How to Create a Social Media Content Plan

How to create a content plan for social media

Do you follow other brands on social media and wonder why their engagement is better than yours? Or how did they get this Mother’s Day post written so quickly?

This is not witchcraft.  You will have a plan for creating content for social media.

That’s how many potential customers you’ll find on social media. It’s a modern display case. With a social media calendar, your business can be better organized, make fewer mistakes, post more often and be more ambitious.

Use this guide to figure out when and how to post to social media.

Audit of your previous social media activities

To create a new content plan for social media, you need to study your starting point.

Are your performances rather good, sporadic or non-existent? Do you follow the news and interact with your followers?

This is also a good time to check out your competitors’ social media scores to see how you stand.

Choose social media

Next, you need to choose which social networks you will use and how you will use them. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on your heroes’ platforms and leaving the others behind.

For example, if you’re a furniture retailer, your audience probably won’t be on TikTok anyway.

Share these on social media as well, using Instagram as an example:

  • Grid – Photo, Video, Text
  • Reels – Video
  • IGTV – Video
  • Stories – Photo, video, text

Once you know what types of content are needed for specific platforms and features, you can plan your next step.

Development and creation of a content library

And the next step is to create a content library! It’s one thing to know when to post something on social media, but if you have nothing to post, you’re stuck.

Hire a professional photographer and/or videographer and create a library of photos and videos. If you z. B. sells jewelry, there are pictures of products and models. Record a few seconds of video of the model moving the bracelet.

Wfluencer can also create content for you. If you’re not already familiar with influencer marketing, you should check out this article from

Study the literal calendar and brainstorm ideas.

Next, it’s about coming up with ideas for content.

Focus on ideas that you can replicate. For example, you can post an interactive quiz on Instagram Stories every Sunday. And every Friday, you can showcase a product in your Instagram feed.

Look at the annual calendar and note all holidays and seasonal occasions. Make sure they fit your brand.

Flow of ideas and comments on production

The final step in creating a social media content plan (before creating the actual content!) is to develop a system for team members to add ideas and solicit feedback.

Create a table with a space for each block of content you want to fill, for example. B. a Monday morning tweet for people to add ideas.

Work at least two weeks in advance so you can schedule new posts each week.

Learn how to create a social media content plan here.

Creating a content plan for social media can seem daunting at first. But once you start posting, you’ll have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Soon you’ll be spending more time communicating with your loyal followers than posting content.

Check out other articles on social media for tips and advice.

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