How To Fix A Asus Laptop That’s Overheating In 2022 – Quick Guide

How To Fix A Asus Laptop That’s Overheating In 2022 – Quick Guide

It will stop working and you will need to wait for your laptop to cool down. This article will tell you How To Fix A Asus Laptop That’s Overheating. But, if you don’t know how to fix it then you are in trouble.

I know many of you are worried about the laptop’s performance and you are afraid that your laptop will stop working and so, you must be thinking about replacing it with a new one. If your laptop is overheating then the first thing that you should do is to check whether your laptop is plugged in or not.

If it is plugged in then you can call the technician and if it is not then you must take it to the nearby computer repair shop. In this article, I am going to share with you some easy and effective tips to fix a laptop that is overheating. 

The temperature of the laptop is very high when it is overheating or if it is having any problem. If you are facing such problems then there is no need to panic because I will share with you the easy and simple tips which will help you to fix an Asus laptop that is overheating.

There are many reasons behind a laptop overheating; it can be faulty hardware or due to software issues. Whatever the case may be, you need to find out the cause of the problem and once you know the cause then you can easily fix the problem.

Why Does My Asus Laptop Get Too Hot?

How To Fix A Asus Laptop That's Overheating

Dust build-up on the fans, an unsuitable operating environment, and using an outdated BIOS can cause an Asus laptop to get hot and overheating.

  • Dust building up on CPU fans
  • Outdated BIOS
  • Having too many programs open at once
  • Using a faulty battery
  • Using the laptop during hot weather

Dust Build-up On The Fans

The fans collect a lot of dust because of the improper circulation of air through the vents. This acts as a heat sink, which increases the internal temperature of the laptop while it’s being used.

Using The Laptop In An Incorrect Environment

It can affect the temperature of the laptop if it is used in an environment that is very hot above 95 F or very cold below 41 F. It might lead to overheating of the laptop if we use it on a soft surface like a couch.

BIOS Is Outdated

overheating problems are usually avoided when the BIOS is updated to the most recent version. Updating this causes a lag in the software, which causes the laptop to heat up.

Abnormal CPU Usage

When a lot of software programs are running on the computer at the same time, this causes the computer’s processor to get hot and cause the laptop to get overheated.

Poor Build Material

It is possible that the material used to make the laptop is to blame for overheating. overheating is not understandable because some materials do not allow heat escape.

Faulty Battery

If the battery has not been changed in a long time, it will cause overheating. When the charging station is plugged in, the overheating starts.

Overheating Symptoms On An Asus Laptop?

The external case temperature of the laptop isn’t always correctly recorded, even if a third-party application is used to figure out overheated laptops. The laptop is overheating and one should understand that.

Increase In Temperature

If it becomes difficult to use the laptop on one lap due to the increasing temperature, you should check it out. It is not possible to use the laptop on the lap if the temperature increases beyond a certain level.

Noisy Fans

The fans couldn’t run properly, so the laptop was overheating and making a lot of noise. Loud noises can be made due to the difficulty in air circulation caused by improper running off the CPU and GPU fans.

Lagging Programs

An overheating laptop doesn’t allow for proper functioning, and the software is being used and starts lagging. It takes a lot of time for the software to function.

Laptop Is Crashing

The excess heat on a laptop can cause it to crash and turn off. The laptop has been overheated, and the crashing is a vital symptom.

How To Stop An Asus Laptop From Overheating

The internal parts of a laptop need to be treated if it is overheating. It is a good idea to fix a laptop that is overheating.

Find The Heat Source

The laptop is being heated and it’s important to know why. It could only be serviced by the Service center due to an intricate internal cause. Sometimes the cause is understandable and can be fixed very quickly.

Clear Vents Routinely

Clearing the air vents will allow proper circulation of air and help the laptop fans run smoothly and not overheat.

Avoid Overusing The CPU

Too many applications on the laptop at the same time overloads the computer’s central processing unit. If one wants to avoid this, they should close the application and turn off the Internet browser once the work is done.

Update The POS Software

Running applications that are not updated can cause pressure on the computer’s processor. Updating the software of the laptop and the POS is always a good idea.

Check Batteries

When batteries cause internal heating off the laptop, it is a good idea to check them at regular intervals and replace them when necessary. The laptop’s temperature can be kept low with the help of cooling pads.

Surface Matters

It’s important to use the laptop on a cooling pad or a hard surface. Soft surfaces don’t allow the heat to pass and absorb all the heat and help the laptop eliminate the excess heat.

Plug any external devices into the laptop if you need to check for the source of heat. The charging cable needs to be unplugged and the task manager needs to be opened to check for abnormal usage. The thermal temperature of the room should be checked when shutting down the laptop and allowing it to cool.

Overheated Asus Laptop Won’t Turn On

It could be an internal or external overheating problem that is causing your laptop to not turn on. There is a chance that the laptop has stopped functioning because it has been overheated. It’s important that this happens as internal damage takes place.

How To Fix

If it is connected to a power source, make sure the source of the heat is checked. If you want to replace the power battery, hold the power button for 60 seconds and then remove the battery. If something doesn’t work, contact the service center as soon as possible.

Overheating And Shutting Down An Asus Laptop

The most likely cause of an Asus laptop overheating and shutting down is that the fan is clogged. The fan is used to remove excess heat, and if it’s blocked you may get some of the heating instead.

How To Fix

  • It needs to be removed from any power charge.
  • Any external devices that are attached to the laptop should be removed immediately.
  • If you want to blow air back into the air vents, use an air compressor.
  • It is possible to look for damages to the battery.
  • If the heat source order is not found, one should contact their service provider.

When Charging An Asus Laptop, It Gets Hot

How To Fix A Asus Laptop That's Overheating

It’s possible that the laptop is overheating because of an internal or external cause. The laptop gets overheated when the batteries are used for a long period of time.

The bottom of the laptop is where it should be removed from power sources. Put it in front of her blowing the fan at a slow speed and removing the battery. It is a good idea to check the batteries frequently for their quality.

Overheating Vivo Book ASUS

The device is being used too much on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to see occurrences on a daily basis. This issue has been faced by a lot of users, and it is recommended to have the updated Windows, drivers, and their.

The setting in the power option should be changed so that one can have more suitable plans for the usage to make enough space for radiation when using. When the device started overheating, it’s important to know when the power on was or the program started.

Check for the versions of software being used and try using lower versions not to overburden the CPU by using a cooling pad with these models. The vents need to be checked at regular intervals to not allow dust to accumulate. An air compressor can be used if the dust has been accumulated.

If The Laptop Overheats Immediately

All external devices should be unplugged and the laptop should be powered off. Put the laptop under a cooling source to get rid of the battery. If the problem persists, contact the service provider, then reassemble everything and power on the laptop.

Zenbook Overheating On ASUS

The Zen book’s model of the User Experience complains of overheating. The touchpad stopped working when the fingerprint scanning area of the device became extremely hot. It is not possible to locate it in the device manager.

When the laptop is powered off, it cools down, but it starts again when it’s turned on. There isn’t a result from the diagnostic troubleshooting. Most of the open spaces are not a reason for this overheating because of blocking off the fence.

The updated versions of windows, drivers, or bios can be used to make enough space for radiations while the laptop is being used. Plugging of any devices attached to the laptop when the heating starts Weekly and checking the Vents for any or all debris could cause the overheating issue.

FAQs – How To Fix A Asus Laptop That’s Overheating

What Can Be The Causes Of Overheating?

There are a number of things that can cause overheating. It’s possible that you kept your laptop under direct sun, or that you had some dust under your fan or vent. Your laptop can be damaged if you keep your device plugged in for more than a short period of time.

Can Too Much Software Cause Your Laptop To Overheat?

Too much useless or massive base software can cause your laptop to heat up. It is a good idea to keep your laptop clean of software that is installed when you start it.

How Can We Clean The Clogged-up Dust?

It’s possible to clean the dust with a dry air blower. If you want to clean up space, you can insert the nozzle into the vent.

Can You Detect The Laptop’s Temperature?

You can keep a check on your laptop’s temperature by using various tools. There are two of them, one is a Speed fan and the other is an Open Hardware Monitor.

Where Should We Use Our Laptops?

If you want to use your laptop on a surface that doesn’t trap the laptop heat, you should use your lap or blanket. If you want a more straightforward solution, sit on a table, or use a tray, and if you are a fancy nerd, order a laptop stand.

How Can You Have A Different Ventilation System?

A laptop cooler is a great way to keep your laptop comfortable. They can give you a base that will increase the flow of air into your laptop. If you don’t want to prop, make sure to order a good one.


In this article, I have shared with you some simple and effective ways to fix a laptop that is overheating. If you have any other tips then feel free to share them with us. If your Asus laptop is overheating then these simple tips will help you to fix it. 

You just need to follow them and get your laptop back in action. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for How To Fix A Asus Laptop That’s Overheating. thanks for reading!

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