Is UK Casino License Vital For UK Players?

UKGC stands for United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It is the organization that controls and covers all gambling and betting establishments in the world. For these two purposes, they collaborate with numerous online sites. The UK market is huge and all websites must be licensed by the UKGC. This means that users have rights and are protected when they play, while the sites offer fair play.

Is it important to have a UKGC licence?

Yes, it is important that all casinos that want to be available in the UK are licensed by the UKGC. Once the site has this, it can be made available to all UK players in a legal and transparent manner. However, many casino sites outside the UK are also available at NonGamStopBets. These sites are also popular and accessible to players from all over the world. Websites are becoming increasingly popular and will be even more so in the near future because of the many benefits and advantages they can provide.

It is perfectly legal for you to access and play at any of these casinos. There are no rules against it, and you can play any game. You can also use any available payment option.

Benefits to UK players

With regard to the UKGC and the advantage enjoyed by UK players, we note a few things. There are 4 main types, which we will list and explain in a moment. The main purpose of this regulation is to make online gambling more attractive, safer and more desirable throughout the country.

Local support

All UK gambling sites must have local support. Note that all internet casinos have customer service. But the UK sites have dedicated support, available in English and at times most convenient for UK players.

This means that as a player you can contact support at any time and get a solution. You don’t have to wait for customer service to be available and process your request. For most players, this is very important and makes playing online safer and more economical.

Prompt payment

British websites are known for their fast payments. Believe it or not, but some casinos can respond to your withdrawal request within an hour. In other words, this means that you will receive money from the casino into your personal account within 60 minutes or less. This is usually possible with e-wallets, which are one of the fastest payment methods these days.

In general, we find that all other payment methods are also supported. You can see the speed and reliability. Add to that the fact that these are some of the largest sites on the web and you can see why fast payments are possible.

All methods of payment

We appreciate the possibility of using different payment methods. British casinos are an exception in this case. You can use any known means of payment. Most of these providers also work with the UKGC, so they are only available in casinos licensed by this gaming authority. PayPal and Boku are examples of this. Yes, you can use both payment methods at almost any UK casino, and the benefits are impressive.

The situation is similar for most other banking options. They will all be available and there will be no problem. You can use them all.

Quick Troubleshooting

If you experience a problem at a casino in the UK, expect it to be resolved within minutes. With the UKGC and a dedicated support team, all players can contact the support staff directly and their issues will be resolved within minutes. This is one of the biggest benefits we see, and it has a positive impact on gambling and betting.


The UKGC controls all UK casinos and is the most powerful gambling authority in the country. They make sure that the players get all the security and bonuses of the game. They make online gambling more popular, but that’s another topic.

frequently asked questions

Who regulates gambling in the UK?

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How do I obtain a casino licence in the UK?

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What is the law on gambling in the UK?

legislative guidelines

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