How To Fix A Laptop That Shuts Down When Plugged In 2022

How To Fix A Laptop That Shuts Down When Plugged In 2022

Fix Your Computer When It Shuts Down When You Plug It In If you are facing any problems with your laptop or desktop computer, This article will tell you how to fix a laptop that shuts down when plugged in. Then you need not worry about it as there are plenty of ways that will help you to fix it. 

The problem is that most people don’t know how to fix their laptop when it shuts down when plugged in. But, here are some of the effective ways to fix a laptop that shuts down when plugged in.

Check For The Power Supply: The first thing that you should check is the power supply, if the power supply is damaged then it will lead to overheating of the laptop and it will shut down. So, you need to check the power supply and make sure that it is working fine.

Replace The Battery: If the battery is damaged then it will lead to overheating and shut down. So, you need to replace the battery to avoid this problem.

Clean The Power Jack: If you are facing any problem with your laptop or desktop computer then you need not worry about it as there are plenty of ways that will help you to fix it. You can clean the power jack with a cotton ball or a soft cloth and then plug it in.

When I Plug In My Laptop, It Shuts Down?

How To Fix A Laptop That Shuts Down When Plugged

When a laptop is plugged in, it can shut down due to overheating, a faulty motherboard, or incorrect Windows settings. Modification of certain settings on your laptop can resolve this issue.

Voltage Problem In The Adapter: 

When the laptop is plugged in, it shuts down when it doesn’t have enough power or voltage.


If there is a frequent problem of the laptop shutting down then there is a failure in the board.


The laptop shuts down when it gets heated up due to serious damage. The laptop’s processor gets power when it’s plugged in and operates at full speed. This results in the body overheating.

Check The Laptop’s Power Settings: 

There is a chance that the laptop will shut down if certain power-related settings are wrongly activated. When plugged in, these settings do not support laptop functions. The power settings are one of the most likely causes of this problem. The “turn off when plugged in” option needs to be unselected if it is selected.

If a laptop shuts down when plugged in, it’s important to identify the major causes. The laptop needs to be corrected for its smooth functioning after identification.

The power settings can be reached by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting properties. After clicking the screen saver tab, you will be taken to the power button. You can check the option that’s been selected.

Battery Problem: 

There are problems with older batteries when there is a shutdown. If you want to see how the laptop responds, you have to test it properly. If the problem continues, you should replace the old battery with a new one.

HP Laptop Turns Off When Plugged In

All over the world, HP is a major manufacturer of best-quality laptops. When the laptop is plugged in, some issues might occur. The HP Zv6000 laptop does not turn on when plugged in.

Make Sure The Laptop Gets Enough Power: 

When the laptop is plugged in, make sure it gets the right amount of power by checking the outlet.

BIOS Heating:

The thermal stability issue has occurred if the BIOS is too hot to touch. You should disassemble the laptop, clean it, and reassemble it back together.

Connect With HP Support:

If you have had an issue for a long time, you should get help from HP support. They will help resolve the issue on time and provide efficient solutions without delay.

When Plugged In, The Dell Laptop Shuts Down

Another trusted brand is Dell, with laptops that offer high performance. Since laptops shut down during plug-ins, Dell laptops have also been affected. This problem is solved with long-term benefits by using a solution-oriented method listed below.

The AC adapter and battery are the basic components that need to be removed. Dust and dirt can be removed by cleaning them after removing them. The power button is located in the middle of the page. Repeatedly press it for about 10 seconds. 

The battery should be replaced with a new battery. The laptop has to be reassembled. It’s possible to restart it. If it is done correctly, the procedure mentioned above works great. Dell support can give you detailed advice and guidance if the shutdown problem continues.

When Plugged In, The Acer Laptop Shuts Down

When plugged into at least once in a while, the shutdown problem may occur on the Acer laptops. If the proper measures are taken, the issue can be solved. The problem with the Aspire e 15 laptops was that they shut down when plugged in.

It is perfectly appropriate to use the method given below to deal with this problem. The laptop needs to be unplugged and all external devices removed first. The power options can be selected by clicking on start. When to turn off the display option is the first thing you have to do.

Under the plugged-in option, some sliders can be used to control brightness. If you want to change the settings, adjust the sliders to the extreme left. Plugging it in is the last thing you should attempt. I

When Plugged In, The Asus Laptop Shuts Down

Exporting laptops all over the world is a popular brand of Asus. The risk of a shutdown is the same for these laptops as it is for other laptop brands. It is true that whenever this issue occurs, it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the battery or the board. The power settings of the laptop are causing the problem.

A simple method that is highly effective in rendering a solution for shutdown problems when a laptop is plugged in can be found below. You can find the screen saver tab by going to the display properties in the control panel. The Roxane power scheme needs to be selected. 

The purpose of the scheme is to keep the power between the battery and the AC adapter constant. When the laptop is plugged in, it will experience a problem of shutting down, if the “Always on” option is selected. 

Ensuring that the right options are selected and saved is important. If you want to test the laptop again, restart it and do it again. To get rid of this problem, it is suggested to implement the steps mentioned above carefully. The laptop will function without any issues if it is performed correctly.

When Plugged In, The Lenovo Laptop Shuts Down

How To Fix A Laptop That Shuts Down When Plugged

There are millions of laptop users with the well-known brand, Lenovo. Users still face shutdown problems when the laptop is plugged in, even though it is extremely famous. This issue was faced by people with the Lenovo Z510 laptop. Some of the most beneficial steps to try out to resolve the issue are given below.

Remove The Battery:

It’s important to remove the battery before putting it in again. If the problem persists after this, try plugging in the laptop.

Examine The Ports: 

The input terminal and output port on the laptop should be checked. Replacing the items if damage is found is a good idea.

Check The Power Settings: 

If all of the default settings are activated, you should open the laptop’s power settings. You can go back to the default settings if you don’t want to. In the last section, there was a discussion of this procedure.

Plugging In A Toshiba Laptop Turns It Off

This issue is often encountered by users with Toshiba laptops. There was an issue with the L350D laptop and the satellite 200. There are some efficient methods and solutions that can be used to help this problem.

Check The Power Supply: 

When there is a fluctuation in the power supply, the laptop might turn off suddenly. This is because it doesn’t receive enough power.

Replace The Adapter: 

If this problem continues for a long time, the adapter might be held responsible. When the laptop is plugged in, there is a shutdown caused by a faulty adapter.

Check The Power Button Settings: 

The button should be changed to default settings if it is set to shut down when plugged in. In the above section, you can find the steps to reach the power button, as well as how to fix a laptop that is turning off when plugged in.

Windows 10 Shuts Down The Laptop When It’s Plugged In

It’s common to shut down a laptop when it’s plugged in, especially when you’re trying to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. Some of the solutions that have been proven to help resolve this issue are given below. One after the other, you should try these methods to get the issue resolved quickly.

Get Back To Default Power Settings: 

The command prompt should be opened. If you want to restore default schemes, you have to type “powercfg”. The enter key needs to be pressed. If you want to close the command prompt, you need to type “exit”. If you want to restart, shut down and do it again.

Use Power Troubleshooter

The control panel needs to be opened. If you click on the option, you will be taken to a screen. Select the view you want to see. The trouble-shooter will be activated when you click on the power.

Remove external devices:

One of the most basic methods to be tried is this one. It’s suggested that you remove all other devices that aren’t a part of your system. Some external applications might be responsible for this issue as a result of the devices that are used to transmit them. 

If you want to restart your laptop, you should remove these devices. Plug the laptop back in and see if it works again. There is a chance that the issue might have been solved.


These were some simple and effective tips that will help you to fix your laptop that shuts down when plugged in. I hope that you got some information and will be able to fix your laptop by following these tips.

We hope you liked this post about How To Fix A Laptop That Shuts Down When Plugged In. I am sure after reading this article you will have a clear idea about how to fix your laptop. I know some of you have already tried the mentioned tips, but I am sure you will love the results once you try them carefully again. 

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