How To Transfer Items Between Worlds in Valheim

Sometimes it is quite a hassle to transport items to Valheim, and players often wish there were other means of transportation.

There are carts and boats, but ultimately the weight of stuff and lack of space make it difficult to move stuff around.

It can also be very cumbersome when it comes to metal, as you can’t carry it between the ports, forcing you to carry items.

Doing this in a small group or alone can be very time consuming, and to avoid this you can resort to moving objects between worlds.

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Simple transfer of objects between worlds

When you move from one world to another, you simply take your items from one world and place them in your character.

You log out with your character and enter the world you want to take items to, and it’s just as easy.

Here are the steps to follow to move your items between worlds in Valheim.

Creating a world of memories

First, you need to create a world that you will use as a storage or holding area for the items you want to transfer.

You don’t have to build a base or even put up crates, but you can if you want, as some players use this world as a storage and farming area.

Acquisition of worldly goods

Once you have created your storage world, leave it and go to your main world or the world you want to retrieve items from.

Take the items you want to transfer and put them in your playroom to take with you. Note that you can still fill your inventory even if you’ve reached the weight limit.

No matter where you leave the world, you always connect to the sample location, allowing you to teleport across the map, even with metal.

Secrets in a World of Memory

After you log out with your items, log into your storage world and you now have all the items you wanted to transfer.

This works well with metals, as it would be annoying to lug your resources around, and it acts as a sort of best portal to transfer items.

Change to main world

Once you have stored your resources in your storage world, exit it and return to your main world.

At this point, your character is no longer charged and your items are in your save world, so you can move freely or use the teleporter to return.

Since you always enter in the same place you logged out, leave your character at the main base or wherever you want to take your stuff and log out.

Acquisition of elements of the memory world

Now that your character has been placed in the main world, it’s time to head to the storage world and pick up those items.

Once you’ve taken all the items, return to your main world and find yourself back in the same place you left the system.

Your inventory includes all items you have brought with you, including metals and other valuables.

Agricultural use

If you want a peaceful world and still want to farm a lot, you can do the farming world and leave your main world intact.

It can be a world where you do all the hacking, extensive mining and other activities that can sometimes ruin a map.

Once you’ve taken resources from the farm world, you can simply bring them back to your main world for further development.


This way of getting your gear may seem trite, but it can actually save you a lot of time and hassle in the game.

Most players do this when they all get together on a public server and take materials and other trophies for personal gain.

Others will create farm worlds and grow resources there before returning to their base with their friends.

Whatever method you decide to use, remember that you can bring in anything, but not tame animals.

frequently asked questions

Can you move objects between worlds in Minecraft?

Portals allow you to go from one server to another, but you cannot take items with you. Basically you leave the game, switch to multiplayer and come back into the game. You can load the whole base into a few ME disks, literally, then store them in NEI and load them into your target world.

How do you translate the worlds in Valheim?

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