How To Turn Off the Buzzer On A Dryer (Complete Steps)

How To Turn Off the Buzzer On A Dryer (Complete Steps)

Do you know how to turn off the buzzer on a dryer? If not, don’t worry, this guide will help you with it.

Do you have a buzzing sound coming from your dryer? This can be a very annoying problem, but fortunately, it is easy to fix. In this blog post, we will show you how to turn off the buzzer on your dryer in just a few simple steps. So if you are having this issue, make sure to follow these instructions!

Or maybe it’s a different type of buzzer noise, but you just can’t get it to stop. If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. 

Most of us have had that same experience, at least once or twice. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, over 40 million people in the United States are affected by the noise produced by their dryers. This is why it’s important to know how to turn off the buzzer.

Can I Flip Off The Buzzer On My Dryer?

It’s possible to turn off the buzzer on your dryer. There is no switch on the dryer that will turn it off permanently. The wires that connect the buzzer to the rest of the world can be disconnected. The buzzer will be turned off most of the time if you disconnected just one wire.

To Disable The Dryer’s Buzzer, Follow These Steps

Step 1

The dryer needs to be turned off and plugged in. Since you need to remove the front panels and expose the electrical wiring of the dryer’s buzzer, you should turn the dryer off and then unplugged the machine. To make sure the dryer is completely powered down, turn the dial to the “on” setting after the dryer has been unplugged.

Step 2

You need to locate the buzzer. The best way to find the dryer’s buzzer is to check the machine’s schematic or manual. Behind the front panel of the machine is where the buzzer is located. The buzzer is located behind the dryer’s back panel in some cases. Dryer buzzers are usually black boxes that are connected to the timing device.

Step 3

The buzzer’s wires need to be pulled. Pulling the wires that run into the buzzer is the most simple way to deal with the buzzer. The wires should be pulled free with a firm tug. Once you have disconnected the wires from the buzzer, you can run the electrical tape over the ends to make sure no live wires are exposed. If you want to get the wires out of the way, tape the wrapped wires to the sides of the dryer panels.

Step 4

There is a machine that you can test. Plug the dryer back in and turn the machine on to test the buzzer after you’ve pulled and taped the buzzer’s wires. If the machine still buzzes at the end of the cycle, you should not have removed the wrong wires. The machine may finish its drying with a quiet whimper, rather than a loud buzz.

A Way To Disable The Buzzer On A Dryer

Plugging the driver into the power source is the best way to turn off the vehicle. It’s best to wait 30 minutes to make sure there’s no power left in the dryer. Plug the wires that connect to the buzzer after opening the front panel with a screwdriver. Attach the front panel back to the dryer with electrical tape and cover the exposed wires.

You don’t want to get an electric shock if you turn off the dryer.

To make sure the dryer is powered down, turn the dial to ON. Allow the Capacitor to discharge for half an hour.

The front of the dryer has a buzzer. Six screws may need to be removed. Behind the front panel is a black box that is fixed to the timer.

In some cases, the buzzer won’t have a knob connection, and it will be housed on the back panel. The wires that connect the buzzer to the wires should be removed.

A careful but firm tug is usually used to do this. There is no live electrical connection if the exposed ends of the wires are covered with tape.

It is advisable to tape the wires onto the side or top of the dryer panel.

If you have to clean up the dust or debris, use a compressed air canister or a damp cloth.

Put the panel back in place, tighten the screws and you’ll be good to go.

If the machine does not detect the right wires, it’s time to replace them. You will either hear a quiet whimper or no sound at all if that is the case.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can connect the buzzer to the GE dryer.

The console and control panel on the top of the dryer have screws on them. The console has the dials of the dryer on it.

There are tension clips in place of screws on the front control panel of a Whirlpool dryer. These clips can be removed using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Where Is The Buzzer Positioned On A Dryer?

How To Turn Off the Buzzer On A Dryer

Behind the front panel in most dryers is where the buzzer is located. The rear panel is where it is housed in some instances. Two red and black wires are used to wire a small black box to the timer.

The console that is on the top of the GE dryer has a buzzer on it.

The buzzer is in the electrical control panel of the dryer in the Maytag family of dryers.

The upper back panel is where you can get to this panel. If you can’t locate the buzzer on the dryer, you can look at the manual or wiring diagram to find its location.

Why Your Dryer Buzzer Won’t Stop Making Noise

  • The buzzer switch is faulty
  • The push to start switch is faulty
  • The resistor is faulty
  • The door switch latch is broken
  • The motor switch is stuck

There are several reasons why your dryer buzzer won’t stop, and what you can do to resolve the problem, apart from disconnecting the buzzer.

The buzzer switch isn’t working correctly. The dryer buzzer will work normally once a new one is installed. The Push-to-Start switch has either welded contacts or stuck. If the switch is stuck, moving it a bit can help to release it. If the contacts are welded, you will have to take off the switch, remove the welding, and put it back again.

If there is a need for a wire replacement, you can check for broken wires as well. The timer could be malfunctioning because of the resistor that is connected to it. The clock sound is a result of the timer switch making a tick. The problem has been solved with the replacement of the Resistor.

The door switch-latch assembly is no longer functioning. Replacing the old one with a new one will serve as a solution to the problem.

There is a motor switch that isn’t moving. A sticky motor switch is often a warning sign of a failing motor, so it is advisable to replace the entire unit. There is a chance that the buzzer got shorted. The buzzer needs to be replaced to sort out this problem.

How To Disconnect The Buzzer On A Ge Dryer

The location of the buzzer can be found in the wiring diagram of the dryer which is usually located in a plastic packet on the back of the dryer. If you locate the buzzer, you can connect it to the GE dryer by following a few simple steps.

Plug the dryer into the power outlet when you turn it off. The screws that hold the console or the control panel need to be removed.

You need to open the console to locate the buzzer. There is a two-wire connection between the buzzer and the timer.

Pull out one or both of the wires using a gentle but firm tug. If you want to cover the open end of the wire, you should use insulation tape.

If you want to fix the console back in place, close it and tighten the screws. The power supply needs to be plugged into the dryer once again.

Why Is My Dryer Buzzer No Longer Running?

The reasons why your dryer buzzer is not working are given below. The necessary action can be taken if the problem is caused by something.

  • The end-of-cycle beep is not as loud as it should be. It is possible that the sound adjustment was set to Medium or Low. It will help to set it back to its high point. The control unit on the top of the dryer has become loose.
  • The power supply should be turned off before reseating the connectors. The wires that are connected to the controls on the front panel have to be tightened.
  • The end-of-drying buzzer will not stop even after the drying cycle is over. A malfunctioning Push-to-Start switch is the most likely reason. The problem can be solved with the replacement of the switch.
  • The end-of-cycle buzzer does not work correctly. There is a chance that the timer is malfunctioning. The problem will be solved if the old-timer is removed and a new one fitted in its place.

Why Is My Dryer Buzzer Not Loud Enough?

How To Turn Off the Buzzer On A Dryer

The reasons why your dryer buzzer is not as loud as you want it to be can be found in the following list.

 It’s possible that the setting for the dryer buzzer has changed. If the setting has changed to low or medium, it’s time to change it to loud mode. It is not enough for the setting to be loud enough to be heard in another room.

Replacing the present buzzer with another one that has more sound would be a better option. If you have an external timer, it will give you an idea of when to check the dryer.

The chime of the dryer is barely audible. It is possible to help by pressing the Chime button on the Options panel.

 FAQs – How To Turn Off The Buzzer On A Dryer (Complete Steps)

 What Is A Cycle Signal On A Dryer?

The end of the cycle signal is when the dryers stop working. The End of Cycle signal can be found in a lot of dryers. 1995 and newer dryers give short buzzes a few minutes before shutting off, which means there is less chance of clothes getting wrinkled if they are removed from the dryer immediately.

Why Does My Ge Dryer Keep Beeping?

It is possible to hear a sound that is very low decibel and very high Frequency. It might be on for a short time (1 second on, 1 second off). The blinking or flashing light of the diagnostic system is related to this. All of this is a normal thing.

How Do I Make My Frigidaire Dryer Stop Beeping?

The cycle selector knob should be moved to the 3:00 position on the dial. Hold the buttons for 6 seconds and then press the “Select” and “Pause/Cancel” buttons at the same time.

Hold the “Start” and “Pause/Cancel” buttons at the same time for about four seconds. The knob on the dial should be moved back to its previous position.

What Is The Cycle Signal On The Washing Machine?

Cycle signal tones are part of normal operation and are part of the beeping/Audio sounds. Select models have the option to turn off the end of the cycle signal when the setting is touched. The signal that sounds at the end of the cycle can be turned on or off by using this option.

What Does Signal Mean On A Maytag Dryer?

The signal knob can only set the loudness of the buzzer when your clothes are done too low or high, or you can turn the buzzer off altogether. It’s not clear why the manufacturers didn’t just label it buzzer or something.

How Do You Stop A Dryer Mid-cycle?

If you need to stop the dryer mid-flow, turn it to the last 10 minutes so that it enters the controlled cooling down period. A degree of cooling down can be achieved by running the drum and fan for around 10 minutes after the heating is turned off.

How Do I Turn Off The Sound On My Maytag Washer?

To turn off the tones that sound when a setting is touched, hold CYCLE SIGNAL for 3 seconds for some models. If you do that, they will turn them on. Touch and hold the steam clean option for a few seconds to turn off the tones for some models.


While this guide should have taken care of the problem, there are a few other potential causes that we want to mention. If you’ve tried all of these solutions and your buzzer is still going off, it might be time to call in a professional. 

There could be something wrong with the wiring or motor inside your dryer, and until you fix it, that pesky buzzer will continue to drive you crazy. Thanks for following along with us as we tackled this common household issue. Have you had success fixing your buzzer using one of our methods? 

I hope this post on “how to turn off the buzzer on a dryer” was helpful for you to fix the problem of the Dryer. I know some of you have already tried some of the tips, but it will surely help you to fix this problem in a few minutes.

Thanks For Reading 

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