How To Disconnect Your TV From Wi-Fi (All Models)

How To Disconnect Your TV From Wi-Fi (All Models)

I’m going to show you how to disconnect your TV from Wi-Fi network. It’s not rocket science and there is no need to get an expensive device to accomplish this task. This article will tell you How To Disconnect Your TV From Wi-Fi.

This is a very common problem among new TV owners and can be a real annoyance. When your TV is connected to the internet, it uses up your internet connection and slows down your internet.

Have you ever seen that when you connect your laptop or phone to the Wi-Fi network, then it automatically connects to the same network? If you don’t want to connect your laptop or phone to the same network, then here is a trick to disconnect your laptop or phone from the network.

To keep your smartphone charged up and to avoid the problem of running out of power while you are on the move, you need to disconnect your smartphone from the Wi-Fi network. 

It is not possible to disconnect your smartphone from the Wi-Fi network while you are using it. So, here we are sharing the tips for how to disconnect your smartphone from the Wi-Fi network.

Why Will My TV Not Disconnect from Wi-Fi?

How To Disconnect Your TV From Wi-Fi

The TV has to be disconnected from the internet manually. It isn’t something that happens automatically. When the Wi-Fi connection is not working for any reason, the TV will get disconnected from the internet. If you register the Wi-Fi connection to your TV once, it will remember it. When you switch the TV on, the Wi-Fi connection will be activated as well.

To get rid of the TV from the internet, you have to go to the settings menu on the TV. Go through your TV’s manual to check this action, it varies with the different brands and models of TV. If you have connected your TV to the internet through a wired device, you have to take out the wire from the TV.

Wi-Fi Is Built Into Smart TVs

Most brands of smart TVs come with a feature that allows them to connect to a Wi-Fi router. It is possible to make the connection using the TV remote. The process is similar to what you would do with a phone. 

To use the virtual keyboard on the TV screen, you need to go to the settings page, select your Wi-Fi name, and input the password using the virtual keyboard.

If You Have A Wired Internet Connection

The TV can be disconnected from the internet if it is not a Wi-Fi connection but a wired one that is provided by your service provider.

Procedures Can Change Depending On The Model

The steps to connect your TV to the internet can be different depending on the make and brand of the TV you have.

Is It Possible To Disconnect My TV from Wi-Fi?

There are some quick ways to get rid of a few brands from the internet.


Press the Menu on the TV remote to find settings, and keep moving the cursor down until you find them. There will be a Wireless setting within the settings. Press the OK button on the remote if you want to select this. There will be a switch that will turn on and off. The wireless internet will be disconnected if you select off.


You can start by going to the Home button on the remote, which will take you to the Menu. Next, select the network. The menu for built-in Wi-Fi can be turned off when you go to Advanced settings.


There are many people that own a smart TV. The TV has an interface that is called VIA Plus. In that order, go to the Menu option and select the VIA Plus interface followed by settings and system. 

You can find the option of Smart Interactivity. Your TV will be disconnected from the internet if this is turned off. You should consult the user manual that came with the TV for any doubts you may have.

Disconnect The TV From Wi-Fi Without Using A Remote

If you don’t have a remote for your TV, you can download the appropriate app on your phone and use it as the remote. Most modern televisions don’t have a lot of physical buttons. 

The Menu is controlled by a remote and all changes can be made through it. It’s common for many households to misplace the TV remote. Some buttons may stop functioning and the remote may break down in a few cases.

You need to convert your phone into a remote in order to make changes to the TV. Many top TV brands have developed their own apps which can be downloaded and used. The apps are available on both the Play Store and the App Store. There are apps that are not associated with the manufacturers. 

One requirement is that the phone should be connected to the same network as the TV. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can open it and pair the devices so that they can perform the handshake.

You can perform almost all the functions that you will do with the remote, with the App. The virtual buttons appear on the screen. Some of these apps even allow you to use voice commands to make changes to your TV, like the Amazon Fire Stick.

If you receive a phone call during your favorite television show, the new Apple TV can automatically mute the television and answer your call. The Wi-Fi feature allows you to connect the device to the internet even if there is no connection to a Wi-Fi network, and the ability to automatically shut off the device if left unattended can also be used.

If you are concerned about an emergency coming up, why not consider having a universal remote at home that is designed to cover all of the most important functions you use, regardless of the brand of television, DVR, or other devices.

Disconnecting Vizio TV from Wi-Fi

How To Disconnect Your TV From Wi-Fi

There are some steps that you can take to remove your TV from the internet.

The Menu button can be pressed on your TV remote. The arrow buttons on the remote can be used to navigate to the system option in the menu. Press OK if you want to go to the system. 

Press OK if you want to select the Reset & Administrator option. The Reset TV to Factory Defaults option can be selected from the Menu. The Reset Menu option is highlighted when you press OK. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, your TV will switch off and come back on.

Disconnecting Samsung Smart TV From Wi-Fi

It’s necessary to use the remote unit of your smart TV to connect to the internet. Press the Menu button on the remote to turn on your TV. Scroll down to System to see the long list of options on the TV screen. 

If you scroll down until you find General, you’ll be able to choose from multiple options on the next screen. You can find the entry by searching and selecting it. There are two options, on and off, to choose from. The Wi-Fi on your tv will be disconnected if this is done.

There are other ways to get rid of the internet from your tv. A factory reset is one of the things that one should do. The connection to the Wi-Fi network is something that will be removed. 

Adding another network that doesn’t need to be an actual network is the other option. You can go about this in this manner. You can use the TV remote to connect to the wireless networks. You can find the list of available networks here. You are able to type in a new name instead of being on the list. 

When asked to choose the security type, you can choose open. You will be able to find the TV search for the network that you created. There will be a display at the end that shows. 0 in all the fields. 

The TV needs to be turned off at this point. It is possible that when you switch on the TV again, it will look for a network. There will be no Wi-Fi connection to your smart tv once this search is over.

Disabling Roku TV From Wi-Fi

There are some steps that you can take to remove your Roku TV from the internet. The first thing to do is go to the settings. Press OK if you want the option System to be chosen. 

You can choose the Advanced System Settings within that. Select “Network Connection Reset” to reset it. Your Roku TV will be disconnected from the internet if that’s what you do. The Roku TV won’t have to restart on its own.

Disabling Wi-Fi On LG TV

Once you have established a connection to your Wi-Fi network, the default feature on most models of tv will stay connected. There is no way to get rid of the Wi-Fi feature on the TV. If you don’t want your TV to be connected to the internet, you can connect a cable to the TV. 

The TV is designed to work with either wired or wireless options. The Wi-Fi part of the device will not function once you connect to the wired internet with the Ethernet. If you want to try this step on, you can choose the model of TV you want to try. You are able to try the following steps.

  • The cable shouldn’t be disconnected. 
  • If you want to change the settings on your TV, you have to go to the Wi-Fi connection Menu. 
  • The option Auto-connect is on the screen, so remove it if you want. 
  • All must be blank and no box should remain checked. 
  • This will make sure you don’t have any Wi-Fi and only the ethernet connection remains.

Disconnecting Hisense TV From Wi-Fi

The menu options on Hisense TV are almost the same as on the other TVs. To get to the Quick Setup screen in the settings, you can use your remote. On the next page, there will be pictures, sound, and other things. And then access the internet. 

There is a first Menu option that shows Network Configuration. There are three options against connection type: off, wireless, and ethernet. If you want to come back to the main screen, select Off. You can see that the Hisense TV does not have a Wi-Fi facility.

How do I Disconnect My Sony TV From Wi-Fi?

The remote can be used to get rid of the Sony TV from the internet. The following steps are good for the Bravia models, but should also work in other models with minor changes. Below are the steps that need to be taken:

  • Pressing the Home button from the remote will display the apps page on the TV screen. 
  • If you scroll down, you can reach the settings. 
  • You have to scroll down until you reach Network on the settings menu. 
  • The Network dialogue will open and the first option will be Network setup. 
  • When you reach there, there will be two options; Easy and Expert. 
  • Press OK if you’d like to select the expert.
  • On the next page, you will be able to turn on and off the internet. If you find the switch on the right side, the internet is on. 
  • If you click the button on the remote, you’ll get a display of built-in Wi-Fi and action to turn it off. 
  • Your Sony TV has lost its Wi-Fi.

Disabling TLC TV From Wi-Fi

The following steps can be used to remove the Wi-Fi facility from your TV.

  • You can reach the wheel icon on the top right corner of the TV screen with the remote. 
  • The network is the first entry in the settings section. 
  • When you click on it, the Network page opens with the top entry being the internet. 
  • In front of it, you will find the ON-OFF switch. 
  • To switch it off, click on it if you find it in the ON position.

FAQs – How To Disconnect Your Tv From Wi-Fi (All Models)

Is There A Way To Disconnect All Devices From Wi-fi?

Changing the password on your routers is the most secure method of securing your network. This will cause your network to be disconnected from all of your devices. By entering the new password on all your devices, you’ll be able to connect to the wireless network.

Is There A Wi-fi Blocker?

These are favored by companies that deal with very sensitive information. It is possible to block phone and internet signals in a fixed space with the help of a 5 GHz wireless blocker. The 5 GHz is more expensive than the mini signal blocker, but it is small and cheap.

How Do I Turn Off Wi-fi At Home?

There is a physical button on the routers that turns off the internet. Press it to immediately shut down the wireless signal if it happens. The administrative console can be accessed to turn off the Wi-Fi if that’s not the way it’s built.


I hope you liked this post about how to disconnect your Tv Wi-Fi network. You can use these tips for other devices. I know that some of you are already familiar with the mentioned steps. Thanks for reading.

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