How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games In 2022 – Ultimate Guide

How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games In 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Want to know How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything out!

The problem with high-end PC games is that they can be incredibly taxing on your PC. Not only does it make them slow and unresponsive, but it can also cause them to crash when you’re trying to play them at max settings. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at a few of the different ways you can improve your computer’s performance to help you enjoy playing games without any annoying hiccups.

Your CPU is the most important component of your computer, as it controls everything that your computer does. For example, your CPU controls your RAM, your hard drive, your graphics card, and your processor. It’s also responsible for performing the various calculations that your PC needs to function, such as processing the commands your mouse sends your PC.

Why Am I Not Getting 240 FPS While Playing Video Games?

The only way to get a game to play at more than 200 frames per second on PC games is to use a monitor and a graphics card that supports more than 200 frames per second. 

If you play a lot of games, you may not be able to get a good enough frame rate to play all of them. A weak processor is the main reason why you aren’t getting the best performance from your PC games.

The following are the reasons for not getting 240 FPS while gaming:

It’s possible that the game you’re playing isn’t designed to offer the higher speeds you’re looking for. Many games don’t have the feature to reach the level of 240 frames per second, which could be a game-specific feature. It is important to check the display specifications of your monitor first.

Your computer’s RAM is one of the most critical factors. It’s possible that your computer doesn’t have enough powerful cores to support the higher speeds.

Overclocking the CPU

The general opinion of the experts is that there is no simple way to fix the FPS rate in all games. There are some basic requirements like an effective combination of the processor and the graphics card. An example is the Intel Core i7 6 core, 3930K, which has a maximum speed of 3.2 GHz and is combined with the TI.

You will need a good power supply and a minimum of 16 gigabytes of RAM. If you have a gaming PC with all of these components, you can try to increase the clock speed to 2.7 GHz and see if you can get more than 200 frames per second consistently.

If you want to try with one first and then add the second on an SLI configuration, the other suggestion is to add another graphics card. This may help in getting better performance. If you can find more powerful cores and higher ratings, you should be able to get better performance.

The 9,900K is an equivalent chip from the same company as the 9,900K. The 9 700K is one of the lower models. You may be able to find the same capabilities in the AMD equivalents. You can’t be sure if you’re going to get a constant 120FPS with these models.

Adjusting the BIOS Settings

It is possible to change the settings of your computer to make it display better and play games at a higher frame rate. These can be the settings for the computer’s operating system.

Monitor Specifications

If you have a monitor that is rated at a higher rate, you will be able to get a higher frame rate. It’s recommended that you use a standard spec of 240Hz. The technical explanation offered is that the higher the rating of the monitor, the lower the latency.

The time it takes for the command to be transmitted through the keyboard or mouse to reflect on the screen is referred to as the Latency. Lower latency results in a faster turnover of the images on the screen, and you can get up to a maximum of 120 frames per second.

The Game you are Playing matters

The Battle Royale genre has a lot of popular games, such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout, and Apex Legends. If you want to escape getting shot, you have to kill all your competitors.

The rate at which the games are played becomes very important. If the images transform quickly you can take action more quickly. Some games don’t have the built-in ability to deliver higher frames per second. You need to get in touch with the developers of the games to check out this.

How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games

How to Consistently Get 240 FPS?

To be able to play games on your PC at a stable 240 frames per second, you have to have a strong combination of both the processor and the graphics card. It’s not very difficult to assemble such a combination if you don’t have to worry about the costs.

Recommended System Requirements for 240 FPS:

The Intel Core i7 8700k or higher is the most powerful processor in the world. You can choose the graphics card that’s rated higher than the one you’re currently using. The minimum amount of memory should be at least 3000MHz to achieve the best rates.

It’s a good idea to have a monitor that can do the job at a minimum of 120 frames per second. There aren’t all games that are built to be able to play at more than 200 frames per second. CPU plays a key role in getting a better or higher performance. You will need to increase the number of transistors on the central processing unit.

For a PC that has a 2.4 GHz processor, you must be able to increase it to 3.5 GHz to achieve the levels of performance you desire. Other processors have better technical build and features that you can look for. An indicative recommendation is what the above is.


The graphics processor needs to be one of the best available in the market to be an important part of this PC gaming environment. Again, the suggested graphics card is just to give a benchmark. It’s possible to find better ones or equivalents from other brands.

The PC Game:

You have to think about this factor very seriously. If the game you are playing on your PC is not designed to offer the higher frames per second, there is no way you will be able to get to those levels.

How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games

What is Needed to Run 240Hz?

The requirements for a PC to combine a monitor with are the same as seen above. The processor should be an Intel Core i7 8700k or higher, the memory should be 16 gigahertz, and the graphics card should be equivalent or higher.

If you want to get the maximum display output from the monitor, you’ll want to use this combination in the PC specifications. This configuration will make it possible for you to play the games you are looking for with a maximum frame rate of over 200 frames per second.

What is the Best GPU for 240 FPS?

While playing games on your PC, many graphics processing units in the market are capable of offering high rates of frames per second. The manufacturer of the graphics cards that are being suggested is NVIDIA and the manufacturer of the graphics cards that are being suggested is Gigabyte.

Depending on the overall configuration of your PC, each of these graphics cards can deliver a high degree of performance. The game you are playing, the processor, the monitor, and the RAM are included.

Do You Need 240 FPS for 240Hz?

It’s not certain, not necessarily. The device that you are using is designed to give you the highest refresh rate you can get. That doesn’t mean it won’t work with a lower frame rate on the program you’re running on your PC.

The issues will surface when the refresh rate of the monitor is greater than the speed of the computer. You can change the display options of your monitor. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing the display options. You can set the Hz to a lower level if you want to run a program at a slower rate.

Can You Run 240 FPS on a 60Hz Monitor?

It is not possible to get more than 60 frames per second on a 60Hz monitor, however, it is possible to get more than 120 frames per second by turning Vsync off. Vsync is a synonym for Vertical sync. If you turn this off on your PC, you can get up to 70 or 100 frames per second on your 60Hz monitor.

The particular game you are playing and the other key components like the processor and graphics card will affect this. Certain in-built features are presented in the game. The rate at which the images or graphics are projected in the game is also included.

Can You Get 240 FPS on a 144Hz Monitor?

You can get a good performance on a monitor that has a refresh rate of more than 120 frames per second. Issues of tearing might be involved. The function of the monitor is expressed in the screen refresh rate. 

The frames per second are the function of the graphics card with support from the computer’s processor and memory along with the game that is being played.

How to Get 240 FPS in Fortnite?

If you can get the game to work on your PC, you will appreciate it. You can make certain changes in the settings to get this. You can change the settings on your PC as well as in the game settings. You can choose Full-screen window mode and limit the frame rate to a maximum of 120 frames per second in the game settings.

It is assumed that you have a monitor with a refresh rate of more than 120 frames per second. There are some changes in the graphics quality settings that can help lift the performance.

It is possible to reduce the resolution to less than 100%. Shadows should be turned off and Anti-aliasing turned off. Post-processing is also low if the effects and effects are kept. It’s easy to play the game with the adjusted settings getting more than 200 frames per second.

How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games

How to Get 240 FPS in COD Warzone?

Millions of people play the Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale game, and they would love to have a game with over 200 frames per second on their monitors. There are adjustments in the settings that can be made to make this feasible.

The following are the adjustments to be made:

You can change the display mode to full screen in the settings. The refresh rate can be fixed or changed. The monitor’s rendering resolution should be adjusted to 90 percent. The Vsync feature should not be enabled.

It is recommended to set the texture filter to normal. The resolution of the Shadow Map can be set to normal. There are features like RayTracing and Ambient Occlusion that should be disabled.

To restart the PC for these changes to take effect, you need to save them. If you’re playing COD Warzone now, you should be able to get at least 220 frames per second.

In Warzone, the Frames per Second can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game for you. You can call it a matter of life and death since you can see the enemy before he sees you, and save yourself.

You can make your reaction time better. This is the reason why the settings are important. Depending on the configuration of the PC you are playing on, some of these can be different.


If you are an FPS gamer and have ever been disappointed with your game’s framerate, this article has some quick tips for increasing your FPS in games like Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Halo 5, Fallout 4, and more! I use the most effective strategies for each game to get the best FPS possible.

Whether it’s because I’m using a new PC or because the game’s developers have released new updates, you might find that you can improve your performance by following these tips!

This blog on “How To Get 240 FPS On PC Games” would help you with this issue.

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