Glory playlist is like a million dollar home with no marketing

This is a lie played upon the public by the glorious PlayStation 4 systems. Have you ever walked into a monster house with all the lights off? Have you ever walked into a monster house that was a set for a bad horror movie? Well glory playlist is basically that, but with more demons. Some of the demons are as small as a teacup, others are the size of a refrigerator. This gloriously pixelated game has a lot of action. (I am not a professional gamer) This game is a reason to own a PS4. I have never played a more gloriously pixelated game in my life.

If you follow the video game industry, you’ve probably heard of the game “Glory”. It’s been out for a little over a year, and has been a smash hit in the gaming community since its release. What makes this game so special? First of all, it’s a game that takes something that most people find boring and turns it into a fun game. In this case, it’s an online playlist of YouTube videos that everyone enjoys. Secondly, the creators also gave away most of the game for free. They didn’t sell it to people, they just gave it away.

I know a lot of people despise fame and don’t want to get into it, and I understand that. I love the game type, but there is little incentive to play. Basically, you feel bad until you reach 5500. I was already a legend and I played for glory for fun. From the title of the post, I gather it’s a very well-tuned game mode that Bungie has put a lot of effort and time into….. Just to let them rot. The Glory playlist is a great opportunity for Bungie to breathe some life into the PvP in Destiny.

Let’s talk about the benefits and the relatively simple solutions that can help make the game type a really fun and central part of the game.

For : – I love fast paced games, and eliminating challenges is a fun game mode with great loot. But fame brings a great game mode that can be played solo for a week or with a team with a completely different strategy and mindset. And I think that’s great for the PvP ecosystem. – Bungie spent a lot of time refining and tweaking this playlist. So far it’s just a 3v3 Survival with a Heavy per turn, and (with the exception of the obvious Heir at the moment) I think it’s a pretty well tuned and balanced experience. – It has a rank that allows you to evaluate your skills in the game and theoretically play against other players of your level. Ranked playlists work very well in games like Overwatch, and I think the Glory playlist lacks a few minor tweaks to become a truly fun and enjoyable playlist.

What could improve the game mode? – What makes this game mode interesting? A sense of progress (achieving a better or higher rank) and reward (rewards). Both are currently lacking in glory. There was a time when reaching the 2100 level was an achievement! This means you are now 3400 away from the legend and the Meade catalyst, which is not very nice. – Encouragement and loot! I think something as simple as adding rewards for weapons or armor, similar to seasonal events, would be a great incentive. Like Varix, you unlock weekly rewards for high-status armor or weapons as you level up. The first of the week could be a highlight. You don’t even have to buy a new harness. The lower ranks are armor. The higher ranks, for example, after 2100, may be specific weapons, such as. B. Frozen Orbit, Final Doom, True Prophecy. And it will be a weapon you can make every week when you reach this rank. Bungie doesn’t need to make a whole new system or anything. It’s already a system used throughout the game. And they already have a lot of hard to get weapons and armor in PvP and in the world we all want. I know their resources are limited, but I think it would be a very reasonable solution with good prospects.
– use incentives to attract more players! A large player base makes any PvP game better. We have seen the impact of litigation, and it is increasing. And make rank a more meaningful matchmaking parameter, so it’s not like warriors with 0.5 kd are fighting for glory in a quick game against legendary players in their first game. Of course, this only works if there are many more players. I know that sometimes in a game with undefeated or undefeated players, I’ll come across a player who gets 0.15 kd throughout the game, and I know there’s a good chance that player won’t come back. – Only good players should be in glory. Glory must be sweaty and hard. Get out of the car. I think the legend should be hard to reach and somewhat flexible. I think at 4000+ he has to work up a sweat, and that makes him challenging and fun. But I don’t think grade 0 players should have to go up against 5000 players and then get completely crushed.

The end. Thank you for reading.

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