Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor – Best Guide 2022

Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

Do you want to know how to launch steam games on the second monitor? Here in this guide, you will be knowing different ways of doing so. So don’t miss anything and keep on reading.

In Windows 7, there is the possibility to launch different programs on different monitors. This makes it possible to run a program on a monitor and another one on the other monitor. This also works for games, but it only allows you to play game one at a time, as soon as you start the 2nd game, 1 of them will automatically close.

However, I found out how to make it possible to run more than 1 steam game at the same time. Here’s how:

After downloading them, install both programs and open the first one of them. When opening this program it will automatically close itself after a few seconds.

If these few seconds didn’t pass yet, don’t worry. It’s normal that you can see the main form of the program on top of its icon in the taskbar (the same way you can see Task manager or any other window that is always active).

Even if it seems like nothing happened when opening the program, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it. It’s just waiting for confirmation. But before doing something like closing steam by accident, make sure to go on the step.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of gaming on the internet. So when it comes to my personal computer needs and requirements there is nothing more important than getting all three screens straight for maximum immersion.

My current setup has me with an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card outfitted in triple monitor fashion; a 27″ screen is mainly used as media viewing at home or office work while 22 inches serves double duty – one function being gameplay from Counter-Strike roots. The last thing was added recently because sometimes even though we’re adults. We still want our childhoods too.

Can I Tell Steam Which Monitor To Open A Game On?

I have two monitors and Windows 7. Is it possible to tell Steam to open a game on my second monitor instead of the main one?

I’ve tried setting up ShiftLeftlayout but that just switches between which monitor gets used as default, not which specific program opens when I click “Start” from within each tab. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

With Big Picture Mode, you can choose which monitor games should be running from the settings menu in BP. Very handy if you’re playing 3D and need to make sure your display is used for that too.

Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

The TvGameLauncher is a small program that lets you run any game (including Steam) on your secondary monitor. Here’s what it can do:

  • Toggle primary monitor (so that the game runs on your other monitor fullscreen).
  • Set HDMI audio playback (so that audio comes out of your TV).
  • Prevent computer sleep (so that you can play with a gamepad whose input doesn’t stop sleep).
  • Darken non-game displays (so that the immersion atmosphere is maximized).
  • Launch any game executable (including Steam).
  • Revert all changes once the game exits.

How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor/Screen?

Method 1: By Using Windows Mode

If you are experiencing a problem with your graphics card not supporting the second screen, there is an easy solution. Run the game in Windows mode and it will work just fine.

These days, almost all games support full-screen mode and windowed play so you can easily switch your game on the second screen by opening it in either of those modes.

To enable the Window Mode, Press the Alt+Enter keys. After you finish dragging and dropping your second screen on top of the first, it will open up in Window mode. Now easily switch between full screens without having to do anything more.

Make sure to customize the game settings according to your second monitor to get the best graphics while playing the games.

Method 2: Switch Between Primary & Secondary Monitor

The next method is quite simple. If you have the money, I recommend getting a monitor for gaming purposes. You can get one that is of better quality and suits your needs best.

You can read our guide on Setting up a dual monitor to change the primary monitor and secondary monitors. Before you connect your secondary monitor, make sure that it’s powered on and connected with an HDMI / DisplayPort or VGA cable.

After you pick the size and type of display, it’s time to choose your primary device. If that doesn’t work either try selecting “Detect” in case there’s something wrong with detection or just go ahead and enjoy using two monitors.

Method 3: Duplicate Screen / Second Screen Only.

Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

Want to play a game? Turn off all your secondary screens and you’ll be in for some serious head-games. To set up your second screen, connect it to the PC via HDMI. Then launch Google TV’s settings menu with one click of a button.

The best part is that if you have an upcoming task or appointment on either computer then this will allow them both access without needing anything extra in between—just make sure everything syncs before pressing “Start Now.” A new app will be added to your secondary device so you can watch YouTube videos, listen to Spotify, or manage all social media accounts.

Does it feel like there are always obstacles in your way to playing games on streaming platforms? Well, I’ve got great news for all of us gamers. Now we don’t have any more problems with using our second screens because they finally made them compatible across devices without hassle or issue whatsoever thanks to this new update from Google Play Games Services 2.0. Enjoy.

Method 3. Use a dedicated multi-monitor management tool

Before you can make the most of your multi-monitor setup, it’s important to use a tool like Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware Fusion. These programs allow users with different screens and laptops alike an easy way to work together without having any problems arise from running multiple operating systems at once.

These tools have been around for a long time and can be used to improve your computer in more ways than just gaming. There’s a lot of different ways to enjoy your games on other screens.

You can use DisplayFusion, which lets you play them in windowed mode and even set up secondary displays so those who don’t have an Nvidia GPU will still get the full experience. This software tool is like a lightweight multi-monitor management solution that will allow you to increase your productivity and the number of things in which can be done when using this setup.

Here are some of the perks of using DisplayFusion:

  • Create customizable hotkeys.
  • Enable multi-monitor taskbars.
  • Enable multi-monitor title bar buttons.
  • It has a trial version that lasts indefinitely.
  • Customize the way your setup displays your favorite wallpaper.

Method 4. How to make a Steam game open on a different monitor

There are many ways to get your game running on two or more monitors.

You can use dedicated multi-monitor software tools, but there’s also the option of tricks and workarounds which you might be interested in trying if want has a secondary monitor available for playing games like Steam titles from time to time. Here we will explore some ideas as well as show how simple they can make things: 

One of the best ways to make your dual monitor setup even better is by setting up an extra screen as a primary. This way, you can multitask more easily and work on two different things at once without worrying about switching back and forth between windows or screens! The process for doing this will vary depending upon what operating system (OS) version that particular computer has installed – but I’m here today with some tips specifically targeted towards Windows 10 users in need

  • Open “Settings” from within the Appearance & Personalization menu.
  • click- >then select ‘Change display settings’
  • Choose which monitor should act primarily
  • Underneath the Orientation section, choose the preferred orientation
  • Apply changes
  • Run the game in borderless windowed mode and use Shift+Win+Arrow Right to move it to the right.
  • Note: This method might leave a gap in the size of your taskbar on the secondary monitor.
  • Lastly, some games allow you to choose a monitor when in fullscreen or borderless windowed.

How to make CS: GO open on a different monitor

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular brick-and-mortar game, but it also has an online component. If you want to get the most out of your experience make sure that when playing on PC or Mac with other players you are using Steam because all methods I’ve shown in this article should work just fine for CS GO.

How To Make Fortnite Open On Another Monitor?

Run the game in windowed mode and drag it to your desired screen. The convenience of being able to switch from a fullscreen mode with no windows and play in windowed form is what makes this game so awesome.

Unlike many other PC games, there’s no need for you or your computer opponent on Fortnite. Simply go into settings – video/display options – choose how big each screen wants its own image (either 900×540 pixels) then make sure both modes are enabled before pressing “proceed.” Now let’s see those chic shots everyone has been talking about.

You can play Fortnite in fullscreen mode on your secondary monitor if you want to, but it’ll only show up as a separate window. All windows need at least one primary screen for their display so that they’re not covered by other programs or popping up without warning when someone clicks somewhere else within the desktop composition area of Windows 10.

How To Make Overwatch Open On A Different Monitor

Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

The third solution is to launch the Blizzard from a secondary monitor. To do this, connect your laptop or desktop computer directly to an external display and use these two methods:

  • Now you can play Overwatch on your secondary monitor.
  • Simply move the game window into that extra space and it will be borderless.
  • Set your secondary screen as a priority and turn it into the primary when you launch Overwatch.

By following the steps or using tools, you are able to play games on your secondary monitor while still being able to use it for other tasks.

You Can Use Window Mode

Many games use the full-screen mode while you run them. So, a GPU system dedicated to such gameplay on your primary monitor may not support graphics card functionality for second displays of any kind if they are supported at all by developers or allowed in settings menu options—but it’s worth checking before assuming an AllowSecondScreen. No option means there won’t be anything available.

To play a game on two monitors, first, select which monitor you want to use. Then press Alt + Enter keys together when in the running state of your operating system and it will go into window mode if that’s what is visible there already or else it’ll create another one for each screen so they’re both full-sized (not squashed).

Dragging an open app over onto this new space should automatically make its size match whatever other applications are currently opened at once; just be careful not to overlap anything because hurts eyesight.

To exit outa any program after transferring between screens – either close all windows with no tabs left open within them OR hit Windows key+ Tab simultaneously (don’t know why some people mention doing).

Conclusion: Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

In this tutorial, we covered how to launch Steam games on the second monitor. This is a feature that you can turn on or off in your steam settings. When you’re trying to launch a game on Steam, it’s important to use a different monitor. This is because you’re going to want to show your friends how awesome your new game looks.

If you’re launching a game and you want to see your friends’ reactions, you should launch your game on your second monitor. I prefer to launch Steam games from within the game. That way, I can keep my mouse and keyboard focused on the game. This also gives me a great view of the in-game action without having to move my mouse.

If you are having trouble with launching games on a second monitor, read this article. It explains how to launch Steam games on the second monitor. If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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