How To Adjust CPU Fan Speed – Simple Guide In 2022

How To Adjust CPU Fan Speed – Simple Guide In 2022

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to adjust CPU fan speed. By the end, you’ll be an expert on keeping your computer’s CPU cool!

If you’ve ever wondered how to adjust CPU fan speed, you’re not alone. Many people want to know how to do this in order to keep their computers running at peak efficiency. While it may seem like a daunting task, adjusting your CPU fan speed is actually quite simple. 

You can adjust your CPU fan speed in two different ways. Either you can use your motherboard or if you have a good CPU cooler, you can change the setting manually.

If you have a laptop or desktop computer, then you are aware of the fact that the fan speed should be adjusted according to the temperature and heat level of your laptop or desktop computer.

If the fan is not working properly then your laptop or desktop computer may be overheating and you may end up with a damaged laptop or desktop computer. This can lead to a lot of problems, so you must know how to adjust the fan speed. 

What Is The Fastest CPU Fan Speed?

How To Adjust CPU Fan Speed

The main way to check the speed of your fan is through the computer’s software.

BIOS Settings

If the computer is already on, you need to restart it. The computer should be turned on if it is switched off. This will allow you to get to the speed controller for your fan. 

The system setup can be entered if you press the key. In most cases, this key is called the F12 key or the Delete key. You can go to the Hardware settings by clicking on the settings. You can see the current fan speed by clicking on the Fan settings.


If you want to check the fan speed on your PC, you need to know if the manufacturer has specific software for that. It is always best to use a tool that is specific to you. 

Generic third-party Apps with good reviews are a good choice if there is no specific tool or App. Two of the most sought-after choices are the MSI Afterburner and SpeedFan. It is a good idea to use the Mac Fan Control utility tool if you have a Mac system.

Why Is My CPU Fan Running So Fast?

If the processor is faulty, a faulty sensor in the fan or the heatsink is malfunctioning, the fan will run very fast. There is a faulty processor and a malfunctioning fan sensor.

The computer will start overheating if the fan running very fast is associated with one of the symptoms. Even if you are only using your computer to do light tasks or when the system is not running, this is still the case. This can cause more harm than good to your computer.

When the fans are running fast, they may make a loud noise. If the fans are of sleeve bearing type, their life tends to get reduced. It is a good idea to use compressed air to clean both the inside and outside of a building. After the fan is disconnected from the power supply, it is necessary to clean the inside.

How Can I Slow Down The Speed Of My CPU Fan?

The control panel, the BIOS menu, and an App can all be used to slow down the fan speed. The computer will achieve better performance when the speed is slow.


If you want to turn the computer on again, turn it off the computer. You can open the settings menu with the option displayed on the screen. You can navigate to the monitor or status option by scrolling to the bios menu with the help of the arrow keys. The Fan Control Setting is followed by the Fan Speed Control.

You can change the speed of the fan by selecting the desired speed from the drop-down list. The settings can be saved by pressing enter and save. Choose the Save Changes and Exit option if you want to change your mind. If the computer doesn’t restart automatically, then it’s time to shut it down.

Control Panel

The Control Panel can be accessed by clicking Start followed by it. Clicking on the Power Saver option will take you to a page. You can see how the fan is being used on the sliding scale. 

If you want to reach the desired setting, move the slider to the left. If you click OK, you will be taken to the next page. The settings you have made will be saved here.

App Usage

You can download and install a reliable App. Once this is done, open it and do the required adjustment through the window. To verify if the App is functioning properly, configure the PMW fan settings in the configuration window.

Is My CPU Fan Running So Slowly?

The power settings in the PC may be to blame for the slow running of your CPU fan. A damaged wire for the fan, a worn-out fan bearing, or a change in the bios settings can all make the fan run very slow.

There are problems with the power setting for passive cooling and the fan. The fan had a wire that was damaged and the fan had a bearing that was missing. The settings of the BIOS can be changed.

The biggest risk associated with a slow-running fan is that it may fry the computer’s central processing unit. The board is going to get overheated and burned. In some cases, the system may shut down in strange ways. It is possible that you will lose the content you have been working on.

How Do I Adjust The CPU Fan Speed?

You can adjust the fan speed according to your preference by following the steps given above. The most common methods of adjusting the fan speed are through the BIOS and dedicated software. There are settings for the BIOS and the software for the CPU fan.

BIOS Settings

You can adjust the fan speed to your preference by following the steps in the ‘How do I slow down my fan speed?’ and ‘How do I increase fan speed?’ sections above.


To adjust the fan settings, you can use the software mentioned in the ‘How do I slow down my processor speed?’ section. The option to adjust the speed of the fan will be found once you open the software.

In Windows 10, How Do I Adjust The CPU Fan Speed?

How To Adjust CPU Fan Speed

The Fan Speed Setting App is available in the Microsoft Store and can be used to adjust the fan speed in Windows 10. You can download any of the other control software from the Internet.

The steps given earlier for increasing or decreasing the CPU fan speed should be followed. You can download and install the fan speed setting App from the Microsoft Store. The fan speed and the temperature of the system can be controlled with the help of this app.

You can download and install one of the control software. It is possible to control the fan speed with such software. Some of the good choices are SpeedFan, HWMonitor, Corsair Link, and HWiNFO.

With Speed Fan, How Do I Adjust The CPU Fan Speed?

If the board is capable of adjusting the fan speeds dynamically, you can use SpeedFan to change the fan speed.

Manual Adjustment:

The Ensure has a SpeedFan that is capable of scanning various sensors. The Configure window needs to be opened by pressing the button. Check the Set fans to 100% on the program exit button if you want to set the CPU fan value to 100%. Click the Advanced tab if you want more information.

From the drop-down list, you can select the processor. Clicking on the fan list will show you what port the fan is connected to and what cable is used to connect the fan to the board. 

The value for the fan should be set to Manual. To return to the main SpeedFan page, click OK and then use the appropriate arrow key to adjust upward or downward.

Automatic Adjustment:

Select the Automatic Fan Speed option in the opening window if you want to adjust the fan automatically.

BIOS Shows CPU Fan Speed As 0 RPM

If your BIOS shows the fan speed as 0rpm, you can check if the fan is loose or fitted properly. The pins of the plug can be checked to make sure they are in the correct position. If the fan wires are in good condition, check if the pins on the board are clean. 

If this isn’t the case, you can plug another fan into the computer and see if you get a reading. If you do that, you should be able to replace the cooler. The controller is likely to have gotten fried if there is no reading.

The Fan On My CPU Runs At 4000 RPM. Why?

If your computer’s CPU fan is running at 4000 RPM, your computer has high heat and the fan might not be working correctly. If the fan is dirty, it might be causing you to waste electricity. Clean your fan!

When your computer is running with dust or other things inside its case, its fans might not be able to provide the cooling it needs. To keep the system from overheating, you can clean out the case and then apply a thermal paste.

Error Detecting CPU Fan Speed

The use of a liquid cooling system is believed to be the cause of the CPU fan Speed Error. It is not usually found in air-cooled systems. If you encounter this problem on a Windows 10 system, you can do something about it.

The specified key is used to enter the BIOS screen during boot up. The Advanced Mode should be selected. Click the Monitoring tab if you want to check the Fan Control section. The CPU Q-FAN Control can be set to be enabled or disabled.

The CPU fan speed low limit setting should be set to ignore. The settings should be saved and the screen should be turned off. To find out if the problem has been solved, restart the computer. The speed error can be avoided if you check the pump connection or do a bios update.

HP Laptops: How To Adjust The CPU Fan Speed

The HP laptop’s fan speed can’t be changed by hand. Hardware parts can be damaged by over-throttling. When there is a temperature rise, owners of HP Omen 15-Ax248tx laptops prefer to use a laptop cooling pad, as this prevents the fan from working at high speeds. 

Users of the HP ZBook 15 use a thermal paste of high quality and Notebook Fan control software. The fan is kept running at medium speed by this. Under Power Options, the maximum processor state of the HP Pavilion 15AB516TX can be lowered to prevent overheating. 

If you need an update, make sure your laptop’s BIOS version is the most recent. Setting the ‘Fan Always On’ option is a good way to prevent overheating of the processor.

Acer Laptops: How To Adjust The CPU Fan Speed

Unless they are gaming laptops, the adjustment of fan speeds is not supported by the Acer laptops. The best thing you can do is to check the power settings of the laptop.

The Control Panel can be accessed by clicking Start and access. After clicking Hardware and Sound, you will be taken to Power Options. The Power Options dialog box can be opened by clicking on the Change Plan settings followed by the Change Advanced power settings.

You can expand the processor power management subsection by clicking on the Advanced settings tab. Click the System Cooling Policy option if you want to open the list. 

If you want the cooling fan to have a higher speed or a lower one, you can choose to be active or passive. After clicking Apply, you will be taken to the next page where you can click OK.

The optimum fan speed can be achieved using third-party software, like Nitrosense. Cleaning the fans of dust and debris and using a cooling pad are both helpful.


This was all about how to adjust the CPU fan speed manually. If you are facing any problems while adjusting your CPU fan speed, then don’t worry. Just follow the steps given above and your problem will be solved.

This is all about how to adjust fan speed using Cooling Fan Control. If you don’t have this software, then you can download it from the internet and it will help you to adjust the fan speed easily. 

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know How To Adjust Cpu Fan Speed. Thanks for reading!

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