How To Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On In 2022 (SOLVED)

How To Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On In 2022 (SOLVED)

After installing a new app, my How To Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On itself on and off over and over again. We tried everything we could think of, but it was still happening. we went to the store where I bought the TV, and they couldn’t help me.

So, we decided to search for a solution online. That’s when we came across this solution about how to fix a Samsung TV that won’t turn on / Keeps Turning On & Off. It seemed like the answer we were looking for! Let us discuss all of it and help you gain all the information that you need to know. 

How Come My Samsung TV Won’t Turn On?

If the power board is damaged or the power cord is damaged, the tv won’t turn on.

  • The switch might not have been turned on if the TV is plugged into a socket with a switch. The remote could be malfunctioning or the batteries could be dead if you attempt to switch on the TV through it.
  • There is a possibility that the TV is not getting a power supply. If the TV’s plug were to blow out, it would be because the plug was not connected to the sockets.
  • There is a possibility that the TV power cord has been removed for some reason. It is possible that the cord may have been damaged. The TV might have been turned off using the power button, and you are trying to turn it on with the remote.
  • The TV may have incorrect or incompatible ports for external devices to connect to. The power board could have been damaged during the power outage.

Can’t Power Up Your Samsung Smart Tv? Here’s What You Need To Do

Method 1

  • If the front panel of the TV has a light on, you should be able to turn on the TV. If your set is getting power from the outlet, this helps to determine it.
  • If this light is on, go ahead with steps 2 and 3 else proceed with steps 4 to 7. It’s possible to turn on the TV by using the power button. The following steps should be done if the TV turns on.
  • The back panel of the remote needs to be taken off. A new set of the same type is what you should replace the old batteries with. The polarities of the batteries need to be matched correctly. The back panel needs to be put on once again.
  • If you want to turn the TV on again, switch off the TV and use the remote. Make sure that the cables are firmly fitted. If the TV doesn’t turn on, you can try connecting it to another power outlet. The power cord should be removed and replaced with a new one if the problem continues.

Method 2

  • The TV should be removed from the stand or wall mount after being unplugged from the power supply. In viewing position, always keep the TV flat or upright. 
  • Attach the screws to the back housing with a compatible screwdriver and take it off. The wiring harnesses and screws need to be removed from the circuit board.
  • It’s a good idea to check for bad Capacitors. You may be able to find them easily from bulges and leaks. You may need to use a soldering iron. Follow the directions for the new ones if you note down the polarity.
  • Fit new capacitors with the same rating by bending the leads backward. Only a small portion of the leads are protruding. If you want to fix the capacitors, you need to solder the leads and then clean the solder with a damp cloth.
  • Attach the screws again to fix the circuit board in its position. All the disconnected wiring harnesses should be put back together. The back cover needs to be replaced and all the screws need to be fixed.
How To Fix Samsung TV Won't Turn On

How Come My Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off And On?

When the connections are dirty and the software is out of date, a TV will keep turning on and off. The menu option on the television set can be used to reset the television. The TV may not have been plugged in properly.

Plug the cord back in after a minute and keep it this way. There could be a dirt build-up in the cables. Cleaning and connecting the cable again is a solution to the problem.

The power supply board may need a replacement for the bad Capacitor. Good soldering skills are needed to do this. It’s possible that the board is faulty and needs a new board. The television might need a software update.

You have to follow the instructions on the site. This can change the TV to the default settings. There could be a component that is overheated.

The button switch panel, main logic board, and power supply board may need a replacement. The remote’s batteries could be faulty. Try again if you replace them. The TV is turned off due to an active internet connection. The Any Net+ option is disabled in the Systems sub-menu.

Is There A Way To Stop My Samsung TV From Turning Itself Off?

Updating the TV software can stop a TV from turning itself off if the power cord is unplugged for 10 seconds and plugged back in.

Method 1

The television can be turned off using either the remote or the power button. Remove the plug connection from the sockets and keep it away for 10 seconds. This will force the reset of the TV. If you want to turn on the switch, insert the plug into the sockets once more.

The power button on the TV can be pressed to turn it on again. If the above steps didn’t help, you can try to update your TV with the latest software by using a computer or the internet. It is recommended that you use the internet for the update if you want to use the advanced option that the USB drive presents.

Method 2- Turn off a preset timer on your television

The remote or power button can be used to turn on your television. The setup menu can be entered by pressing the Menu on the remote. To open the Timer screen, press the Timer option after selecting the Timer option.

The TV Timer mode needs to be turned off. You can turn the auto power-off feature by exiting the timer screen and entering the eco settings section. If you want to quit the settings, press the exit on the remote.

Go into the Sleep Timer screen and use the above steps to get rid of the Sleep timer. This could have been activated accidentally if you pressed Sleep on the remote. To turn off the Standby Mode upgrade option for an older television that is used with a cable/satellite box, you have to do the following.

Go to the settings option when you press the Menu on the TV remote. The Software upgrade option will be followed by the Standby Mode upgrade option. The option to turn off the Standby Mode upgrade is turned on.

How To Fix Samsung TV Won't Turn On

How Can I Stop My Samsung Smart TV From Restarting

You can stop the TV from restarting by changing the smart hub and updating the TV’s software.

  • There could be a problem between the power supply board and the mainboard. A ribbon cable connecting the two boards could be overheated, causing this. It may be possible to solve the problem by replacing the connector.
  • There is a possibility that the television’s firmware is outdated. Sometimes the problem can be solved with a reset. You can move to the Support option by pressing the Menu on the remote. The self-diagnosis should be followed by the Reset or Menu. After clicking on support, you will be taken to a page where you can reset it.
  • Some models have a slightly different menu option. The internet connection may be activated with the help of the HDMI Anynet feature. It is possible to solve the problem by turning off the option. You can go through the setup process again if you want to restore the settings to factory settings.
  • There is a possibility that the Smart Hub needs a reset. Pressing the Smart Hub on your remote will allow you to see the Smart Hub screen.
  • To access the Tools menu, you have to press the tools on the remote. The settings will be reset after you select them. Use the default 0000 code as the password if you have not set a security code.

Tv Won’t Turn On With Alexa On Samsung

  1. Make sure the TV is set up correctly and that the Amazon voice assistant is working. Make sure that they are connected to the same wireless network. On your phone, you can download the Smart Things and Amazon Alexa apps.
  2. The Add device on the Devices menu will allow you to identify your TV in the Smart Things app. To make it easy to identify your device, make sure it is turned on. If you want to know if your device is in the app, you can select Devices from the bottom menu and check for it.
  3. If it isn’t available, you can find it by clicking All Devices and locating it from the available list. If you want to connect both accounts, you need to enable Smart Things in the Amazon app and sign in with your SAMSUNG account. You can choose your TV in the Amazon Alexa app.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On When Using Google Home

If you want your device to be unmuted, make sure that your device is turned on. The visibility of your Google Home device can be checked by using the Google Home app on your phone. The status of the device is displayed in the Home tab.

If the status is not available, turn off the device and it will come back on again. In case this doesn’t work, you’ll need to change the associated network or do a factory reset. The Smart Things app will allow you to send a manual command to your television.

A problem with the set’s network connection is indicated if there is no response at all. It is possible to connect the TV to the internet with a wi-fi connection. The voice assistant can’t turn on a TV that uses a LAN cable because it doesn’t have an internet connection.

Hard-wiring through the internet is possible if there is still no response to the commands. You can do this by pressing Home on the remote and selecting the General and Network settings. The first thing to do is to choose the open network settings.

The Any net+ (HDMI-CEC) setting must be turned on. Some settings will turn off this automatically. Under General, make sure that the Power on with Mobile option is activated.

How To Fix Samsung TV Won't Turn On

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On When Paired With Apple Tv

Apple TV may be stopped from getting turned on if an upgrade is made to either the Apple TV or a similar device. Sometimes a hard power reset or use of a wi-fi outlet is all it takes to resolve the problem.

The Apple TVOS13 changes aren’t reflected in the TV OS of the South Korean company. There will be a solution to the problem once this update happens. If you want to turn on the Apple TV, you have to press the back of the remote.

If you go to the remote settings on the Apple TV, you can turn it on from there. Plugging your Apple TV and other devices back in may solve the problem if they are connected to a surge protector.

For A Few Seconds, Samsung TV Goes Black

This could be due to an HDCP issue that results in a loss of video. The problem can often be solved by refreshing or resetting the satellite or cable box. The box will have a software update shortly.

If there is an intermittent loss of sound and video, the input could be malfunction. Opting for a different video input will likely fix the problem.

Replacing the HDMI cable with an HDMI 2.1 compliant cable is something you can do. The TV may have incorrect ports that are connected to the external devices.

Check the Quick Start sheet to make sure the devices are connected to the correct ports. The TV may have been affected by voltage fluctuations.

The Fast Start function can be turned off to resolve the problem. You have to change the Eco settings on your set if the picture comes back after the power is turned off and on again.

Samsung TV Goes Black But Still Has Sound

If there are loose connections to the TV, check the HDMI and all other connections for them. It may be possible to fix the problem by setting the loose connections right. If the HDMI cable is not working, connect it to another working HDMI socket.

If the cable doesn’t work, you can either replace it or clean the original sockets and connect the cable again. If the TV has a reset problem, it can be set right by pressing Exit on the remote for 10 to 15 seconds and then pressing Enter.

Wait for a few minutes and turn off the television. The problem might be caused by an HDCP problem in the cable/satellite box input. The box needs to be replaced to solve the problem. The HDCP input of the switch box may be malfunctioning if the problem is with a switch box-connected input device.

If you can connect the input to the TV, you can get rid of the switch box. There could be a problem with the circuit board or the conductor behind the Power button. Depending on which fault the component is at, it will need a replacement.

How To Troubleshoot A Samsung TV That Keeps Flickering

There is a possibility that the TV has a failing power or mainboard. There is a chance that a failed backlight could be the case. It is necessary to replace the faulty component to resolve the problem.

You might need a firmware update if the TV flickers when an external input has a high definition resolution. In Smart Hub, you can try disabling the Sync Plus option. There is a jumper between the cold area and the input of the power supply board that needs to be removed.

You can perform the following steps:

If you want to reset the unit, first turn off the television and then switch it on again. Take the power connection plug out of the outlet for five minutes. From and to the TV, make sure you check all other cable connections.

Through the TV menu, deactivating the Energy Efficient features is possible. Check to see if faulty components are connected to the TV. The TV needs to be connected to another input source to find out if the problem is with a component or the TV.

The Samsung TV Has A Flickering Red Light And A Black Screen

A TV that has a black screen and a red light is usually caused by a bad power supply or an issue with the HDMI link.

Method 1 – Powercycle the television

Plug the TV in, then remove the power cable from the wall sockets. The Power On button on the remote needs to be pressed for about 15 seconds. Turn the TV on once again by plugging it in.

Method 2 – Unplug external devices

Plug the TV in, then remove the power cable from the wall sockets. The Power On button on the remote needs to be pressed for about 15 seconds. Turn the TV on once again by plugging it in.

Red Light Flashes Five Times When Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

There is a possibility that the power board may be faulty. If the power board does not have a 5-volt rating, the board should be replaced. There are either shorted or burned backlight LEDs. If a new strip containing these LEDs is put in place, the problem will be fixed.

If the T-con board is malfunctioning, a replacement will be able to fix it. This board is located in the middle of the TV. There is a chance that one or more of the boards could be damaged or without continuity. It’s possible to fix the problem by getting a new Capacitor or Suppressor.

How To Fix Samsung TV Won't Turn On


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