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HP Omen x27 Review [ Best Guide in 2022 ]

HP Omen x27 Review [ Best Guide in 2021 ]

Looking for the best HP Omen x27 review? Read on to know more.

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The Omen X is a call to arms for gamers, slinging the latest and greatest in cutting edge components to a feature-rich engine that’s got enough horsepower to push games at 4k resolution.

The only thing more impressive about this machine than its list of powerful components is how well it puts them all together into a single cohesive play system that reminds you why he has been going from strength to strength as the market leader in high-performance computers. With an 8th gen intel core i7 7820hq laker and RX vega 56 graphics card 32GB ddr4 ram and a raid 0 1TB SSD drive, I don’t think there’s about this computer that doesn’t scream high performance.

The only thing that’s going to slow you down with this system is the internal battery, which has a tendency to drain fast when you’re using it for gaming or doing other higher-end computing tasks. I’d prefer a bigger device where they can fit a bigger battery, but this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means as it will last for around three hours at most under those conditions.

Our Verdict For HP Omen x27 Review

Mixed Usage 

The HP OMEN X 27 is a great monitor for most uses. It’s perfect if you’re looking to game or watch videos, with low input lag and fast response time that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite content without any image distortion! The only problem? Well, the screen doesn’t really hold up well at angles, so don’t try turning this thing on its side unless there are no other options available.


  • The outstanding response time.
  • The excellent low input lag.


  • Image degrades at an angle.
  • Low contrast ratio.
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The 27 inches, 1440p screen is great for multitasking and it has excellent low input lag. Unfortunately, the image degrades when viewed at an angle, making this monitor less suitable as a workstation or one would want on their desk all day long but still good enough to use in your home office setting with some limitations such as limited range ergonomic adjustments.


It has an extremely fast response time and refreshes rate, resulting in clear motion with very little blur – perfect for when you’re playing games! The low input lag also means that this screen will not interrupt gameplay by flicker or ghosting either; your reflexes are safe from any hiccups during intense moments of action onscreen.

Supportive features like FreeSync allow gamers to get even closer than ever before without worrying about tearing up their eyes because it can handle them all. While its ergonomics might be flawed depending upon where someone chooses to place themselves while trying out these fancy new gadgets called “monitors.”


The HP OMEN X27 is a great monitor for watching videos and other multimedia content. The 27-inch screen has 1440p resolution, which makes text look crisp without being too small to read comfortably from farther away than about six feet in front of your computer when using the default settings on any program that doesn’t have its own font sizes set up specifically.

This kind of work environment in mind already-like video games do so they don’t strain your eyes as much over longer periods while gaming or trying not only to see what’s going on around you but also react quickly enough if something does happen! As good-looking TVs become more commonplace at home it can sometimes feel like our computers are left behind because of nobody.

Media Creation

The HP OMEN X 27 is a great monitor for media creation. It has an amazing screen size (27 inches), and it’s 1440p with low input lag! Unfortunately, when viewed at angles there are some image quality issues that arise; but overall this product still deserves five stars because of its ergonomic adjustments which make working on your laptop easier than ever before possible.

HDR Gaming 

This monitor is a gaming standout and one of the best HDR TVs you can buy. It has low input lag, an impressive response time (with no trails!), and high contrast ratio for great image quality in games – not to mention its vivid colors because it supports DCI-P3 wide gamut color space!

However, there are still some problems with this TV that make me hesitant: firstly poor black uniformity; secondly limited local dimming features mean brighter HDR footage will look less beautiful onscreen than traditional SDR content, but at least we’ve got really wide viewing angles too so your friends won’t be able to see what’s going on behind them when they chat while sitting next to you.

Design & Size

This sleek black machine looks striking from every angle, featuring an angular custom cut solid metal body that conveys strength and power in every line and curve of its form factor. For such a large device, surprisingly little space is used up on the outside of the x27 thanks to HP employing some pretty innovative design engineering that leaves most of the surfaces empty with just a few buttons here and there to control its power or volume.

The only exception to this is an attachment for the included mouse, which looks like it has been lifted straight out of 1989 with its bright yellow-green click switches front and center, RGB lighting accents on each side, and angular design that sets it apart from modern-looking devices. 

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  • Curved- No
  • Curve Radius- Not Curved
  • Weight (without stand)- 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • Weight (with stand)- 14.6 lbs (6.6 kg)


  • Width 10.3″ (26.2 cm)
  • Depth 10.3″ (26.2 cm)

The stand is slim but supports the monitor well.


  • Height Adjustment 5.2″ (13.2 cm)
  • Switch Portrait/Landscape No
  • Swivel Range No swivel
  • Tilt Range -20° to 5°

The stand on this monitor has a lot of great features. It can be adjusted to any height, and its range is really wide so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the perfect spot for it! You also get tilt movement, which allows users more control over how they view their screens during activities like gaming or watching TV at night without having neck adjustments strain after 15 minutes.

One downside though? Rotating into portrait mode isn’t an option with anything else I’ve seen thus far – but then again if that wasn’t something you’re looking forward too there are better monitors out there anyways.


The back of the HP OMEN X 27 looked like it was identical to every other monitor we’ve tested. It had a clean design with basic cable management, but only included one VESA mounting option on top for easy wall-mounting capabilities if needed – a quick release would be located at this end as well making removal or installation straightforward enough without having any tools necessary whatsoever.


The borders are thin on three sides, great for a multi-monitor setup. This monitor has been designed with the modern professional in mind who needs to work efficiently and effectively across multiple screens as well as from different locations around their office or home environment – it’s got you covered!

The sleek design enables increased visibility due to its wide viewing angles; be seen at all times of day by anyone within arm’s reach – whether they’re sitting next to you right now (especially if we start talking about how much time together these days!) or halfway across town during lunch hour.


  • Thickness (with stand)- 7.5″ (19.1 cm)
  • Thickness (without stand)- 3.8″ (9.7 cm)

The HP OMEN X 27 is a bit thicker than most similar monitors we’ve tested, but it still fits snuggly on your desk.

Build Quality

The HP OMEN 27 has an excellent build quality, with its stand made of metal and panels that are plastic but have the feel of luxury.

Picture Quality


  • Native Contrast 798 : 1
  • Contrast With Local Dimming 831 : 1

The HP OMEN X 27 has an interesting output voice, which helps make this monitor’s mediocre contrast less noticeable.

Image Quality

The HP Omen X 27 monitor has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440, which is for most people the ideal size to get perfect pixel-per-inch ratios. This means vivid and crisp details as well as plenty of onscreen space without having any scaling issues.

HP Omen x27 Review
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Naturally, games are going to be more demanding at higher resolutions than lower ones like 1080p but if you have a powerful graphics card capable enough then these FPSrates should still go above 240 in competitive eSports titles only – not even all game genres will hit this mark unfortunately due to their nature being different types rather than just FPSs concerned with gaming performance.

Local Dimming

The optional local dimming feature is a great addition to this monitor, but it isn’t perfect. The limited number of zones means that you can only set the screen for certain areas and not others – which makes things like dark scenes more difficult than they should be on most screens with LED technology.

Additionally, there are slow transitions from bright colors into darker ones (leading directly behind moving objects) as well as some glow-in-the-dark trails left behind by fast-moving elements in games such as flying birds or spaceships when played at high frame rates.

SDR Peak Brightness

We’ve retested the SDR peak brightness to ensure that it’s measured with local dimming enabled, as per our methodology. The results haven’t changed and we also retested 7 other monitors in order to see if any had different behavior due to this change over time since calibration was done on them originally without updating their electronics or panels at all (which can happen).

The AOC i2367FNC is a great monitor for everyday use. It has an easily adjustable stand so you can position the screen whichever way suits your fancy, as well as bright colors that are perfect even in rooms with dark shades of paint or lighted night lights.

HDR Peak Brightness 

We’ve retested the HDR peak brightness to ensure that it’s measured with local dimming enabled, as per our methodology. The results haven’t changed and we also checked 7 other monitors – some changes appeared.

The HP OMEN X 27 is not the best at displaying HDR graphics. While it does have some brightness to spare, small objects in certain scenes do not stand out as they should and this causes much frustration for gamers who are looking forward to seeing their surroundings come alive on screen without any hiccups or imperfections. The output needs an interesting tone which also makes them creative.

High-Resolution, High-Refresh

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The HP Omen X 27 is the perfect monitor for gamers. It does some things really well, but it can’t be beaten when you gaming at 1440p resolution and rapid-fire speeds of 24Hz!

The addition of HDR is puzzling in a display that’s so clearly made for high-refresh multiplayer gaming, especially given the select number of titles that can actually run at 1440p above 240 frames per second. Most games with HDR functionality are graphics-heavy or have low frame rates – none will break 165fps on ultra image quality settings.

So, you want to know about the HP Omen X 25f? Well first off it’s got a TN panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. That’ll give your game advantage over other monitors because nothing can beat responsiveness! The input discusses features that are common among high-end gaming mirrors while summarizing them into brief statements or one-liners.

The resolution is also 1440p which makes things look even better than they would on 1080P screens so basically this monitor gives players everything they need for top-of-the-line performance at any given moment in their games without breaking too many records along the way—especially considering how expensive these sorts of displays tend to be anyway.


The HP Omen X 27 is a great monitor that delivers excellent performance. It’s just one of those more niche offerings for an elite audience that appreciates the best in class features and displays quality it offers, such as its high pixel density TN panel with crisp details thanks to AMD FreeSync up to 240Hz support (notably less input lag than many competing products).

However, at this price point, there are better options available by Asus & Gigabyte; especially considering how much you save over lower-end panels.

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