Best Sandals & Flip-Flops CC (All Free) –

Summer is the time to give your feet some air.

No more worn-out shoes or sneakers. Let’s get out the sandals and flip-flops!

And if your Sims need something more than the base game, here’s a set of flip-flop CCs exclusive to The Sims 4.

8. Watermelon flip-flops

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Here’s a set of juicy watermelon style flip flops (very summery).

As you may have guessed, they are shaped like a watermelon, with watermelon motifs and leg bands that act as green stalks.

Very creative and a treat for the feet.

7. Comfortable leather sandals

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Want to relax in slippery sandals?

Look no further!

Suan Charol gives us a nice practical solution for our sims with this CC set.

These sandals have many variations – 18 designs to be exact.

Leopard print, zebra leather and brown leather are some of the more unique options, as well as several solid color options, including fire red.

6. Crested sand

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Kids love to run. And they can easily trip over things in the process.

But these sandals can help you avoid all that.

Yes, these sandals have full straps to keep baby’s feet in place, with a cool strap on the sandal.

This CC has a total of 14 colors, all of which are bright and bold enough for your sim kids to enjoy.

5. Bakery Sandals

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One of the most unique sandals on this list comes from CC maker ShakeProductions.

This sandal has a groovy design with open spaces, similar to some high heels you might see.

There is no actual sandal strap on this shoe, just a buckle in the middle that acts as a strap.

As far as creativity goes, ShakeProductions gets all the credit for this unique sandalwood style in 15 different patterns.

4. Keystones

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This is a beautiful wedge heel with a strap that literally holds everything together.

Named after Rihanna’s famous song, this shoe has a simple yet striking look.

We get two basic color lines, black and beige, but only 10 patterns, with different pattern ribbons.

I never thought of tying a ribbon on your shoe instead of laces, did you?

3. Aria Flip Flops

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Taking the traditional slip-on sandal, Chrimsimy’s designer gives us the Aria shoe, perfect for women.

This sandal has a striped design, with one particular piece featuring the Gucci color.

Bright colors, good design and 8 unique patterns make this slide CC set a winner.

2. Low Heel Sandals

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Here’s another design with elements of a popular luxury brand, this time Chanel.

In addition to the designer’s reputation, these sandals have a low cut and a slip-on upper.

Plus, they are well made and look pretty real with their details.

In terms of fashion, this might be my favorite pair of CC sandals. The models are suitable for casual wear as well as for various seasonal outfits.

1. JW Sandals

Look at this CC

It can be the standard for sandals when it comes to uniqueness, detail and look.

The designer CC Mauvemorn has created a basic sandal here and given it a beautiful modern look with the different straps that stretch.

The patterns are based more on the materials than the color coordination of the details, but they are still available in 4 different versions.

It can honestly go with a lot of gaming outfits, and I would even say it can work with semi-formal outfits.

If you need good sandals, look no further.

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