How To Get And Customize The New Windows 10 Start Menu Redesign

A brand new Home 10 Start menu window theme is now available for some users. Although the replacement is limited to the development channel that’s part of the Insiders program, you’ll discover how to get the brand new Start menu once it’s available to everyone in the Insiders Home Windows program. That, and the best way to set up a brand new Start menu in your Home Windows 10 when you get it.

Were you aware of this when you launched Home Windows 10? That was in 2015! They look outdated, but… Of course, it’s been over 5 years since Microsoft launched a brand new model of its work system. That doesn’t mean we haven’t seen updates. Microsoft is sticking to its spring and fall updates, which bring fixes and bugs. This time, however, we see some changes on the ground!

Also in March 2020, we saw a brief teaser when Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, posted a short video on his Instagram account. The video shows that Microsoft is working on new designs that should appeal to users quickly.

Microsoft has just revealed some new details about the new design, and it looks good. Windows 10 Start’s brand new start menu design wants to get rid of clunky start window tiles and replace them with simple 2D tiles.

In addition, the new design removes the heavily colored back panels that kept Home Windows behind application logos. This is a pretty big change, as we haven’t seen the tile redesign since it was introduced with Home Windows 8.

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TL; DR: Now you won’t be able to get a brand new design for the Start menu, but you should definitely set up the most recent Insider Home 10 Design window to get a replacement as soon as it comes out.

The brand new redesign that Microsoft has introduced is limited to its Insider Preview program, which means that only users who are part of that program currently have access to it.

Click this link to sign up to receive Windows 10 Insider Preview builds in person.

Still, you can’t just get the latest House Insider Window design, because the new design is introduced in the House 10 Design 20161 window, which is limited to the Dev channel (in the House Insider Window program). Currently, there is no real approach to getting a new design yourself, as the development channel is limited.

However, if you are not already enrolled in the Windows 10 Home Insider program, you should sign up and create one right away to be among the first to get this feature for free when it becomes available in the developer channel.

Still, we hope the design will be part of the fall exchange, which we should still see rolled out in October. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

Fine, as mentioned above, one of the many major changes brought about by the renovation is the removal of the highly coloured back wall behind the window in the house. You can now set the background color of the tiles. Well, to a certain extent.

The tiles now match your theme, with a barely translucent border in their background.

How do you replace the windows in your home? Theme

Follow these simple steps to change the theme of your Home Windows.

Right-click anywhere on the Home Windows desktop and select Customize.

Now select Themes from the left panel. You can customize your theme by changing the background, colors, etc., or choose a complete theme.

You can also purchase new themes from Microsoft Retailer. To change the theme of the main window, click on the desired theme.

Home Windowsallows you to customize the start menu to your liking. Follow the simple steps below to enter these settings.

Right-click anywhere on the Home Windows desktop and select Customize.

Now select Start in the left pane. Here you can turn functions on and off, depending on how you want your menu to be.

Tip: If you miss the old days of Home Windows Eight, try switching to full-screen start.

We hope that this new design will be submitted for exchange in Home Windows. What do you think of the new Begin menu design? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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