Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review | 4k 144Hz Monitor | 2022

Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review | 4k 144Hz Monitor | 2021

Looking for the best Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz review? This article is for you. So just keep on reading to know more.

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Eve is a Berlin-based custom monitor manufacturer, they are exclusively distributed in Europe. Eve is using the QNIX QX2710 monitors with the new “Spectrum” PCB which gives support for up to 240hz refresh rate, dynamic dithering, and 3D LUTs. For the first time eve offers more than just LCD panels as optional extras, so, you can choose an aluminum bezel or champagne gold instead of silver color.

It’s important to note that this model has no backlight bleed nor dead pixels problem, it uses white LEDs only (like many other modern displays). Best of all? This new version is available worldwide through the Eve systems website starting today! Since this product is exclusively distributed by it is covered by our 14-day return policy.

Eve Systems says about their new display: “This year we have made a spectacular step forward with a major enhancement to the QX2710 monitors that allows us to meet the needs of an even larger group of customers whose main focus is on competitive gaming at high refresh rates.”

“We have succeeded in significantly increasing the number of available dynamic dithering patterns, which now allow for dithering between half and 16 million colors instead of just 256 colors as before. In addition, we have been able to implement 3D LUTs (Look-Up Tables) on some models, allowing more precise color reproduction as well as higher contrast levels.”

“We have also worked very hard to increase the maximum refresh rate to 240 Hz, which is an enormous gain for competitive gamers. Our new PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) will allow this and future generations of our products to display even more frames per second without sacrificing color stability.”

The QX2710 is not only equipped with a DVI-D and two HDMI ports but also offers compatibility with all common DisplayPort connectors – something that was previously impossible to find on other gaming monitors.

Since the monitor uses 10-bit panels and supports 8-bit with FRC dithering, many colors can be displayed as well as darker 0-255 shades using a 16-bit LUT. The Eve Systems website has been updated accordingly: you can now find a matrix comparison of the old and new models, as well as detailed reviews, quipped with color profiles.

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Eve Spectrum QX2710 monitors are available on the Eve Systems website at an MSRP of £500 ($681). A special thanks to Anglian who pointed out this new version displays dithering patterns which is something really neat! And an update from the team: We have also been told that there will be more “Spectrum” models coming so stay tuned for future updates.

Eve announced that production will not begin on the 240Hz spectrum until October, putting delivery at the earliest in November. Once again they’re blaming someone else for their fault as a functional company.

Overview: Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review


  • Screen size: 27-inches 
  • Panel type: IPS 
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 
  • Response time: 1ms 
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz 
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9  
  • Release date: TBC – Q4 2020

In 2019, Eve announced a new project called Spectrum. This would be the first of its kind as they are developing three gaming monitors with specs never seen before and one being 1440p IPS for 240Hz refresh rate which will be available by late 2020 or early 2021 according to their January 2020 announcement.

Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz Review
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Eve’s new RGB display series is designed to deliver peak brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy in a wide gamut. The Eve Spectrum 240Hz 1440p IPS panel with 750cd/m2 luminance will have seriously immersive gaming without demanding the power of high-end 4k panels.

They are also releasing their more affordable 1080P 144 Hz monitor which still has all its features including HDR calibration tools so gamers can get the best experience possible on cheaper screens! This model offers significantly increased contrast compared to what most competitors offer coupled with some really cool.

Eve has been selling innovative monitors for years, and they’ve had a pretty disruptive pricing model so far. Eve is now following Apple’s lead by offering the sleek stand separately instead of charging extra on each product – it doesn’t matter if you need one or five because this really only costs $499! The best part? Nearly 50% of their community wants no stands at all.

“Imagine if you could order PlayStation 5 already today at the lowest price and have guaranteed availability on launch in your region,†says Eve. “This is basically what our company has done for gamers around the world who are eager to play this amazing game as soon as possible.”

“With a small overhead for the team,†Eve is close to breakeven at this current price point. Once she incurs more marketing costs and distribution expenses, it will start tacking those additional bills onto prices moving them closer toward competitor ranges. For many of us, the price is going up and we’re not getting a free copy.

For some people who were early on Eve’s waiting list for this product or just missed out entirely then it seems that $99 becomes less costly when you know there’s no better opportunity than now because if 500 units are made available at first only those lucky ones get them while everyone else continues paying full retail amounting to more expensive products in future years unless new stock comes by which will increase demand again so even though things may seem confusing right now,

The new Eve Spectrum monitors are going to be minimalist and sleek, just like the rest of their design. The panel should not take center stage because that would spoil all other aspects in our opinion.

The Eve Spectrum is set to make its grand debut at the end of this year, with four different models in all: a 144Hz 1440p screen that will be available starting Q3; followed closely thereafter by 240Hz, and then two more options for higher refresh rates.

A new era has arrived! One where gamers can finally enjoy high-refresh-rate displays without sacrificing anything else – like brightness or response time (which are also increases thanks to their innovative technology). The company behind these amazing innovations isn’t just any ordinary outfit either–it’s one run by some really smart folks who know exactly what people want nowadays.

We know you want a deal, and we’re giving one. If interested get in early with our $100 refundable deposit. The crowd-sourced design efforts have also ensured that the Eve Spectrum comes with all of your ports covered. There is a total of four USB ports and one audio input, so you won’t be lacking connections anywhere on this gaming monitor.

For anyone seeking monitors in the future, Eve’s Spectrum line will come with eco-friendly parts and components, making it completely sustainable. There aren’t any surprises here: You can expect up to 95% recyclable materials, as well as an adjustable hood that helps mask cords and also keeps your lighting nice and uniform throughout its design. If you’re looking for the right monitor – now’s the time!

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“Finally gamers can experience quick to respond 240 Hz gaming with hard-to-find high refresh rates without paying an arm and a leg,†added Eves founder Evelyne Lagrange. We know that our customers are always looking for quality products at great prices so we worked really hard to bring this product to market as soon as possible.

This game-changer has game-changing technology that will allow gamers everywhere to play their favorite games at ultra-fast speed using its 240Hz performance panel with 2ms response time built into its sleek modern design! We guarantee it will be worth every penny!

Eve is focused on making products that are both great for the environment and that can improve your gaming experience. “Our goal is to deliver a product that will help gamers, like you, play better without costing an arm and a leg – we’re really excited about our latest addition!†stated Evesamepriceinc CEO Jeffrey Rettberg. “We were driven by the needs of our passionate community and made this monitor with their best interests in mind: delivering high-quality visuals at affordable prices along with providing sustainability and compatibility to make it easy for everyone to enjoy.â€

The Eve V2’s 240Hz refresh rate means games run smoothly, even in high-action sequences The device also includes increased brightness levels (450 nits vs 350 nits), which means that colors and fragrances will be more vibrant than ever.

The Eve V2 includes a port for mobile devices, allowing you to connect your phone while on the go. Finally, we created an adjustable hood that can mask cords and also helps keep lighting uniform throughout its design. With this new addition of monitors, gamers won’t need to choose between the high-end look or ultra-fast refresh rate on their display – they can have both!

When it comes to specs, the monitor’s panel is 41.4-inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 2K UltraWide QHD – offering crisp images and vivid colors displaying up to 16:9 aspect ratio (which is perfect for watching widescreen movies). Another huge plus? The Eve V2 is designed with AMD Radeon FreeSync – which helps the GPU sync with the display. All that being said, you have to wonder why no one else has done this before.

The Eve Spectrum is going to start shipping in Q3 of this year, with the 144Hz 1440p display first. With prices starting at an affordable $399 it will be one gaming monitor that every gamer dream about! The 240 Hz model isn’t too far behind and should come out sometime between Autumn 2020 – Spring 2021 but no word yet on when exactly these new releases are happening so keep your eyes peeled if you want a high refresh rate without any lag time or lossy graphics quality.

Speaking to the tiered pricing structure, Eve states that they opted after the launch of their first batch in order to better improve increasing scale production. This allowed them to sell out primary stock at a lower cost due to reduced costs needed for the initial run and considering how likely it is that Eves are producing these monitors with razor-thin margins already because most companies do not want anything other than perfection when selling something so expensive (spectrum).

The Eve Spectrum provides enough ports to keep your device charging and connected. There are 2x USB-C (one delivers up to 100 Watts), 2x DisplayPort, 1 HDMI 3X USB A an audio jack for connecting more devices like keyboards or microphones! it also includes a separate fast charger that can charge another phone while still providing power through the other end to keep your monitor powered.

DisplayPort & Thunderbolt 3 USB-C on Eve V2

EVE will also be offering their EVE V2 with two different panel-type options. The first is a standard RGB panel, which means you’ll have more flexibility over color control but it won’t sync with newer ATI cards natively.

The second option for the EVE V2 will be an ECO mode that allows gamers to adjust red, green, and blue levels on the fly – allowing gamers to save on power consumption or further enhance colors depending on preference at any given moment. These monitors are definitely worth waiting for and we can’t wait to try them out ourselves once they’re released to review!


You’ll be keeping an eye on Spectrum’s final steps. It sounds like it has some serious potential, but there are still bugs that need to get fixed before Eve can release this product into our world and hearts asap.

Hopefully, they’ve already solved all their problems because I think we deserve better than what happened in years past when brands would tarnish themselves through poor-quality products or services. If not then yeah, the uphill battle may just end up being too much for them.

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