How to transfer ownership on Discord?

Ownership is a state of exclusive rights to and control over assets such as land, real estate or even property. Being part of Discord means that you have full rights and control over this server. If you want to leave the server, Disk gives you the option of transferring ownership to someone else, unless you want to delete the server…..

Here we have seen how to transfer ownership of a Discord server through the website or applications, as well as instructions on how to transfer ownership of servers without an owner.

However, before transferring ownership of a server to Discord, there are a few things to consider.

  • You can transfer ownership of a server to Discord through the computer version of the website or through the Android, iOS and PC apps.
  • Each server can have up to four owners.
  • To transfer ownership, you must be the owner of this server. Having multiple permissions, being a moderator, or having a role on the server with certain permissions does not give you the right to transfer ownership to someone else.

If you do not transfer ownership of the server to someone else on Discord before you leave, Discord will turn the server into a hostless server that will only be available for a limited time before it is removed.

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When the server is open on the computer, the presentation will look like this.

Server location

Step one: Click the Server Name field, and then select Server Settings from the list that appears.

Server Settings Option

Step two: Select Members under User Management in the left sidebar. All server owners have a crown in front of their name.

Server option members

Step three: Place the mouse pointer over a specific name and click on the Three Dots (Hamburger) menu item. In the pop-up window, select Transfer property.

Burger symbol menu

Step four: At the confirmation prompt, press the Shift key next to Confirmation, then select Transfer of Ownership.

Green check mark for transfer of ownership

The property is now transferred and you are automatically redirected to a channel within the server.

You will see that the crown icon has been moved to the member to whom you transferred the property. You will also notice that the Server Name drop-down menu has changed and the Server Settings option is no longer displayed.

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Transferring ownership from the Discord server to the mobile application is similar to transferring ownership from a computer.

  • Click on the server name field, then click on the hamburger menu icon. Tap the Settings icon.
  • Under Community Management, select Members.
  • Click on the hamburger icon next to the name of the member you want to transfer ownership to.

  • Then select the Transfer property option.
  • In the confirmation window, check the Confirmation box and click Submit.

You will then be automatically redirected to the general channel.

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Servers cannot be created without an owner, unlike bots on Discord. Each server has an owner at any time unless the owner’s account is deleted before ownership is transferred.

A server that is down will work fine for a short period of time, but if you don’t take action in time, the server will eventually go down.

It is clear that the new property cannot be claimed without an owner, regardless of the member’s privileges. In this case Discord support comes into play to transfer ownership of orphaned Discord servers…..

Step one: See the support page for differences here. On the Submit a Request page, select Help and Support from the drop-down menu.

Help and support option

Step two: Then enter your registered email address and select Request for transfer of server ownership for the question type from the drop-down list?

Type of question? – Request for transfer of ownership of the server

In the Subject field, indicate what is relevant to the transfer of property. In the following text box, provide a detailed description explaining the entire problem; if possible, include the name of the previous owner of the server. Enter the exact set of server participants and upload any attachments to support your request.

When you are finished entering the above information, click the Submit button.

Number of servers

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