How To Fix A GPU That Keeps Disconnecting (STEPS) – Quick Guide 2022

How To Fix A GPU That Keeps Disconnecting (STEPS) – Quick Guide 2022

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix a GPU that keeps disconnecting. While using outdated drivers or when the graphics card is overheating a graphics card can keep disconnected.

When your graphics card starts disconnecting from your system, you might think it’s a problem with the motherboard or the PSU (power supply unit). However, in many cases, the issue is related to the GPU itself. 

Some Of The Reasons Why The GPU Is Disconnecting

Outdated Drivers

There is no need to talk about the importance of a graphics card. A faulty graphics card is a sign of it. They can act as a roadblock in the way of your work and deadlines. 

If you replace your graphic card driver with a new one, it will hurt you more than good. Even a newly updated graphics card driver in an old graphics card can cause instability.

Graphics Card Is Overheating

There is a possibility that an overheated graphics card is the reason for constant disconnections. When working on 3D graphics for a long time, the graphics card will stop working after hearing a loud whirring sound. A cooled-down graphics card is key to great 3D graphics.

Lack Of Proper Connections

The graphic card needs to be placed in the slot correctly. The graphic card might keep disconnected if the placement is not appropriate. The power plugs for your graphic cards may need to be set in a certain way. Your graphic card will stay disconnected if you haven’t plugged in the power plugs properly.

How To Fix A GPU That Keeps Disconnecting?

It is not as difficult to fix a graphics card as it appears. It is very easy to understand. There are some things you can do to fix a problem with a graphics processing unit.

Find The Cause Of The Problem

Finding the problem is the first step you can take towards fixing the problem. If you discover what is causing the problem, you can use a more goal-oriented process to fix the graphics card.

Update The Driver Of Your Graphics Card

Updating your drivers is something that should be considered in case of an outdated one. If you want to update your driver, you have to do it by way of one of the above-mentioned companies. The maker of your graphics card is the one who will make this happen. You may face trouble if you don’t update your graphics card driver.

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) is a tool that can be used to remove faulty drivers and install the newer, updated drivers without any problems. Roll the driver back to an older date if you recently updated your graphics card’s driver. Older drivers from your graphics card maker’s drivers archive can be used to install older drivers.

Cooling Down That Graphics Card

You may see a graphics card that is overheated and also a graphics card that is disconnected.

Method 1:

If you want to know how hot your graphics card gets, check its temperature and analyze it.

Method 2:

You can begin by removing the graphics card from its slot. To remove dust from the slot, it’s important to clean it. It is possible to use compressed air for the same.

Method 3:

There is a way to open the cover of your graphics card. The graphics card needs to be cleaned of dust. It’s possible to use compressed air for the same thing.

Method 4:

It is possible to remove the top cover of your graphics card. The thermal paste within the graphics card should be refreshed if you possess technical affinity. Don’t try this if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use technology.

Method 5:

If you call a professional, they will check the graphic card’s fan and internal components at the same time.

How To Fix An NVIDIA Graphics Card Disconnecting

If you want to fix a graphics card that doesn’t work, you need to uninstall all background applications and clean your graphics card.

Method 1: Disable All The Running Background Applications

While we are not aware of the apps running in the background, they can affect the way the graphic card works. Frequent connection drops and crashes can affect its performance and even lead to it.

This can happen as a common occurrence. Try disabling the apps that are running in the background, including the anti-viruses and anti-malware programs. You don’t have to keep disabling them permanently. It’s just a matter of disabling them for a short time.

Method 2: Check The Slotting Of The Graphics Card

Make sure that you place the graphics card in the correct position. If you want to fit in the graphics card, make sure you do so without any wiggle room. If the slotting is loose, it’s a good idea to put the graphics card in the correct position. If the graphics card still isn’t connecting, you should check it out.

Method 3: Clean The Dust On Your Graphics Card

Clean The Slot

The graphics card has to be removed from the slot. Dust can be found inside the slot if you use compressed air to remove it.

Clean The Nvidia Graphics Card

You can open the cover of your graphics card if you so desire. If you can’t get your graphics card looked at, call a technician and use a can of compressed air to clean your graphics card.

AMD Graphics Card Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Cool It Down

It’s possible that overheating is the cause of your graphics card is disconnected. For this, the following things are necessary:

It’s a good idea to turn off the heat on your computer or laptop immediately. The graphics card can be damaged and lose its connection if this doesn’t happen. This will affect not only the graphics card, but also the PC, laptop, or any other device that you use.

These steps can be taken to cool down the overheating graphics card. The following are what they are as follows:

The graphics card will heat up more often than not because of higher than average temperatures. You can increase its performance rate by doing this. Changing the settings to the default is recommended in such a situation. You can clean the inside of the graphics card. Cleaning the fans is the first thing to do for this.

Dust can be found in between the wings or on the surface of it. Check to see if there is any broken wing or wings. If this is the case, you should get it replaced. There’s a chance you can use a bigger computer case. It is possible to use a case fan or component-specific fans. They are used to serve as effective cooling devices.

Make sure that you have the prior technical knowledge and are comfortable with tweaking the machine, in this case, your graphics card, before you start doing any of these steps. You can always ask for the assistance of a technician.

Surface Book GPU Disconnecting

Try The Deep Power Off Method

If you want to increase the volume, hold the power button and the button that increases the volume together. Your Surface Book needs to be re-booted. Check to see if the problem doesn’t go away after the reboot is done. This should be done at least twice if it does.

HP Laptop GPU Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Reconnect The Hardware Device

Sometimes the problem lies in a hardware device that isn’t fully connected. It’s important to make sure that there’s no wiggle room. Remove it if there isn’t a wiggle room and connect it again if it is still disconnected. The wireless card should be updated if the problem isn’t resolved by this.

Method 2: Remove That Junk

You can do this by removing the graphics card from the slot. The slot needs to be cleaned to remove any dust particles. It is possible to use compressed air for the same.

Alternative Method:

There is a way to remove the top cover on your graphics card. The thermal paste within the graphics card can be refreshed if you have previous technical experience. Only if you are technologically savvy and not an amateur will you attempt this.

Method 3: Disable The Apps Running In The Background

Some apps are running in the background while you play games or access the graphics card. The background apps can cause the graphics card to be disconnected, crashes, blank screens, and so on. Allow these background apps to be turned off for a while. Anti-viruses and anti-malware safety programs are included in these background apps.

Acer Laptop GPU Keeps Disconnecting

How To Fix A GPU That Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Choose Default Speed Instead Of Overclocking

Have you ever noticed that your laptop makes noise when the graphics card is not connected? Have you ever noticed that your laptop is overheating when you use the graphics card?

If that is the case, then you must have changed the settings on your graphics card. If you do this as a way of boosting its performance, it can cause overheating and lead to your graphics cards being disconnected constantly.

It is difficult to handle an extra burden on the card that can be caused by overclocking. If you want to enjoy the prime performance and not have any random disconnections, consider lowering the speed or changing it back to default.

Method 2: Update Your Graphics Card’s Driver

It’s possible that an outdated graphics card can cause your laptop to stop working. Updating your driver is something that should be considered in such a circumstance. The following steps should be followed if you use an Nvidia graphics card.

You can navigate to the support section of the website. On the next page, select the drivers you would like to download. There is a page that will open up. The product type, operating system, language, and other fields are required to input the required details. This should be enough to finish the job.

Asus Laptop GPU Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Slot The Graphics Card In The Pci Slot Properly

Make sure that you put the graphics card in the correct position. Make sure you fit the graphics card in a way that doesn’t leave room for wiggling. If you feel that the slotting is loose, you should put the graphics card in its proper place. The graphics card needs to be checked to see if it works correctly now.

Method 2: Common Troubleshooting Methods

The following methods can be used to solve the problem. They recommend that you upgrade the resolution and refresh rate of your system. You should consider installing critical updates to your system. If you want to change the speed from overclocking to a lower one, go to the default settings.

Toshiba Laptop GPU Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Disable And Then Enable Your Graphics Card

Right-clicking on the computer will start you there. You can choose to manage from the drop-down menu. Then you have to choose a device manager. Click on the display adapter that you want to see. Click on the driver that you wish to use.

The brand’s name will be displayed on your laptop. Click on the driver to find out if it is an Nvidia graphics driver. You can choose to disable the device.

Your computer needs to be re-booted. After the computer restarts, you can navigate to the Device Manager and choose the display adapter you want. Click on properties if you want to double-click on the graphics card driver. Click on enable if you want to move to the driver tab. You should be able to use your graphics card on your laptop without problems.

Dell Laptop GPU Keeps Disconnecting

Method 1: Install The Drivers Again After Deleting Them

Click on the computer that you want to use. You can select manage from the drop-down list. Next, you can choose the device manager. The installed video driver can be seen on the screen when you navigate to the device adapters.

You can uninstall the video driver by clicking on the icon. You should note down the type of video driver installed before you do that. You should restart your system now. Once your system is on, you can go to the following link. The required information should be entered. You should save the driver at your desk.


You may have already tried a lot of different things to solve this problem. If so, maybe you’ve even called an appliance repair service. Perhaps you’ve tried to reset the fuse by blowing it out with a pin, or maybe you’ve removed the fuse altogether and replaced it with a new one. 

We hope that you liked this article. Thanks for reading!  

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