Best smart home software for Windows PCs [2022 Guide]

This role was reflected when the community took on the responsibility of the core development team to restore and clean up Kalao after its closure in 2013. If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform to meet all your automation needs, Calaos may be just what you’re looking for.

Among the tools included in this software, you will find a server application that is very useful. It also supports a touch screen user interface and web application to enable full control of the ecosystem.

Mobility is the key to connecting automated homes and homeowners, which means you absolutely need a mobile app. Calaos has native mobile software and serves Android and iOS users.

However, the operating system infrastructure is much more complex and sophisticated, as Calaos provides and adds a software support solution on top of the Linux operating system running on the mainframe. Linux is preconfigured and can be very useful when working with settings and configurations.

The only thing that stands out about this not-so-good site is that most of the Kalaos documentation is written in French. However, it is not entirely in French, and you can still find documentation in English. However, most support material is in French, including the support forums and some manuals that come with the software.  If you are interested in Calaos, you can find the source files on GitHub. As for the license, it is included in the GPL v.3.


OpenHAB is the preferred name for this software, but the full name is Open Home Automation Bus. You can guess why people choose the first solution. So OpenHAB meets the needs and wants of home automation researchers who like open source.

This software is not only supported by the developer, but also by a thriving community. OpenHAB has many followers and is a well-known home automation solution for experts. If you are looking for a stable and supported platform for a variety of devices, feel free to try OpenHAB, as this Java-based software has many integrations that will make your job much easier.

Some open source programs tend to focus on more obscure device solutions, but this is not the case with OpenHAB, which will have no problem with the largest and most popular technology solutions. The list of supported devices runs into the hundreds.

What you need to know about OpenHAB, however, is that despite its huge compatibility list, it doesn’t tend to limit itself to any particular device, as it doesn’t have to take sides, if you will. This means that developers have much more freedom to bring their own technologies and plugins into the mix.

The device can also be controlled via OpenHAB using the corresponding iOS and Android apps. OpenHAB also comes with design tools that allow you to design your own interface and user experience. When it comes to customizing your smart home system to your liking, there aren’t many other options.

As you would expect from an open source solution, you can find the OpenHAB source code on GitHub. To be more precise, it is included in the EPL (Eclipse Public License).

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