Edge 91.0.864.1 is the last build of version 91 in the Dev channel

Microsoft has released the latest version of Edge 91 to insiders in the Dev channel. Edge 91 then goes into beta and, after a relatively short testing period, reaches the stable branch. Today’s release includes a number of new features and general improvements and minor fixes.

Here’s what’s new in today’s release for development channel insiders.

What’s new in Edge Dev 91.0.864.1?

Additional functions

  • Added options to print documents full size or fit on the page.
  • Added an option to prompt for closing a window with multiple tabs open.
  • Added ability to delete Media Foundation data if needed.  Please note that the departure is later.
  • The Math Wizard turns on by default on Mac and Windows after the deployment is complete.
  • Added a control policy to enable the Math Solver.
  • Enable Chromium policy support for explicitly allowed network ports.
  • Added support for ClickOnce on Windows 7.

Greater reliability

  • Fixed a crash when dragging and dropping tabs.
  • Fixed error on startup that gave the impression that the browser was not opened.
  • Fixed an issue where some pages were crashing a few seconds after loading.
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with the favorite popup.
  • Fixed error when sorting collections.
  • Fixed crash when synchronization of collections is enabled.
  • A crash when closing tabs when opening popups, such as. B. of the search bar on a page, has been corrected.
  • Fixed crash when purchase is activated.

Behaviour change

  • Fixed a bug where the Favorites tiles for Top Sites on the New Tab page were not working.
  • Fixed a bug where items in collections were not displayed when they did not contain any items.
  • Bugs fixed Collections are deleted, sometimes don’t work or are not synchronized.
  • Fixed a bug where the Site Info pop-up incorrectly indicated that web pages currently displayed in Immersive Reader were not protected, even though the original web page was protected.
  • Fixed an issue where the cookie policy at checkout did not work for some websites when the default cookie setting was set to Remove cookies on exit (option 4).
  • Fixed an issue on Linux where inline voices for reading aloud did not always work.
  • Fixed an issue where a simple website authentication request was displayed when a Windows Hello request was expected due to a prevailing administrative policy.
  • The Immersive Reader shortcut key has been improved and can now be applied to more pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the right to use Immersive Reader unexpectedly disappeared for some pages when interacting with them.
  • Fixed the issue where the drag and drop feature of the worksheets did not always work with vertical tabs when the tabs were pinned.
  • Fixed an issue where websites installed as applications did not always handle links to open in those sites (instead links opened in normal tabs).
  • Fixed an issue where translating web pages could sometimes cause the content to disappear.
  • Fixed bug that made it look like drop-down lists on web pages were being filled in automatically when they were not.
  • Fixed an issue where the device mode button in F12 Dev Tools did not always work.
  • Fixed bug where right-clicking on a collection did not always display the correct menu.
  • Fixed bug where tabbed pop-ups in IE mode sometimes opened in regular tabs instead of IE tabs.
  • Outdated management policies that include proactive autonomy.

Known issues

  • Some extensions, such as. B. the Microsoft Editor extension, do not work under Linux.  Once installed, they crash and stop.  We are currently investigating this.
  • Users of some ad blocker extensions may experience playback errors on Youtube.  As a temporary solution, you can disable the extension so you can continue reading.  See this reference article for more details.
  • Some users are still experiencing the following problem: all tabs and extensions immediately freeze with the STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error message.  The most common cause of this error is outdated security software or antivirus software from vendors like Symantec. In this case, updating this software will fix the error.
  • Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have the correct extension installed sometimes experience websites such as Gmail not loading.  This problem is due to the fact that the main Kaspersky software is outdated. Installing the latest version will fix it.
  • Some users still see favorites being duplicated.  This issue should decrease with the introduction of automatic deduplication in Insider Channels, but we are still rolling it out in the stable release.  We’ve also seen duplicates occur when the manual deduplicator is run on multiple machines before any of them have had a chance to fully synchronize their changes, so make sure there is enough time between running the deduplicator.
  • Some users experience oscillation when scrolling with trackpad or touchscreen gestures, where scrolling in one dimension also results in subtle back and forth scrolling in the other dimension.  Note that this only affects some websites and seems to be worse on some devices.  This is likely due to our work to equate scrolling with inherited behavior of edges. So, if this behavior is unwanted, you can temporarily disable it by unchecking the edge://flags/#edge-experimental-scrolling flag.

This version should install automatically for existing Edge Dev users. You can also force a browser refresh by opening the Info page. You can open it directly by typing edge://settings/help in the address bar.

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