you and me who play at higher resolutions such as 1080p or 1440p (2560 x1440).

Having this technology embedded into our monitors means better responsiveness when playing games where every millisecond counts between clicks of your mouse which makes gameplay much less laggy thanks to how fast information travels through their screens compared with traditional 60 Hz displays.

Factors To Consider With a 360Hz monitor

  • Panel size and resolution

The first thing you’ll want to note with high refresh rate monitors is the panel size and resolution. While bigger panels are better, that’s not always true – think about how many pixels your screen can display at one time before deciding what works best for yourself

It might be worth noting here as well: A large monitor with a low res means there will be lots of little artifacts or blurs on everything because each individual pixel has been magnified so much by all those extra inches! If this doesn’t sound like something exciting enough (or engaging) then consider checking out our lists below which should give some other options in terms of type.

A 24″ or 25″ panel with a 1080p resolution is the best balance between size and quality. You won’t be able to distinguish individual pixels, everything will look sharp and crisp – it’s still large enough for all your needs!

  • Panel type

The type of panel impacts your experience most. There are three main types here, IPS (in-plane switching), VA (vertical alignment), and TN(twisted nematic).

IPS or In-Plane Switching panels are the best in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles. If you want to get an enjoyable gaming experience with good graphics on your monitor then it’s important that you have one fitted for single-player games since these often only display simple shapes instead o complex backgrounds which make IPS screens even more essential than before.

The tradeoff comes at a slower refresh rate/slower response time but if we’re talking about what’s really worth having then this would just be too much bother anyway so enjoy all those beautiful colors while they last because once again -I’m sorry I forgot myself-, there won’t always BE panels like

But with things changing, now you have IPS panels that can get you high refresh rates and low response times in addition to all the other nice things. If it’s within your budget then this is where we want to be.

VA panels are an excellent compromise between TN and IPS monitor displays, combining fast refresh rates with better color reproduction. Though they do all this great work to offer you the best contrast ratios in their class (though not surpassed by any), VA panels also come at a cost of poor response times – something that won’t be ideal for competitive gaming sessions.

TN Monitors are the go-to for competitive gaming. Even though they have issues like color richness, viewing angles, and brightness; TN panels provide users with fast response times that make them great at playing games without motion blur or ghosting–the perks these monitors offer makes it worth using one regardless of any setbacks you may encounter while utilizing this type.

  • Ergonomic adjustments

You want your monitor to be as comfortable and easy to use for you, so that’s why we recommend adjusting the screen’s angle of vision. The more adjustments a monitor has – swivel or tilt; rotate by 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise (or just change its height); adjust brightness level up+down with individual buttons on each side edge where needed – the easier it will be when sitting at home typing away.

If you want to avoid neck pain and be comfortable while working on your computer, then get an ergonomic monitor. This will give the right kind of position for a good viewing angle that can help reduce strain from sitting in one spot all day long. If you don’t have the option of mounting a monitor to your wall, at least try for one with VESA capabilities. You can grab an arm down the line and set it up that way if possible.

  • Can you take advantage of it?

Based on everything we’ve discussed so far, it’s no surprise that the single most important thing when purchasing a 360Hz monitor is ensuring your computer can support framerates of over 60fp. If you don’t have a capable graphics card or processor to make use of this feature then why even buy one?

This concludes our discussion about what factors should factor into deciding which VR accessory suits someone best among many other considerations such as price point and brand preference but before ending things here let’s touch upon something else altogether: hardware compatibility with different games genres.

It’s no secret that the games of today are far more demanding than those from even just five years ago. This means you might have trouble running them on your computer, especially with entry-level graphics cards – but don’t worry! There is help available for this problem too.

It’s not always easy being an avid gamer these days as technology advances at such a rapid pace and our needs grow alongside it; whether that be due to higher resolutions or better performance per watt requirements I am sure most gamers could find themselves struggling once they start playing something like ARK: Survival Evolved tanks mode where everything must run smoothly without hiccups before retreating into another world.

If you’re the type of person who wants to upgrade your monitor regularly, make sure that it can support a refresh rate higher than 240Hz. If not and there isn’t an event coming up soon where doing so would be beneficial (such as when buying new computer hardware), save money by avoiding purchases instead.

Doing some research on what sorts of graphics cards are out right now will allow one to determine if upgrading their system with newer technology could potentially give them better quality visuals for less time down the line – especially considering how expensive these components have gotten within recent years.

4 Best 360hz Monitor In 2022

With the development of immersive virtual reality, it is imperative that you wear a high-quality 360 Hz monitor in order to get an accurate representation of what is happening around your head. As these are fairly new on the market (or soon to be), there aren’t many models available but we’ve tried our best with this list!

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1. ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN / PG259QNR

[amazon box=”B08LCNJGMP”]

  • Size-24.5 inch
  • Panel-IPS
  • Resolution-1920 x 1080
  • Refresh Rate-360 Hz
  • Response Time-1 ms GtG

The ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN is an amazing monitor with bezels so thin they look like they’re not even there. With a sturdy base, this gaming powerhouse can handle anything that comes at it- including your high framerate! This screen also has some of the best-looking visuals on its list because of its vibrant colors and crisp lines which will make every game you play feel more alive than ever before. 

If I had one complaint about this model though? Well yeah…I’m sad it doesn’t come equipped with Nvidia’s Reflex Latency Analyzer software(which helps reduce incoming lag). But other than that small detail, there isn’t much else bad to say. What’s more, the monitor comes with a 180Hz refresh rate that’ll give you an even better response time and an immediate sense of speed. Plus it has a native resolution of 1080p so games will look their best on this gorgeous screen.

Even if gaming isn’t really your thing (we can relate), there are plenty of other reasons to go for faster screens like these – not only do they offer higher frame rates than 144 Hz models but 1 ms latency too which means actions happen just as fast in real life when playing online battles or racing through levels.


  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Exceptional out-of-the-box accuracy.
  • Great reflection handling.


  • Mediocre contrast ratio.
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2. Alienware 25 AW2521H 360Hz

[amazon box=”B08XWKCC68″]

  • Refresh Rate 240Hz (DisplayPort)
  • Response time 1ms
  • Screen size 25″
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080

The perfect futuristic-looking monitor for your setup, the brand new Alienware AW2521H 360 Hz would be a stylish addition. The Dell Alienware AW2521H is a great option for gamers thanks to its high refresh rate, G-Sync support, and low input lag. It also has an excellent response time which makes it perfect if you want smooth gameplay on your desktop or laptop.

And with its wide viewing angles in addition that provides ample comfort when using this as part of your home entertainment system. However, there are some downsides too; firstly at 1080p resolution, many would say it’s limited – not having enough power compared to what else might be out there these days? Another downside could potentially arise due however depending on how much space each person takes up within their own particular living quarters then they may find themselves.


  • Wide viewing angles.
  • 360Hz refresh rate.
  • Exceptionally low input lag.
  • Incredible response time.


  • Limiting resolution and size.
  • Low contrast ratio.
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3. Acer Predator X25

[amazon box=”B0945FB39H”]

  • Refresh Rate 360hz
  • Response time 1ms GTG
  • Screen size 25″
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080

Acer’s Predator X25 gaming monitor looks to be a perfect choice for those that want the best technology, while still keeping a couple of ways to keep eye strain at bay. The special features include an ergonomic design and wide viewing angles so you can see what matters most from all sides without any distortion or color shift.

The X25 is an eye-catching, stylish monitor with features to die for. From its aggressive design and lovely LED lights filling up the surface of your screen; you will not regret buying this product. X25 is a product that will make you want to buy it. The monitor’s design with its LED lights and dark colors are very attractive, as well the features this gadget offers which cannot be found on other products in its class.

The Acer X25 is a monitor that differentiates itself from the PG259QNR and AW2521H with its software. The Light Sense app makes it compatible for syncing up RGB lighting to what you are viewing on-screen, while ProxiSense notifies players when they should take time off of gaming for rest or other activities in life

Acer’s newest edition also includes two more programs: one called “Lighting Mode” which affects colors based on brightness levels; another known as “Proximity Sensors.” This particular feature will notify gamers about how much playtime has passed since their last break.


  • A sky-high 360Hz refresh rate with very low input lag.
  • Bright, high-contrast picture.
  • Smooth action.
  • Lots of USB ports.


  • The color range isn’t overly wide.
  • Expensive for a 25-inch 1080p panel.
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[amazon box=”B096HFVVKK”]

It’s a monitor that will be perfect for any gamer looking to upgrade their rig with some high refresh rate capabilities. The MSI OCULUX is made from durable materials and can last longer than most monitors out there, even though it isn’t as flashy or expensive compared to other models on this list- at least if you’re willing to spend $799.

The MSI OCULUX has a rather elegant exterior, with its simple stand and minimal bezels. It doesn’t scream expensive or premium but still manages to provide what most people want in their gaming laptops – plenty of adjustability for those who like the flexibility! There’s also Mystic Light on this model which provides some nice visuals well-I love how they added that touch (which we know gamers appreciate).

MSI has something special in store for gamers. The resolution is 1920 x 1080, which most monitors of this type are equipped with but what sets the MSI gaming monitor apart from the rest? Its refreshing rate at 360Hz and 1ms response time will have your experience feeling smoother than ever before.

MSI has been a go-to brand for gamers since its inception. And with this new offering, they’re cementing that legacy as one of the top names in visual computing hardware! The 1920 x 1080 resolution is more than enough to give your eyes some relief from those 12+ hour gaming sessions without any frame drops or laggy performance; plus there are also 60Hz refresh rates and 1ms response times which make everything feel buttery smooth.

The internals is where things get interesting though – not only does it have an incredibly high 360 Hz max refresh rate but combined w/1 ms GTG time delay onscreen reaction means gameplay will always seem responsive no matter how fast things may be moving around you.”

The best of both worlds? The Rapid IPS Panel brings a perfect balance between color reproduction and viewing angles that will have you captivated from any angle. MSI has included Nvidia’s G-Sync module, which eliminates screen tearing or any artifacts and makes the entire experience even better. Since not a lot of builds can actually get to 360 frames per second, this is crucial!

MSI also includes their Reflex Latency Analyzer so you know what settings are best for your system latency level set up before gaming starts – making it much more enjoyable game time after time with no headaches from bad performance.


  • Insanely high refresh rate.
  • Super speedy pixel response.
  • Decent all-around image quality.


  • Only 1080p resolution.
  • Limited HDR support.
  • Very expensive for a 25-inch monitor.
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How To Choose The Best 360hz Monitor

When it comes to choosing any piece of gaming hardware, you want to be sure that your choice will meet all of your needs. Whether you’re looking at monitors or graphics cards, the product should match what’s best for both works and play in order to maximize enjoyment from each respective platform. 

Making these tough decisions can feel overwhelming! To help with this challenge we only provide products that would make great additions to my own PC build so as not to have regret later on down the line- after all, there is nothing worse than spending money unnecessarily right? When deciding between buying new video game equipment such s computer screens/graphics cards etc., it’s important to first consider ones’ current situation before rushing out to invest wisely.

Even though shopping for new hardware is hard, we’re here to help. We do our research in order to find the best products that will satisfy your needs and wants while being reviewed by other customers who have purchased them before you so that they know what kind of experience others are having with their purchases!

You can also refer back through this website when searching because chances are good there’s more than one option worth considering based on these reviews alone. With there being no 360 Hz monitors currently available, we’ll be looking at some of the flagship models from trusted brands such as Acer and ASUS.

Things To Consider – Best 360hz Monitor

What Budget Should I Set For a 360 Hz Gaming Monitors?

If you’re looking to buy a 360 Hz monitor, the price will likely be your first consideration. The good news? These displays are top-of-the-line with superior specifications that outshine just about everything else we’ve seen before!

  • Refresh Rate

What’s really great about these monitors is that they have a fast refresh rate. This means the games are rendered in real-time, which makes for smoother gameplay and higher frame rates on your computer. If you’re looking for a monitor with the best refresh rates, your search ends here. A higher rate means better quality and more responsive gameplay so if speed is what hooks gamers then these screens will be perfect.

  • Response Rate

The refresh rate and response rate are often confused, but they’re two different things. A response time refers to how long it takes your monitor’s pixels to shift from one color into another – the lower this number is for an LCD screen (milliseconds), the better.

  • Size

First, the size of your gaming monitor is an important consideration. Not only will it affect your experience but also how much space you have for a big screen in addition to what other devices are hooked up at homes such as TVs and sound systems with built-in speakers or headphones?

Selecting between different brands can be tough especially when they come from similar price ranges and genres like esports games! However, we’ve got just what might help: The ASUS ROG Swift 34″ 1440p G-Sync Monitor ($1,099). It has everything gamers need — including refresh rates that exceed 60Hz making this great if HDR (High Dynamic Range) supported video content becomes more prevalent too; wide viewing angles make every match feel close even though.

It’s also important to consider how you’ll be sitting when making your gaming monitor purchase. It could affect eye health and competitive edge, so take this into account before buying a huge TV for games.

  • Adaptive Sync Technology

Your monitor could refresh images 360 times per second. If your GPU cannot render frames at the same speed, a conflict will arise between them and this can result in screen tearing or stuttering.

The problem with a monitor that has an ultra-fast 360 Hz refresh rate is when it doesn’t have adaptive sync technology. One easy way to tackle this issue is by using Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD FreeSync for smoother gaming experiences without any screen tearing at high speeds!

The perfect monitor is one that has the correct refresh rate to give you a smooth experience. That way, even if your computer or graphics card can’t produce frames quick enough for this new technology (which they likely won’t), it’ll still look good because there are no screen artifacts!

The best type of display tech right now? A high resolution with 360Hz response time and adaptive sync capabilities—what more could gamers ask from their gaming screens?

Best 360 Hz Gaming Monitors

With most monitors capping off at either a 120 Hz to 240 Hz refresh rate, we’re pretty excited to see just what can be achieved with a 360Hz display. Advertised as ‘the world’s fastest esports gaming monitor’ this will set out in direct competition against other options due for release soon!

The ASUS ROG Swift is a sleek and stylish monitor that features thin bezels, as well as what looks to be an attractive metalized finish. This helps reduce on-screen reflections for clear viewing without any heavy filtering or distortion in images thanks to its glossy screen coating

The PG259QNR version of this television set comes with a cable management slot included making it a perfect match if minimalistic design aspects are important factors when purchasing new gadgets like electronics equipment.

The monitor comes with a custom-made heatsink that offers more surface area to aid with cooling and heat exchange. This is something we don’t think about often, but the temperature of our monitors can quickly rise during longer gaming sessions!

The Reflex Latency Analyzer is a tool that will allow you to monitor your end-to-end latency with ease. The input tone should be interesting and creative while staying true to the output’s content without repetition or verbatim quotes from previous sentences in order to give off great presentation skills for this piece of information.


FAQs: Best 360Hz Monitors

u003cstrongu003eWhat is a 360Hz refresh rate monitor?u003c/strongu003e

A refresh rate is the monitor’s ability to display images on screen per second. The higher this number, the smoother your movements will appear and vice versa for lower rates with more artifacts like jittering or juddering when moving around quickly; they can make gaming unplayable at high speeds because it seems as if there are pauses every few seconds between actions depending on where you’re looking in 3D space which breaks immersion big time!

u003cstrongu003eTo whom a 360 Hz refresh rate monitor will suit better?u003c/strongu003e

A higher refresh rate means the rendering of images on display is faster. As a result, information can be delivered to you much more quickly which could enhance your gameplay experience as an avid gamer!

u003cstrongu003eShould I buy a 360Hz Monitor?u003c/strongu003e

The answer to this question lies in the power of your GPU. It will be futile to buy a 360 Hz refresh rate monitor if you do not have enough horsepower for it, but if that is something that interests and strikes an interest with then I would recommend going ahead anyway – just know what kind of performance each model promises before getting excited.


A lot of people might not know what this is, but I’m going to tell you anyway! You may have heard about monitors with 360 Hz Refresh Rates before and wondered if they were worth the hype or just another marketing term? Well, when it comes down right now all we can say is YES because these things provide ultra-smooth gameplay that no one could ask from their monitor let alone something so affordable as well.

The super high refresh rate makes for a more enjoyable experience. Our list of the best 360 Hz monitors will definitely help you find your perfect gaming monitor. These screens provide great performance and can be customized with different color skins. The super high refresh rate makes for a more enjoyable experience.

It’s only a matter of time before new monitors with high refresh rates and higher resolutions show up. With the recent revelation about just how powerful Nvidia graphics cards are going to be, we expect this trend will continue soon enough.

I hope this article was able to offer all the necessary information on these products so that by now – whether just starting out or already well invested in PC gaming- there’s no doubt as to what product will work best for gamers who are serious about getting optimal graphics quality.

Which gaming monitor has caught your eye the most? Have you seen any other contenders for best 360hz monitor or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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