Best Monitor Size for Gaming in 2022 | Perfect Resolution For Gaming |

Best Monitor Size for Gaming in 2022 | Perfect Resolution For Gaming |

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

Do you know what is the best monitor size for gaming? Read further to know more.

You have a lot of different choices when it comes to monitors, but which one is right for you? Today we will help make the process as simple one-inch as possible by assisting in selecting your best gaming monitor size. And don’t worry – if this seems confusing at first, we are here ready with all sorts of advice.

Nowadays there are many different types of monitors on the market, and choosing among them is not an easy task. The monitor is one of the most important devices in your office or home PC set because this is where you will be looking at the game. And if the image that is displayed on it doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you can say goodbye to a good experience.

That’s why we decided to help! If you don’t know which size monitor fits you best, keep reading our article – we’ll explain the most important things about it so by the end of this text you will probably know more than some people who have been gaming for years! So, what exactly makes a monitor good for gaming? Well, almost everything that you would need to know is listed below.

This way, if you are using your PC for playing games, reading text, or watching movies – this guide will be useful to you no matter what.

How is Monitor Size Measured?

First of all, you need to understand how the monitor is measured. Many people are confused by the size of the screen because it doesn’t always mean that a bigger screen is better – sometimes it’s even worse than smaller ones!

So, in order to see what size your monitor should be, you will first have to know some important facts about this device. The most common distances between one pixel on a screen and another are 0.2 millimeters (400 pixels per inch) and 0.3 millimeters (300ppi).

The difference might seem small, but actually, there are plenty of differences between these two types of PC screens. And the most important thing you need to make sure of is that they won’t bother you while playing games or watching movies.

The larger the monitor, the more noticeable the pixel density will be. It means that you should always aim for bigger screens if you want to get rid of these annoying “unwanted guests” on your screen who like to mess up everything!

However, if you are playing games that require quick responses and don’t allow much time to think about anything then this might all seem too complicated – smaller monitors can be easier in such situations because every single moment counts, and lag is not something you want when your life depends on it (in a game, of course). But there’s an easy solution: we found out that BenQ 27 inch monitor has a stunningly low response time which makes it the perfect choice for both gamers and hardcore players alike!

What are the Standard Monitor Sizes?

There are many different monitor sizes, but the most widely used screens are 20, 22, 24, and 27 inches. All of them have their particularities which you should consider when buying a new device. Smaller monitors are less expensive than bigger ones because they use fewer materials during the production process.

On the other hand, there’s a reason why the big screen is more expensive – it needs better material to be properly assembled and its components work better. But don’t forget that a one-inch monitor requires a lot of space on your desk! It can make your room look even smaller if you already lack proper free space for working or playing games.

However, this is one of the biggest advantages of larger displays – you will see things better even from a greater distance which can be helpful during serious gaming sessions. The most important thing about every monitor is its size – and that’s why we created this article just for you!

After several tests and tons of research we finally got to some conclusions which will help you to choose the best monitor according to your needs:


A bigger screen is not always better! If you already have a lot of space on your desk then 27 inches BenQ monitor should be a great choice because it uses high-quality images up to their fullest extent.

However, if your desk is small then 22 inches ViewSonic monitor can be a better solution for you because this screen size provides the perfect combination of the necessary amount of free space and high-quality image!

Always remember that what matters more is the size and not the model itself!
Be honest with yourself – what do you one-inch need?

Do you prefer to watch movies or rather play video games? If your answer is “both” then it’s a good idea to buy a monitor which combines both these features. Therefore, let’s discuss the different sizes of Monitors available in the market right now and how is it different from the other ones.

22-inch Size Monitor

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

You might be familiar with this type of screen. As you can suggest from its name, it’s pretty small so the things displayed on the monitor are closer to you than in case if you would use 27 inches or bigger display.

It means that a 22-inch Monitor has great pixel density but at the same time, it requires more space from your desk because everything is placed much closer to you.

These two facts have a huge impact on the gaming experience and the overall quality of video/movie watching – it can be both good and bad, depending on your preferences.

On the one hand, a 22 inch Monitor provides excellent visibility which might let you see even the smallest details on pictures or videos without any problems.

On the other hand, gamers would probably prefer a bigger screen for playing games because of better immersion and visibility on the whole display.

This size of the monitor is perfect for casual gameplays but if you’re looking for a more advanced device.

24-inch Size Monitor

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

This screen size is pretty average so it’s not too small or too big – everybody can find a convenient spot that isn’t far away from everything on the screen.

However, this model itself has some advantages and disadvantages depending on what kind of activities you prefer to use your monitor for.

You should consider whether you want to watch movies or play games before buying a new 24 inch Monitor.

So 24-inch Monitor provides a great range between sharpness clarity of images and area of the screen which is available for the user. It’s not too small and it’s not too big, but just perfect!

If you’re looking for something bigger than 27 inches screens is a better choice but if your desk is already overcrowded with different gadgets then the 24-inch monitor can be a great solution because of its moderate size!

26-inch Size Monitor

This type of display requires a lot of space on your desk, especially if you prefer to keep things organized or if you need some additional working space.

But this model provides excellent immersion during gameplay so it might be a great idea to buy a new one for gaming purposes even if it means that it will take most of your desk!

It’s also worth mentioning that this size of the monitor is mostly targeted at gamers as well as professional graphic designers or animators.

In other words, it’s not the best choice for movies/videos because you might have a hard time finding a spot where you could comfortably watch them from.

27-inch Size Monitor

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

This model is perfect for watching videos or playing games! Everything displayed on this monitor will look sharp and visible because of its high pixel density and a big area.

It doesn’t require too much space because it’s a only little bit bigger than 24-inch models but it has a few important advantages which can impact your overall gaming experience positively – for example increased visibility or immersion into gameplays.

However, the main disadvantage of such type of screen is that sometimes text can be just unreadable if you’re sitting too far away from the device.

32-Inch Size Monitor

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

This model is pretty big and you should consider where it will fit on your desk. You can’t place such a monitor right next to you because of high pixel density which requires enough space so the comfort won’t be the same as in case if you would use a 26 inch Monitor.

You can find 32-inch models mostly among professionals who need something bigger for drawing purposes or other tasks. But this size of the display is a great choice for gamers too!

It provides awesome immersion during gameplays thanks to increased screen area, similar pixels density as 27 inches but it’s still way cheaper than its bigger brother.

So if your desk is big enough and you’re looking for a new bigger monitor, the 32-inch model might be a great choice. But make sure that this size of screen fits on your desk because it requires a lot of space.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a 32-inch monitor would be the best possible display size according to some research – it provides excellent visibility which means that no matter where you’re sitting during gameplays you won’t have any problems seeing what’s happening on the screen!

But unfortunately, it comes with a pretty high price so unless you need something huge like this, smaller models can provide nearly the same experience at a lower price.

So before buying a new bigger monitor think about whether you need bigger than a 26-inch model or 27-inch screens are enough! Also, make sure that the size doesn’t take too much space on your desk because you might have trouble with using it.

For example, if you do video editing or play games, bigger models will be a great choice but for work purposes, smaller displays can provide a better experience since they don’t require a lot of space and the text is more readable.

Finally, remember to measure the available space before buying a new monitor to avoid wasting money or having a hard time placing it on your desk.

Best Monitor Size for 1080P Gaming

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

There are only a handful of people who would benefit from using larger screens for video games. For most gamers, having a bigger screen might be useless because you don’t need to see the whole map at the same time!

Unfortunately, there is no official recommendation regarding monitor size when it comes to playing games but if we base on personal experience, 27 inches should be the perfect size for gaming purposes.

But some professional e-sports players claim that the 24-inch model provides great visibility during gameplays which can’t be said about 32 or 27-inch models. So this means that smaller monitors will provide a better experience than bigger ones. However, if you’re buying a new one just for gaming purposes and your budget permits so I encourage you to get a 27-inch model.

It provides high pixel density which ensures that you won’t see any pixels on the screen as well as excellent visibility during all gameplays. The only problem might be comforting because if your desk is small enough, you can’t place such a monitor right next to you. After all, it requires too much space and good posture for example.

So before buying a new gaming monitor make sure that 27 inches size fits on your desk and take a look at what will be the perfect choice according to the chart above! It’s especially important if you’re an e-sport player or gamer who needs great visibility during gameplay.

Best Monitor Size for Surroundings

This question pops up quite often so let me give you an answer quickly: For surround setups, bigger monitors are better!

Of course, it’s completely up to you what size of monitor to buy but one thing is certain – bigger screens are usually better for surround setups because they provide high immersion and take less space than smaller models.

But the problem pops up when we try to find the perfect size and as I already said, there is no magic number for this. But if we look at the standard number 27 inch model should be a great choice because it fits nicely on most desks and provides amazing immersion during gameplay.

If your desk allows only a 24-inch model it will work fine too but keep in mind that the smallest area which you can fill with three displays is about 30 inches diagonally. So don’t worry if your room isn’t big enough or you have a small desk because you can always fill it with two displays.

Of course, there are plenty of gamers who use 24-inch models for surround setups but most of them are professionals who are paid to play games on bigger screens – I don’t know about you but I can’t afford it! Also, keep in mind that if you’re planning to buy two smaller monitors they should be identical model and has the same resolutions otherwise image will look weird due to different screen size.

Best Monitor Size for 4K

Today 4K resolution is becoming more popular and there are plenty of games that support this new technology. Unfortunately, many gamers don’t know how to choose the perfect monitor for this purpose. Since most people already have 1080P displays, they are not interested in upgrading them for upcoming UHD models.

Although your old display might be the perfect choice if you’re looking for the best experience when playing older games but 4K resolution requires high pixel density that’s why the 27-inch model should be a great choice!

A 24-inch model can work too but keep in mind that bigger screens will provide better visibility so there is no point to settle with a smaller one if you have enough space on your desk. Most important thing is that a 24 or 27-inch monitor must have 2160P resolution otherwise the picture will look blurry because it doesn’t match the 4K standard.

Also, keep in mind that a smaller screen is harder to spot enemies so your gameplay might be affected (mostly when playing first-person shooters). For example, colors on bigger screens are more vibrant and this means that you will see every enemy clear as day with no problems at all! This is probably the most important reason why 27-inch monitors are the perfect choice for 4K gameplay!

But if you’re not satisfied with standard 1080p resolution you can always buy two 24 inch models and fill 30 inches diagonal space but I don’t recommend doing this because of different sizes – images won’t match each other perfectly.

Best Monitor Size for Editing/Designing

If you’re asking yourself this question then I think it’s safe to say that you’re either a professional editor or just an amateur who is planning to get into this business. In both cases, the 27-inch monitor should be a great choice because of its high pixel density and vibrant colors which provide amazing picture quality!

The 23-inch model can work too but keep in mind that bigger screens will provide better visibility so there is no point to settle with a smaller one if you have enough space on your desk. Also, a 24 or 27-inch monitor must have 1080p resolution otherwise image will look blurry.

Best Monitor Size for 1440P

Choosing the best monitor size for 1440P resolution isn’t that different from the 4K resolution. Although many gamers consider the 25-inch model as a perfect choice there are plenty of people who prefer the 24 inches one because it fits nicely on most desks while providing optimal immersion during gameplay. Of course, the 27-inch model is also a great choice but keep in mind that the biggest area which you can fill with two displays is about 30 inches diagonally.

If your desk allows only a 24-inch model it will work fine too but don’t forget about the distance between screens – they should match each other perfectly! This means that if monitors have different sizes pictures won’t match each other so keep this in mind when planning to buy smaller models.

Something about Ultrawide Displays

Ultrawide monitor is very similar to dual monitor setup. It provides awesome immersion and perfect visibility during gameplay so it’s only natural that every gamer should consider buying this type of display.

However, even if they provide the best experience while playing games, ultrawide monitors aren’t the best choice for work purposes since many people find the 21:9 aspect ratio annoying because lots of software isn’t prepared for such types of displays. That’s why the 34-inch model can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to get some work done on the job or at home.

Accordingly, Ultrawide Monitor is a great choice for gamers but business persons might want to avoid them because a lot of programs aren’t optimized for such a wide aspect ratio and it will decrease the overall productivity.

So if you’re on a verge of buying a new monitor, remember to check what type of software do you use before making a final decision because even ultrawide monitors can be pretty useless on certain occasions and they definitely require some kind of preparation for specific programs and games.

Finally, make sure that your desk is wide enough to place such a display or it will look awfully stupid very soon. For example, an ultrawide model of 27-inch size might look completely weird on a standard 24-inch desk so make sure it will fit properly before buying a new one!

Something About Multi-Display Setups

Having multiple displays provide an amazing experience while working but this setup is mostly used by professionals who need additional screens on their desk to place necessary programs or information.

For example, lots of editors use such type of setup because they can have two different parts of movie/video on both displays without switching between them which significantly increases the speed and productivity.

On the other hand, if you’re a gamer you probably heard about triple-monitor setup and how gamers managed to make some horror games even more terrifying thanks to 3 display setups! But let’s think practically.

There are literally tons of things that can go wrong when using three monitors for gaming and that’s why this setup should be considered only by professionals who need additional screens for their work.

Finally, make sure to check whether you really need more screens on your desk before going for such type of setup. Also, don’t forget about the cable management or your room will turn into a mess pretty soon.

Something About Curved Displays

Best Monitor Size for Gaming

Although curved monitors aren’t very popular nowadays, they’re definitely worth mentioning because some people find them extremely useful compared to flat displays. Accordingly, because of increased surface area and subtle curve design curved monitors provide outstanding immersion which allows gamers to feel much closer to the game than on a usual flat monitor.

So if you’re a gamer, the curved monitor might be the best choice for you but keep in mind that they don’t provide the best experience while working so business persons should avoid them because the majority of standard programs aren’t optimized to look good on curved screens.

However, even if you’re not a gamer you can give it a try but make sure that your desk is wide enough or these displays will take too much space and eventually, might irritate you pretty soon! Furthermore, make sure to check whether there are any functional problems with such type of display before purchasing it otherwise money spent on new would be of no use.

There are few reasons why those might be useful: If you sit in front of your monitor all the time then a curved display provides better immersion and a wider field of view so it’s a great choice for games with lots of details that require a player’s full attention.

Which Monitor Size would be most suitable?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about monitors and it’s quite tricky to give an accurate answer because there are a few criteria that you might consider before making a final decision.

However, keep in mind that ultrawide displays don’t provide the best experience while working so if your work requires lots of typing or color accuracy then the flat display would be a much better choice for you.

Otherwise, gamers should definitely go for ultrawide models but only when their budget allows them to buy a new unit because prices for such types of displays vary significantly based on size, resolution, and other features! It seems that a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor provides the perfect balance between immersion, screen estate, and price so that’s what I’d recommend to all gamers out there.

However, if budget allows and you’re able to spend a few hundred dollars more then you should definitely go for a unique curved design because it’s simply beautiful and looks impressive! As for me, I’m using a 32-inch display that costs around $500 and I am extremely happy with this model which has everything I need but keep in mind that my desk is wide enough for this monitor so it doesn’t take too much space.

On the other hand, desks are of different dimensions so make sure to check what kind of monitor will fit your workstation before making a final decision!

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Monitor Size for Gaming

What Are The Standard Monitor Sizes?

A better question would be whether you need a bigger screen or not since there are tons of things that can go wrong when trying to fit a display that has different dimensions to your desk!

However, if you find the 34-inch ultrawide model too expensive then something cheaper might do the job but make sure to check what kind of video outputs it supports because you might require additional adapters which may cost more than two displays!

What is the best monitor size for gaming?

It all depends on personal preferences really so try to experiment with different sizes until you find the perfect balance between immersion and field of view.

But keep in mind that flat monitors are a much better choice for standard workstations unless you’re playing racing or flight simulators which require lots of peripheral vision!

Ultrawide displays are great for first-person shooters but not everyone is able to notice that advantage due to different hardware configurations, online games lag, etc.

Why do pro gamers use 24-inch monitors?

There are several factors that might influence this decision so don’t be surprised if your favorite streamer uses a monitor with a different size than 34-inch.

First of all, some people tend to prefer smaller screens while others enjoy better immersion provided by curved displays so before purchasing a new unit make sure that it fits your needs!

The 34-inch ultrawide monitor is a great choice for multiplayer games but if you plan on playing single-player titles then the flat display would be a better option because it provides more screen estate and allows players to focus on the game’s details.

What is the best computer monitor size?

There are a few things you should consider before making a final decision: your desk’s dimensions, space between your eyes and monitor, resolution, and other features!

So do some research until you find the perfect balance between price, experience, and screen estate because it’s definitely worth doing because a bigger display will provide much better entertainment during long work sessions.

How big should my monitor be?

It depends on your preferences really so make sure to check what kind of additional peripherals are you using right now(mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.) along with what kind of games you’re playing!

For me, a 34-inch monitor is a perfect choice not only because it’s affordable but also because I can play different games using virtual reality headsets or take advantage of curved display which provides better immersion during racing simulators!

What is the best screen size for a PC?

It depends on your preferences really so make sure to check what kind of additional peripherals are you using right now(mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.) along with what kind of games you’re playing!

I have found that the 34-inch ultrawide model provides the perfect balance between price and experience so that’s what I’d recommend to all gamers out there.

However, flat monitors are a much better choice for standard workstations unless you’re playing racing or flight simulators which require lots of peripheral vision!

What is the best monitor size for streaming?

If we talk about streaming then take into consideration current hardware configuration and if it’s strong enough to play games and stream them at the same time!

Usually, online streamers tend to choose the 34-inch ultrawide model because it provides great immersion during gameplay but keeps in mind that not everyone is able to notice the difference between curved and flat monitors when filming videos.

In addition, if possible I’d recommend using two screens(one for streaming and another one for watching chat) since this way your viewers will be able to see everything without any problems!

So, which is the best size of Monitor for you?

If you have your own office with enough space on your desk then big screens are definitely a better choice because they provide perfect visibility and even immersion during gameplay.

On the other hand, if there’s not much space in your room or maybe you just want to watch movies/videos – 22 inch Monitor would be a great option! It doesn’t take too much place but it provides high-quality images just like a 27-inch type of computer monitor.

Also, it’s smart to watch out for your room if you have a possibility – it’s always better to see how big the monitor fits there before buying something!

If you already know which screen size is perfect for watching movies, playing games, or working on the computer, don’t forget to check out 26 Inch Monitors as well as 27 Inch Monitor to make sure that you’re making the right choice and get the most of your money.

Final Words for the Best Monitor Size for Gaming

As you can see there are many parameters that will impact your decision so make sure to follow this guide before buying anything!

Always look for new technologies – curved or ultra-wide monitors are a perfect choice but they cost more, same as high-resolution screens. So, don’t buy something until you’re really sure that it’s worth all the money!

I hope that this article was helpful and now you know what is the best monitor size for gaming after reading my tips!

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