How to fix Remote Desktop error code 0x204

To connect to a remote PC, several conditions must be met:

  • The computer must be on
  • There must be a network connection
  • Remote desktop must be enabled
  • You must have network access to the remote computer, and
  • You must have permission to connect to that device.

The remote desktop is a very useful tool, but it has its share of problems, such as B. error 0x204.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can try to remedy, and we’ll list them below.

How do I solve the remote desktop error code 0x204?


  1. Check the remote desktop log
  2. Check the firewall
  3. Use a different remote desktop application
  4. Connection card for connection to a remote office
  5. Check if new hardware/drivers are installed
  6. Reinstall the Remote Desktop application

1. Check the remote desktop log

  1. Press Windows key + R (to start the Run application).
  2. Type SystemPropertiesRemote.exe and click OK.
  3. Under System Properties, click the Deleted tab.
  4. In the Remote Desktop section, select the Allow remote connections to this computer – Allow remote connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with network-level authentication (recommended) check box.

This option provides a more secure authentication method that can better protect your computer.

2. Check the firewall

  1. In the Control Panel, go to System and Security.
  2. Navigate to Allow an application through Windows Firewall under Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Find the remote desktop and check the box to allow it for private and public networks.

Some connections are not allowed by Windows Firewall or other security software you are using, so this step should fix that.

3. Using a different remote desktop application

The built-in Windows programs are suitable to some extent, and they are useful because they are free. However, once you start having problems with it, you should consider a more stable, specialized program.

In this regard, we recommend AnyDesk, a convenient remote desktop application that runs native clients on all major platforms (including mobile devices).

The main advantage of this application is that you can use it on multiple operating systems with excellent performance and display quality.


Forget about remote connection problems. With AnyDesk, you literally have remote access to all your PCs, whenever you need them.

4. Remote desktop connection card

  1. Open a command prompt and type ipconfig
  2. Connect to the router and locate the Port Forwarding section. In this section, you need to forward TCP port 3389 to the IP address you found earlier.

Since routers have different interfaces, it is almost impossible to give you specific instructions, so use these steps as a starting point.

Also note that exposing the remote desktop server directly to the Internet is risky: Malware, automated hacking, etc.

Therefore, make sure you use strong passwords and set up a VPN.

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