How To Fix A TV That Keeps Flashing Red/Green Lines In 2022

How To Fix A TV That Keeps Flashing Red/Green Lines In 2022

How to fix a TV that keeps flashing red/green lines? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything!

When a TV flashes red or green lines, it can be a huge inconvenience. It can even be a safety concern if you’re watching a show with your kids. That’s why I wrote a guide that’ll teach you how to fix a flickering TV screen so that it doesn’t annoy you, your family, or the neighbors. If you’re ready to learn how to fix a flickering TV screen, you can grab your free guide now.

Is There A Reason Why My Tv Keeps Flashing?

A TV can display different colors if there is a loose connection, electrical interference, or a failing power supply. The viewing experience can be disrupted if your TV screen is dull. This can be a result of multiple reasons, both internal and external, that can often be fixed with simple measures.

Some common reasons why your TV keeps flickering are given below.

You may see flickering if there is a loose connection with the cable used to connect the TV. Sometimes a faulty cable can cause this problem.

The images appear as if they are jumping or squiggling because of the electrical arcs caused by the dust and hair accumulation in CRT sets. The flickering on the television set is caused by electrical interference because of multiple appliances are connected to a single circuit and draw power from the same circuit.

A failing power supply that is not able to maintain the required voltage level causes an abrupt change in the brightness of the TV screen.

Troubleshooting Problems With The Tv Screen Flashing

Some TV screen problems can be easily identified and corrected by yourself, while some may require the expertise of a qualified electrician.


There is a loose connection on the cable that is connected to your set. Ensuring the tightness will solve the problem when pushing it in gently. If you have a faulty cable, you can either replace it or get rid of the flickering. Dust can accumulate on the TV and cause it to flash. It is possible to get rid of the squiggly with the cleaning of the set.


If there is a problem with the power source, the TV may blink. To connect the power plug to another source, you must remove the power plug. The lighting on the screen isn’t as good because of the faulty backlight that lights up the liquid crystals. If you want to fix this issue, you need a backlight array replacement.

Green lines

The television has a malfunctioning graphics card. You can check for green lines on the second screen by connecting a second monitor to the TV. If they show up, you will have to go in for a replacement. The screen may have gotten stuck with the pixels. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe over the green lines with some pressure to release the stuck pixels.

Red lines

Because of the burn-in of phosphorus that displays images, red lines appear in plasma TVs. After a few minutes of viewing, the red lines disappear on their own. The red lines on the screen can be caused by a faulty HDMI cable that needs to be replaced. Check for faulty connections with other devices, like a DVD player, that is connected to the tv.

How To Fix A TV That Keeps Flashing Red/Green Lines

I Keep Seeing Green Lines On My Tv. Why Does That Happen?

A bad matrix driver or screen matrix is the most common reason for the TV to flash green lines. Some ways this can be fixed are as follows.

If you are using the UE46F6670, you should remove all the cables that are not connected to the power cable. If the green lines aren’t present without an image input, check it out. 

If they are, the problem is with the monitor hardware of the television because of the electronic controller or the flat cable behind the television that connects the circuitry and the television. If the problem is with the cable, there is a need for a new one.

You can set the auto motion plus feature to clear mode to get rid of the green lines if you have a problem with your UN46C6500 TV. The picture may become blurry and you will need a firmware update. 

If the problem occurs on an LN52A850 TV while changing the connection from a DVD player to a Direct DVR, connecting the TV to the DVD player once again and then changing it to a Direct DVR will solve the problem.

There is a chance that your TV has a bad IC on a logic board or a bad internal ribbon interconnect. A bad video cable connection might cause a problem with how the video signal gets converted.

Put the video cable back on if you unplugged it at both ends. Remove the power connection and turn off the TV for five minutes if you are still having a problem. If the green lines are not showing again, turn on the power supply, turn on the television set, and check.

A red line flashes on the TV

The most common reason for the TV to show red lines is related to the reasons given in the Troubleshooting section. The lines may appear because of an error in the TAB. Some simple fixes can be made for this.

Remove the back of the TV and apply mild pressure on the flat ribbon cable that goes to the main video board if you experience a red line problem.

The entry point is where you need to do this. The lines will disappear when you tap the top of the TV a few times at the back. You may want to remove the PS4 Pro from your TV if it is connected to an Xbox X. Sometimes, the televisions are not compatible with these.

Different colored lines keep flashing on the TV

You might have entered the Diagnostic Color Test mode if you have this problem with a ViewSonic N212750w. You can keep the TV on by pressing the Menu and entering buttons on the remote control. The Power button needs to be pressed after this.

The exit button on the remote control might be able to be pressed if you have an LG TV. The flashing color lines will go off if you have a 37LC2D model and you press the Menu, Enter, and Power buttons simultaneously before the green power light completes flashing.

If you have a TV with a power connection, it’s a good idea to take the power off. The Power button on the TV can be pressed for half a minute. Turn on the TV after plugging in the power connection again.

Press the up and down arrow buttons on the remote control and plug it in again if the problem isn’t solved through the above method. Try repeating this with the left and right arrows if the problem doesn’t go away. If this doesn’t help, there will be a failure and a replacement will have to be done. Pressing the Exit button on the remote control is possible.

On And Off Lines Keep Flickering On The TV

You can try the following steps to resolve the flickering lines problem.

If you want to turn the television on again, turn the television off. This will change the settings on the TV. The power outlet needs to be disconnected for five minutes. Check the cables going to the TV to make sure they are connected correctly.

The Energy Efficient feature can be turned off through the television menu. Check to see if there is a connection between one or more faulty components. If you change the input source, you can determine if the problem is with the component or the TV.

How To Fix A Tv That Flickers On And Off

There could be a problem with the backlight array and it might need a replacement. It might be possible to solve the problem by getting a replacement done. 

The LED strips should be replaced at the same time as they degrade. If this is the problem, you have to keep the volume button pressed and flash a torchlight on the screen. An image will be displayed on the screen if a fault is found. 

If you have a TV with a computer graphics card or cable, it may be malfunctioning. The problem will have to be fixed with a replacement part. The flickering lines could be caused by a problem with the TV’s wiring or leaking or bulged Capacitors. The problem might be solved by getting the wiring set right or by replacing the Capacitors.

It is possible to sort out the flickering issue in a TCL TV by changing the TV’s brightness and picture mode to normal. The power cord and HDMI cable should be unplugged before turning off the 49D100BAA television.

Wait for at least five minutes after you press the power button. If you want to do a factory reset, plug the power cord again and turn on the TV. Also, make sure that all cables are connected correctly.

How To Fix A TV That Keeps Flashing Red/Green Lines

TV Keeps Blinking On and Off Lines

If you have this problem with an LG47LB5900 TV, you may need to get the LED backlight strips replaced. The back panel will have to be removed to do this.

To ascertain that this is the problem, keep the TV in a dark room and turn the set on through the Set Up menu. Flash a bright torchlight on the screen and check if the Setup screen is visible on the unit.

The power supply unit of the LA32R7B may have to be replaced if the power indicator keeps blinking without turning on. This can be determined by opening the back panel and checking for it. Sometimes the mainboard will need to be replaced with a new one.

What To Do If Your Tv Screen Keeps Blinking Lines

The following steps can be used to fix a TV screen that is malfunctioning. The Eco Sensor feature is available under the Settings main menu option. The automatic ambient light can be a cause for flickering if the brightness adjustment is not turned off.

The following steps can be used to fix a malfunctioning TV screen. The Eco Sensor feature is available under the Settings main menu option. The automatic ambient light can be a cause for flickering if the brightness adjustment is not turned off.

Samsung Led Tv Flashing Red Light Lines

There is at least one bad Capacitor on the main logic board or a bad panel that may need a replacement. It’s possible to change the batteries of the remote control. 

The batteries that are weak or failing can cause this problem. The power source that gets plugged into the TV at the back should be disconnected. You should connect it again the next day.

The board opposite where the power cable is plugged in may need to be replaced. Replacing the burned-out or shorted LEDs in the backlight array is likely to prevent the red light from flashing.

If you do not get the LEDs separately, you may have to replace the array completely. It’s possible that the power board, mainboard, or inverter will need to be replaced. Replacing the latter may be an expensive endeavor. It may be a faulty component in one of these parts.

All devices connected to the television need to be disconnected and turned off. Instead of using the remote control, turn off the television in the wall sockets and turn it on in the same way.

Lines On Samsung Tv Flash When Turned Off

The batteries should be removed from the remote controls of external devices connected to the television. If you want to keep the TV off, turn it on again after five minutes. It’s possible to check by removing the batteries from one device at a time. 

The settings for the auto-shutdown and Anynet should not be turned on. The Systems or Smart Hub menu is where you will often find them. Sometimes turning the Light Effect option to Always On will help solve the problem.

Flashing Lines On LG TV

You may need to replace the faulty graphics chip on the logic board or the backlight system to fix this problem. Only one or a few of the backlight system’s lights may be malfunctioning. 

When the power supply board is faulty, the problem can be solved with the replacement of the relays or capacitors. The board is cracked and needs to be replaced for the rest of the year. Push the power cord behind the TV as much as possible to get a temporary solution. 

If you want to resolve the issue, make sure the air vents are open and have good air circulation to keep the set from getting overheated. You can also clean the accumulated dust at the plug-point by taking the TV off. Check for loose connections and other things.

The power module should be unplugged for at least six hours so that there is no static build-up and the set should be connected to a wall outlet instead of an extension lead.


The best thing you can do for your TV is to keep an eye on it. If you’ve noticed your TV screen going through some weird colors, flashing lines, and other visual issues, there are two things you can do to fix it: first, check if there are any loose wires in the back of your TV. This blog on “How to Fix a TV that Keeps Flashing Red/Green Lines” would help you with this issue. 

The easiest way to do this is by taking off the back of the TV, looking for loose wires, and then reattaching it. Second, make sure that the TV is plugged in and turned on, and that your power strip has a good connection. These steps will help you fix any problems with your TV.

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