How To Fix A Samsung TV That Has No Sound – Simple Guide 2022

How To Fix A Samsung TV That Has No Sound (Steps) 2022

If you’ve ever owned a Samsung TV, you know that it can be a real pain to get a TV with no sound. This article will tell you how to fix a Samsung tv that has no sound.

It’s no fun to watch a movie or show without sound. Thankfully, there are a few things you can try to fix a Samsung TV that has no sound. I’m going to show you how to fix a Samsung tv that has no sound. It’s easy, and it’s just a matter of using a tool called the Sound Test.

It’s a common problem among Samsung owners. Most of them will tell you that they’ve been having problems with their Samsung TVs for years. Unfortunately, many of them have been stuck in a cycle of troubleshooting and repair. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 10% of all Samsung TVs sold over the past decade were defective.

It’s simple- replace the faulty Samsung TV with a brand-new Samsung model. If you don’t have a Samsung TV handy, then you can use the same logic to figure out which other TV models are most likely to work best for you.

Why Does My Samsung TV Not Have Sound?

How To Fix A Samsung TV That Has No Sound

When the speakers are turned off, the TV is connected to an external device, or when the mute button is on, there is no sound at all. There is a lot of interest in the sleek look and modern functions of the TVs from the SAMSUNG company.

If the user is unfamiliar with the TV’s function, the issue of it not having sound occurs once in a while. The user manual that comes with the TV is important for you to read. 

It will allow you to get rid of small problems and become familiar with all the functions. Some of the most common reasons for this problem are given below.


If the video is perfect and the TV does not have sound, the speakers might be turned off. This is one of the most common reasons since speakers might get turned off by mistake.

External Devices Like Earphones

One of the main causes of this issue is the external audio devices. The sound on the TV will go off if you connect earphones or other devices to it. You should make sure that these devices are connected correctly.

The Mute Button On The Remote

The first thing to do if the TV does not have sound is to turn on the mute feature. The TV will not produce any sound if the button is pressed.

How Come The Sound On My Samsung TV Keeps Cutting Out?

Sometimes the sound can cut out for a few seconds while you are watching TV. It might come back after a while, and this can happen quite often, and it can be extremely troublesome. The solutions to get rid of the problem can be seen below.

Samsung TV Anynet

It is a good idea to turn off the Anynet option when you encounter an issue with a TV. Anyone is a feature that allows users to change their hardware features.

Open the menus on the Samsung TV. Choose Settings from the main menu. On the left side, select System. On the right, turn on Anynet (by default). This should automatically turn off Anynet. If it doesn’t, check to make sure that Anynet is not set to ON.

The problem of sound cutting out for short intervals is sometimes caused by a fluctuating power supply. The TV needs to be unplugged from the power outlet to resolve the issue. Wait for a few minutes and then plug it back in. 

If the issue doesn’t go away, switch on the television. Get in touch with the customer support team if any of the methods mentioned above are not helpful.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV With No Sound

There are a number of reasons and causes for not supporting sound on the TV. If none of the solutions are working, you need to resolve the issue by following the steps.

  • The settings option is what you should select. 
  • Select the Sound option if you want to. 
  • Check if Sound Output is set to the TV speaker by selecting Sound Output from the list of sound options.

You Should Run A Sound Test To Restore The Audio

The settings option is available if you select it. Then, select the support you want. From the list, you can choose Self Diagnosis. The Sound Test should be selected after that.

If the test shows a problem with the sound, go to settings, select sound, then select expert settings, and open the reset sound. If the test doesn’t show any problems, you should check the signal strength as well. It’s important to make sure that the signal strength is more than 20db. The signal strength can be accessed from the menu option. 

No Sound On A Samsung TV? Here’s How To Fix It!

How To Fix A Samsung TV That Has No Sound

There are times when sound is not supported by the tv. In the previous sections, the causes of this issue have been listed. It is important to identify the root cause of the problem in order to get rid of it. Some of the most effective methods to solve sound problems on a TV are given below.

Mute Button

It’s important to make sure the mute function is working. Press again if it is pressed to unmute it and restore the audio.

The Volume Of External Devices

It is important to check the volume of the audio devices that you are using. If the level of sound is not audible, increase it. The audio device should be disconnected from the TV if the issue isn’t solved.

Turn On The Speakers Of The TV

If the TV speakers are turned off accidentally, you should check it out. There are steps to reach the TV speakers mentioned in the section. One after the other, apply all of the solutions mentioned above to resolve this issue. 

If these solutions are not helpful, you can try all the other methods mentioned in the previous section, such as unplugging the TV. If the issue doesn’t go away, contact the support team to get assistance. 

Resetting The Samsung TV’s Sound

The sound test feature can be used to identify the causes of any sound-related issues. It’s important to reset the sound after the sound test because major problems can be detected.

The settings option can be selected from the list. Then you have to select the sound and the expert settings. Select the Reset sound option if you don’t want the sound to change.

There is a dialog box that asks the user to reset their sound settings. If you want to leave the settings, select Yes. Resetting the sound on a TV is one of the most effective ways to get rid of sound-related issues. You should check if the issue continues after following the steps correctly.

Samsung TV-no Sound Or Picture 

The video or picture on the screen of TV is an issue for them. As the video disappears, the screen may turn black while the TV is on. There are a variety of ways to retrieve sound on the TVs. There are a number of ways to get a picture back on that disappears.

Check Whether The TV Is On

If the screen goes black suddenly, it’s important to make sure the TV is on or off. The Home/Menu button is located on the remote control. If the menu is visible on the screen, the television is on.

Check The Source

If the TV is linked with the right source, you should check it out. If the default source is HDMI1, then connect it and restart the TV.

Check The One Connect Cable

It is important to make sure that the cable is connected to the TV in a proper manner. All loose connections should be resolved as soon as possible.

Remove The One Connect Box

If there is an error on the screen, the One Connect box needs to be disconnected. If there is an error message, the One Connect box needs to be replaced to get the picture back. It is recommended to contact the support team for assistance if there is no error.

Through HDMI, Samsung TVs Do Not Have Sound

To get rid of all sound and video-related issues, it is important to set the right source on the TV. If the TV is connected to external audio or video devices via HDMI, there might be an issue with it. 

Set-top boxes, DVD players, home theatres, and other external devices are included. Changing the audio output of the source is one of the most basic steps that can be applied to resolve the issue.

If you want to get the TV’s sound back, you should use the PCM audio option. Sometimes, when the source’s audio output is set to Bitstream, there are cases. 

It is important to read the user manual for the TV in order to understand the audio output for different sources. If the issue isn’t solved, you can connect to the Help Center and request a TV service.

One Channel Of Samsung TV Does Not Have Sound

Getting back sound on a TV is a tedious task that needs to be completed in order to enjoy the entertainment. There are times when the audio is perfect, but only for a few channels. There are many causes, reasons, and solutions that can be overcome.

The solutions and methods discussed in the previous sections are applicable to solve all kinds of problems related to audio and pictures. There are solutions that can be applied to solve this problem as well. 

The power outlet of the TV is the first thing that should be checked. If you want to do this, you need to switch off the TV, plug it in again, and wait for a few minutes. It is important to check the signal strength after that. The strength that is ideal is 20db or higher.

A sound test is a good way to detect any problems with the audio. To find quick solutions to unexpected problems, check the user manual of a particular television. If the solutions applied do not generate the best result, you should contact the support team of the company to find a solution to the problems.

FAQs- How To Fix A Samsung TV That Has No Sound

Why Is The Volume On My Samsung TV Not Working?

The TV’s Smart Hub needs to be reset if the TV’s volume is stuck or not working. If you want to reset the smart hub, click on the settings on your remote and scroll down. If you enter the TV’s PIN, you will get the default one. 30 seconds is the time it takes for the reset to complete.

Does A Samsung TV Have A Reset Button?

If you want to restore TV settings to their factory defaults, you need to open the settings and then select General. If you want to complete the reset, please select OK.

How Do I Get My Samsung Smart TV To Work?

Signing your phone and TV into the same wireless network is the first thing you should do. You can open the Smart Things app on your phone. If you want to enter the PIN on your TV, you need to tap ADD NOW on your phone. Wait for your TV to register your account after you tap DONE.


These are the best ways to fix a broken Samsung Tv. So, if your Samsung Tv is not working then try out these tips and get it repaired. I am sure that you will get it repaired in no time.

This was a simple guide for you to fix a Samsung Tv that has no sound. If you are facing any other problems related to Samsung Tv then contact us. 

This was all about how to fix a Samsung Tv that has no sound.  I hope this article will help you out. If you have any queries regarding the article, then feel free to ask me in the comment section below. 

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know How To Fix A Samsung Tv That Has No Sound, thanks for reading!

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