Facebook Social Audio Experiences – Everything You Need to Know!

Audio chats seem to be becoming the norm on almost all social media platforms. And now that Facebook is also getting involved, you can’t be sure that WhatsApp (part of the Facebook group) won’t freak out with such an update. Facebook calls these social audio experiences.

In terms of social experiences, Facebook has a lot. From the ability to share audio files to livestreaming in Facebook rooms (Facebook rooms are similar to Instagram live rooms, but they can hold up to 50 people, compared to four on Instagram). Even though the features are already there, Facebook’s decision to be part of a trend. Let’s take a look at the new social audio experiences.

Social audio experiences on Facebook – New audio tools

Facebook has decided to make audio conversations better and more engaging with its new audio tools. A new set of audio instruments will be available in the application. By incorporating artificial intelligence, Facebook claims that the sound quality will be excellent even if you are in a crowded place. Audio creation tools allow you to use music from the Facebook sound collection as background for your story. You can not only add music, but also mix tracks and access a wide range of sound effects, voice effects and filters.

Social audio experience on Facebook with audio pages

Soundbites are small audio clips that can contain anything from sound effects to a person saying something. Sound clips can range from a small 3 second clip to a large one minute clip. Facebook will begin testing soundbites in about a month. They plan to work with some content creators to experiment and see how it can appeal to a mass audience.

-Podcasts on Facebook ?

Yes, podcasts can now be played directly from the Facebook app. Facebook thinks the presence of podcasts in the app is a good thing because there are so many fan groups of a particular podcast maker. That way, Facebook helps you discover new podcasts that match your interests and tastes. Oh, you can also listen to the podcast while using the app or while the app is running in the background. These podcasts also allow creators to connect with their fans and attract new fans.

Live audio rooms for groups

There are many groups on Facebook on a wide variety of topics. And with about 1.8 billion active members on Facebook, live audio spaces will do well. Group members can communicate and interact with each other much better. This seems like a good idea compared to the standard Facebook numbers where you have to stand in front of the camera and stuff. Like all the other platforms that have introduced audio chats, it can be used in very creative ways. And since there will also be live sound rooms for public figures. And yes, this feature should be tested soon and available by mid-2021.

Redemption options

Audio creators can monetize their creations in a variety of ways, including paying for access to the live audio space through a one-time or monthly subscription. Fans can give stars to their creators or, if they wish, donate to their favorite cause. A fund for audio creators will be established to support their content and get feedback from them on how these new tools are developed for them.


While the addition of all these new tools and features is a good thing for Facebook, there are many issues that need to be addressed. For example, the Facebook application is still full of bugs that have not been fixed or that keep popping up. Dark mode doesn’t seem to work very well either, as you get a grey tone in some places and suddenly black in others.

The other point concerns mitigation. Facebook has terrible moderation, and adding soundbites like this only makes it harder to monitor. Until Facebook deploys the right tools for moderators to take control of new audio impressions, you can expect chaos in the meantime.

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