Can I Overclock 3200Mhz RAM To 3600Mhz In 2022

Can I Overclock 3200Mhz Ram To 3600Mhz In 2022

Can I Overclock 3200Mhz RAM to 3600Mhz? This article will tell you all about it. So read till the end.

We all know that the RAM is the most important part of the computer which decides the performance of your system.

If you are using a low-end processor then you will have to use RAM with a speed of less than 2133MHz, but if you are using a high-end processor then you can go for a speed of more than 3000MHz.

So, if you are using a processor with a speed of more than 3000MHz then there is no need to change the RAM, as it will only increase the cost of your computer and may also decrease its performance.

But if you are using a processor with a speed of less than 3000MHz then you must change the RAM because it will decrease the performance of your computer.

A lot of people are thinking that RAM is the most important part of the computer. But it is not, because if RAM fails then nothing will happen. But if the processor fails, then your entire system will be shut down. 

If you want to increase the speed of your computer, then you need to upgrade your RAM. RAM is short for random access memory and it is a part of the computer which stores the instructions and data. RAM is the basic component of the computer and it is also the most expensive component of the computer.

Can 3200MHz RAM Be Overclocked To 3600MHz?

Can I Overclock 3200Mhz Ram To 3600Mhz

3200MHz RAM can be overclocked to 3600MHz. When you decide to upgrade from DDR2 to DDR3, always keep an eye out on current RAM speeds and pick a.

Some of the memory can’t be changed and some of the boards can’t be changed at all. It is possible to upgrade your computer’s gaming performance and benefit computers used as workstations for heavy multitasking by overclocking your RAM. 

Every program on your computer stores working data in your RAM before it loads into your processor’s internal cache and intensive programs go through it very quickly. If you want to improve frame rates and cut down on stuttering, you need to improve your RAM’s Latency.

3600MHz RAM: Is It Worth It?

Most people don’t like the idea of upgrading to 3600MHz RAM because it won’t improve performance. The slower speed of the computer’s RAM can be hidden by the cache in the CPU for most regular tasks.

It is important for PC gaming and PC enthusiasts to have faster RAM. The use of these PC users’ expensive hardware can be made full use of with the help of RAM Overclocking. The people who buy expensive computers and games don’t see what their computers are capable of because they don’t have enough RAM.

More expensive RAM is usually built to be overclocked, so cheaper RAM can’t really be changed much. It’s definitely worth it if you have a computer with higher-end hardware.

Overclocking RAM Is Safe?

As long as the voltage isn’t increased, overclocking your RAM is safe. It won’t hurt your hardware but may crash your computer if you overclock it. You don’t have to worry about overclocking your RAM more than about overclocking your processor or graphics card. 

It is important to be aware of whether your computer’s cooling will be able to handle the increased workload of your CPU.

It can be unnerving to some people if the stock version of a graphics card is noticeably louder than the over-clocked version. You don’t need to worry about overheating because RAM doesn’t produce much heat even when you increase it. 

If it is unstable, it will most likely cause an error when you are doing stability tests. The only thing that can happen is that your RAM is set back to its stock speed.

If you want to change the settings on your laptop in case something goes wrong, you need to make sure you clear the CMOS so that you can.

Overclocking 3200MHz RAM To 3600MHz

It’s possible to calculate optimal RAM timings through the settings of the BIOS.

Calculate Your Optimal RAM Timings

You need to calculate your optimal RAM timings before you can increase the number of Mhz of RAM.

You just need to use an app called the “Ryzen DRAM Calculator” if you have an Advanced Micro Devices system. Even if the calculator is not completely accurate, you can still use it if you use an Intel system.

If you use an Intel key you can use it, but if you use the version of Ryzen you use, just open the calculator and use it. You need to key in the kind of memory you are using. You can bring up your XMP profile by pressing the “R-XMP” button at the bottom of the app.

You should put your memory type back in your Ryzen version. Pressing “Calculate SAFE” will allow you to calculate your timings.

You can use the ‘Compare Timings’ option to see a comparison between your XMP settings and your calculated timings. While the “SAFE” settings are almost guaranteed to work, the “FAST” settings may not be as stable.

You Can Overclock Your RAM Using The BIOS

It’s a good idea to uninstall your computer and then boot it into the UEFI screen. You usually need to press the key multiple times as the PC boots to access your bios.

Load your XMP profile by looking for the section for memory and making sure you choose the right frequencies.

You can just change the Frequency if you want to keep your timings the same. The section in the bios screen is where timing control is located. For Intel users, just key in the primary timings, and leave the rest of the settings here on auto.

If you want to enter the recommended DRAM voltage, you need to find the voltage control section in your bios. Don’t put anything crazy high, anything that’s under 1.450V should be safe.

If you want to get out of the BIOS, you need to save your settings. It is recommended that your PC restart and boot up Windows. You can move to the next step, but if it doesn’t happen.

Does Your PC Not Boot Into Windows?

If your PC doesn’t boot into windows, that’s because your board didn’t pass its power-on self-test. You have to wait for a bit for your PC to go into safe mode so that you can return to its last working settings.

If that happens, try increasing the memory voltage by 0.025v before hitting the max recommended voltage. If you use a Ryzen, you can try to raise the SOC voltage slightly.

It’s a bit sensitive when it comes to memory overclocking on the Ryzen systems. Don’t worry, if your PC didn’t boot into safe mode, don’t panic.

If you don’t have the feature on your computer, you’re going to need to clear CMOS manually. How you do this varies from computer to computer and you need to consult your user manual for the exact steps that you need to take.

Make Sure Your Overclock Is Stable

When you get back into Windows, you need to check and make sure your computer’s performance is stable. The function called “MEMbench” is used in the calculator to perform this.

Use the “custom” mode and set the task scope to 400%, then choose the “Max RAM” option to test your RAM for errors.

Give it a bit of time after you choose the “Run” option. It usually takes less than fifteen minutes to test using the settings above. It could be more or less depending on the amount of RAM you are using. If you don’t get any errors, then you may want to push your clock further or use the “FAST” settings to test your RAM.

If you are satisfied with your results, then you should do an overnight test to make sure your overclock is stable. If you want to leave it overnight, set the task scope to a ridiculously high value. If your overclock is stable, there shouldn’t be any errors when you check back in the morning.

Skipping the overnight test can lead to random blue screens and crashes down the line, but that is the worst thing that can happen. You should not take the overnight test at your own risk.

Best CPUs To Overclock

There are two types of motherboards available in the market, one is ATX and the other is micro-ATX. The difference between them is that micro-ATX motherboards are small and compact and they have more ports than ATX motherboards. They are easy to install and also they are affordable.

If you want to overclock your CPU, then you must go for a micro-ATX motherboard. If you are not a fan of micro-ATX then you can go with an ATX motherboard. 

You can use any of these motherboards but if you want to overclock 3200MHz RAM then you should go with a micro-ATX motherboard. You can use Intel Core i5-2400 or i5-2500K processor for overclocking and they will work fine for overclocking 3200MHz RAM.

Best RAM For Overclocking

As you already know that 3200MHz RAM is compatible with all types of RAM. So, if you want to overclock your 3200MHz ram then you need to buy DDR3 3000MHz memory.

It is the best type of RAM for overclocking and you will get better performance than other types of RAM.

Benchmark Your RAM To Determine Your PC’s Performance

Can I Overclock 3200Mhz Ram To 3600Mhz

If you feel like all the hard work was worth it, you should check the performance of your PC and RAM. You can skip this step, but benchmarking your PC and RAM after giving them an upgrade is much more satisfying. It is one of the best parts about doing things like changing your memory settings.

User Benchmark can be downloaded and used to give you a comprehensive overview of how well your computer is performing. Unigine Superposition is a game-specific benchmark test and you can use it. 

You need to run the tests multiple times to be completely accurate because the game-specific benchmark tests have a higher margin of error than more comprehensive tests.

RAM 3200MHz Vs RAM 3600MHz

If you use your computer for a lot of multitasking or are an avid gaming enthusiast, you will benefit from a faster RAM such as 3600 MHz. If you’re a regular computer user, 3200 MHz will be the better choice.

If you’re a hardcore computer user or a regular computer user, you’ll want to decide whether to get 3200MHz or 3600MHz RAM for your computer.

If you want to be a hardcore computer user, choose 3600MHz RAM, and if you want to be a regular computer user, choose whatever is cheaper. Unless you are using the difference in performance to your advantage, you should choose the more cost-effective option.


Overclocking your RAM isn’t the easiest thing to do but it’s definitely not the most difficult. If you are a PC user who is pushing your computer to the limit, an upgrade to your RAM is a worthwhile one. Make sure to do it carefully, step by step, and everything should go well.

Overclocking RAM will increase the speed of your computer, but it will also decrease the performance of your computer. So, you must be careful while overclocking your RAM and choose the right RAM controller. 

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know about “Can I Overclock 3200Mhz RAM To 3600Mhz?“. If you have any queries regarding this post please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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