Dell S2417DG Monitor Review 2022 - Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Dell S2417DG Monitor Review 2022 – Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Dell S2417DG Monitor Review – Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Searching for the Dell S2417DG Monitor review? This guide is right for you, here you will get to know all the necessary features and important details. So keep reading to know more.

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The time has come for a new review of a high-end Dell monitor. In many ways this series of reviews is starting again from scratch as up until now we reviewed mainly 27″ monitors with 2560×1440 resolution but since recently Dell has been offering large. Well, very large 34″ ultra-wide screens featuring 3440×1440 resolution and curved panels. I can’t tell how excited I am about them as they are right now my dream monitors, well, at least until I find a really good 4K monitor with G-SYNC.

  • Size 24″
  • Resolution 2560×1440
  • Max Refresh Rate 165 Hz
  • Pixel Type TN
  • Variable Refresh Rate G-SYNC

In this review, we are going to have a look at one of the more moderately sized models, the Dell S2417DG Monitor Review. It is 24″ in size and comes with 2560×1440 resolution (which by default runs at 144Hz) as well as G-SYNC support which used to be rare but has recently become much more popular offering an improved gaming experience with less tearing and smoother gameplay. 

This model is special though because it offers something called “frameless design”. Well, actually there is still a thin frame surrounding the image but it looks like some kind of black plastic coating over the panel edges instead of the traditional silver metallic frame.

It looks nice but maybe distracting when working with all-black images where the panel edges blend in perfectly with the rest of the screen so you see two black bars or one wider bar instead of a single image. Other than that this is pretty much your standard 2560×1440 G-SYNC monitor.

The design is not flashy, it offers good ergonomics, VESA support, and connectivity options are plentiful including both DP and HDMI ports which makes this model future-proof should you decide to get an AMD graphics card in the future (which I highly recommend by the way). The stand itself has a cable management hole through which you can easily pass your cables directly to your desk preventing any cable clutter or at least minimizing it.

The Dell S2417DG Monitor Review is a 1440p gaming monitor with G-SYNC variable refresh rate support. It has a TN panel that makes it have mediocre picture quality due to the poor native contrast ratio so blacks appear gray in any darkroom, but this problem can be improved by adjusting your lighting settings because of how fast things change when viewed at angles (which isn’t really something you want for gameplay).

For gamers, though there are 144Hz refresh rates and responsiveness due to low input lag which feels very responsive as well! With all these features combined; not only do we get good pixel response times on motion blur trails like no other screen out there today –

Our Verdict [Dell S2417DG Monitor Review]

In The Box

  • Manual and drivers
  • DisplayPort cable
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
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Mixed Usage

The S2417DG is a decent monitor for use with media. Although it has 1440p resolution and low input lag, watching movies in darker environments does not look good due to the lack of contrast ratio

Pros & Cons


  • Fast 144Hz refresh rate.
  • Fast motion is clear due to quick response time.
  • Supports G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate.


  • The image looks very washed out at an angle.
  • Blacks are gray and cloudy.
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The Dell S2417DG Monitor Review is a great choice for office space. The bright screen and ergonomic stand will make it easy to view documents, create presentations or work on your favorite software program without excess strain from hours of staring at computer screens.


This monitor is the perfect option for gamers. This G-SYNC technology will avoid tearing when playing games with high graphics demanding, which makes this great for VRR support and BFI feature to clear up motion blur in your favorite gameplays.


The S2417DG is a decent monitor for use with media. The resolution, 1440p, and input lag are great features of this screen-true to form as previous models have been! However, watching movies in darker environments doesn’t look good due to the lack of contrast ratio which makes it difficult when viewing dark scenes from angles where there isn’t much light hitting your computer display (like on an airplane). 

Media Creation

The awesome performance of this monitor in media creation. It has a great resolution, low input lag, and excellent refresh rate which is really helpful while working with video editing software or touching up pictures.

The only downside I found was that it doesn’t have good viewing angles so you can’t see what’s being worked on as well from all angles but other than that it will make your day go smoother knowing how smoothly everything moves together when watching movies/TV shows.



  • Curved No
  • Curve Radius Not Curved
  • Weight (without stand) 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg)
  • Weight (with stand) 12.6 lbs (5.7 kg)


  • Width 9.5″ (24.1 cm)
  • Depth 7.1″ (18.0 cm)

The stand of the Dell Gaming S2417DG is perfect for supporting this monitor. It’s plastic and very similar to other models in their lineup, but it still holds up nicely against my desk-working environment.

Dell S2417DG Monitor Review
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  • Height Adjustment 5.1″ (13.0 cm)
  • Switch Portrait/Landscape Yes, Both Ways
  • Swivel Range -45° to 45°
  • Tilt Range -17.5° to 10°

The range of ergonomic adjustments is great, so you can adjust it in pretty much any position and make your working preferences.


The back of the monitor is just as bland and uninteresting but with a touch more modernity. It’s made out of plastic that has been handed down to allow for an even gloss finish on both sides – this means there are no marks at all where you can see them.


The borders of the monitor are very similar to those on an S2716DG, but they’re not thick and don’t look bad. There’s a small gap along one side that also serves as a cooling vent for this 27″ display; while there is some space between the bezel and start-of pixel area at about 10 percent magnification (20 cm).


  • Thickness (with stand) 5.7″ (14.5 cm)
  • Thickness (without stand) 2.2″ (5.6 cm)

The S2417DG’s frame is thin and durable, making it an excellent option for those looking to mount the monitor against a wall. The stand allows you to place your screen close without worrying about any finger smudges or marks on its surface from accidental touch-ups.

Build Quality 

The monitor’s frame is made of sturdy and well-built materials. The screen also has a nice, sleek design that should withstand any use you put it through. The build quality isn’t perfect but there is no gaps or cracks insight which means this product will meet your needs perfectly for years to come.

Picture Quality


The monitor’s contrast is disappointing. It can’t be used in dim environments, as blacks look washed out and the image lacks vibrancy. This makes it similar to its big sister S2716DG.

Horizontal Viewing Angle 

The horizontal viewing angle is disappointing. Even slight deviations from the middle angle and your monitor will lose color accuracy as well as blacks washing out or brightness fading away to grayscales because those who look at it from an off-angle experience a completely different picture than someone looking straight ahead with access only to either side for a perspective which limits how much one can see before them – just like anything else in life where you’re limited by what’s going on around yourself.

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Image Retention 

The monitor didn’t show any signs of image retention throughout the test which is excellent.


The monitor’s reflection handling is good. The light-matte finish on the screen helps to diffuse and reduce reflections across it, which should be pleasing for most people in an average room situation without too much glare from bright lights or windows nearby.


Input Lag 

The monitor has an excellent low input lag in native 1440p resolution. However, when sent a resolution other than 1440p it does not do well with non-native resolutions over DisplayPort and there were no successful tests at 1024×768 or 800 x 600 either so we’ll have to give them away rate N/A even though their manual states they support these modes (1024X768 includes).

Total Inputs

  • DisplayPort 1 (DP 1.2)
  • Mini DisplayPort No
  • HDMI 1 (HDMI 1.4)
  • DVI No
  • VGA No
  • DisplayPort Out No
  • USB 4 (USB 3.0)
  • USB C No
  • Analog Audio Out 3.5mm 2
  • Microphone In 3.5mm No
  • Digital Optical Audio Out No
  • Analog Audio Out RCA No
  • Power Supply Internal

One of the 3.5mm analog audio out ports is a headphone port with adjustable volume, while the other two are fixed line-level outputs at either 30W or 10W per channel. One side USB slot supports BC 1.2 fast-charging standard for your phones that support it – perfect if you need to top off on power during those long flights.

Resolution And Size

The Dell S2417DG has a native resolution of 1440p, which is great for most usages (see our recommendations).

Dell S2417DG Monitor Review
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Additional Features

  • RGB Illumination
  • Speakers
  • HDR10
  • Multiple Input Display

The OSD has a shortcut key option, which can bind options like volume to a quick menu so you don’t have to go through the trouble of scrolling on your keyboard. It also comes with one USB 2.0 port supporting BC 1.2 fast-charging standard and an independent battery icon for each device connected.


There are buttons on the underside of this monitor. They’re shallow and can be hard to press at times, but their size means that they won’t hurt your fingers like more compact keyboards or mice might do if you accidentally bump into them with another object while typing out an email reply on accident for example.


Response Time

  • Best Overdrive Setting Normal
  • Rise / Fall Time 2.1 ms
  • Total Response Time 8.8 ms
  • Overshoot Error 7.8%
  • Dark Rise / Fall Time 1.7 ms
  • Dark Total Response Time 3.2 ms
  • Dark Overshoot Error 1.5%

The monitor has an excellent fast response time. When set to Fast overdrive mode it adds a lot of blurs, so Normal mode is preferred for everyday tasks like browsing the web or watching videos on YouTube.

The input text contains two sentences that are describing different aspects of one particular feature in great detail but could be combined without changing the meaning: “the high-resolution screen delivers sharp images.

This creates an imbalance tone which makes them difficult to read and less interesting than they might otherwise have been if written independently by themselves as stand-alone phrases/sentences instead.

Image Flicker

The Dell S2417 monitor has a flicker-free backlight and this is great. However, it also allows the user to add some blur so as not to see flickering images clearly when looking at something else for an extended period of time or if you’re viewing from farther away than usual – even though there’s no screen tearing.

There are two other options in addition which would be rather interesting: Pulse Width mode changes how often pixels light up (frequency) while ULMB “Ultra Low Motion Blur” does exactly what its name suggests; reducing motion-blurred imagery by adding overshoot during transitions like ghosting through textures on objects which should happen without notice normally but can cause distraction depending upon use.

Refresh Rate 

  • Native 144 Hz
  • Max Refresh Rate 165 Hz
  • Variable Refresh Rate Yes
  • FreeSync No
  • G-SYNC Yes (Native)
  • VRR Maximum 165 Hz
  • VRR Minimum < 20 Hz
  • VRR Supported Connectors DisplayPort

The Dell S2417DG has a refresh rate of 144Hz and incorporates NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology that allows it to change its refresh rate to match the graphics card, avoiding any tearing.

The best way for gamers is through HDMI since this only supports a max 60 Hz output rather than using DisplayPort or DVI cables where you can get variable speeds between 30 – 160Hz depending on what type your monitor uses so make sure before purchasing one.

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The Dell S2716DG is a great monitor for gaming, but its smaller brother has even more to offer. With just as many pixels and 1440p resolution (2560 x 1440), this model had an edge in screen density that made the text easier on the eyes when browsing webpages or playing games like CS GO where details matter most.

You’ll also appreciate having more space available on your desktop while using programs such as Photoshop CC2018 which was tested during our testing process with no issues seen at all – so if you need something big enough then go ahead and buy one of these babies now!

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