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Lenovo Y27GQ 25 Review – Best Monitor 2022

Lenovo Y27GQ 25 Review – Best Monitor 2021

Looking for a comprehensive Lenovo Y27GQ 25 review? This guide is for you. Here you will get to know about all the necessary information regarding the same, so keep on reading.

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This monitor is designed to dominate with an impeccable blend of 240Hz refresh rate, 0.5ms response time, and the latest NVIDIAÂ®ï¸ G-SYNCâ„¢ technology. This 27″ gaming monitor with its NearEdgeless QHD display and detachable Harman Kardon certified speaker takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

What’s Inside The Box? [Lenovo Y27GQ 25 Review]


  • Screen size: 27-inches 
  • Panel type: TN 
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 
  • Response time: 0.5ms 
  • Refresh rate: 240Hz 
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 
  • Released: EU August 2019, US Q4 2019 TBC

Pros & Cons


  • World-first 1440p 240hz monitor 
  • Narrow bezels 
  • Ergonomic stand


  • Average cable management
  • Inbuilt fan 
  • Expensive
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The 0.5ms response time and the 240Hz refresh rate deliver a clear-cut advantage compared to others in responsiveness and smoothness during games. It also comes with NVIDIAÂ®ï¸ G-SYNCâ„¢ technology which eliminates screen tearing, minimizes stuttering and input lag, and provides buttery-smooth gameplay.

The Acer Predator Z271UV has an extremely fast 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) which renders image transition smoothly between moving scenes for an unparalleled visual experience! Visuals are sharp and detailed with an IPS panel providing wide viewing angles up to 178°/178° for high-quality visuals from any position.

Design & Build Quality

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With its clean design and simple black finish, this monitor is not only stylish but functional. The narrow bezel on the top of the screen provides an elegant look that can work well with any décor or office style while also eliminating distractions close to your eyes when you’re trying to focus in one direction exclusively.

There are three USB ports as well as an audio jack conveniently located behind a panel near where your keyboard would rest if it were sitting next to a desk – no need to search around looking for these things because they’ve all been hidden here waiting patiently until someone requested them by name (which shouldn’t take long). Add some extra flair into your workspace using either HDMI 1×2 cables so everything looks victoriously.

This monitor has the latest and greatest display technology, with an HDMI 2.0 port on its rear to keep up-to-date with today’s high definition standards as well as a DisplayPort 1.4 plug for those who want even higher resolutions in their gaming or video editing sessions! Plus 3 USB 3 ports – enough power for all your devices at once without needing multiple cables running across your desk space (or tearing through walls).

I’m loving this one because not only does it have plenty of connections out front so you can connect everything easily without cable clutter everywhere but also gives me more freedom by taking two free slots away from my hubby’s old school Amplifier/speakers setup which took over half our available sockets.

I don’t like the OSD controls on this TV. Unlike some of its competitors, Lenovo opted for a traditional multiple-button control system that can be confusing and less intuitive than newer joystick styles as there is no direct feedback from your input as to what you are doing in real-time which forces me (the viewer) into guessing at times whether or not I am moving something correctly with only looking at still images until it’s too late!

The input was about how one might misuse their remote control when watching television; however, they mention using examples such as having buttons appear outlandishly due simply because most people do not know where certain things should go without reading further.

The Legion Y27GQ 25 also comes with a Harmon/Kardon certified speaker that attaches to the base and connects to your monitor via two USB plugs. When plugged in, these lights illuminate so you can easily find them when needed.

Adaptive Sync Technology

Lenovo Y27GQ 25 Review
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The NVIDIA G Sync HDR monitor is designed to make your experience more spectacular. In addition, this device has a built-in fan which may annoy some people with ultra-quiet setups – but don’t worry! The cooling system ensures the stability and longevity of its performance even if you’re sensitive about sound or vibration.

The new “HDR Ready” resolution makes it easier for gamers who want their game graphics enhanced on any screen size up to 1080p 27 inches all way down 4K 38″. Get ready because gaming just became immersive like never before.”

Visuals For Extreme Gaming

The Lenovo Legion Y27GQ 25 is the perfect gaming monitor for those looking to take their experience up a notch. With its high refresh rate and fast response time, this 27″ model will dominate all other screens in-game! Add on top of that NVIDIA GSYNC technology which syncs frame rates with your graphics card’s output giving you buttery-smooth gameplay without any lag or strokes detections – it really feels like cheating.

Fast and Smooth

This 240Hz monitor is the perfect addition to your gaming PC. With a response time as low as 0.5ms and an advanced NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology that eliminates screen tearing, display stutter, and input lag for distraction-free gameplay this will be one of the best investments.

The feature list includes: –The darkest blacks yet seen on any panel -Improved contrast ratio thanks to aggressive gamma correction applied at factory level before final production –Predominantly uniformity fluorescent LCD calibration with very little peak luminance deviation from center point horizontally asymmetry vertically oriented deviations light bleeding behind image edges.

  • Technology-NVIDIA® G-SYNCâ„¢
  • Refresh Rate- 240Hz
  •  Response Time-0.5ms

 Audiovisual Experience

The NearEdgeless QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution offers exceptional visual clarity to elevate your gaming experience. Imagine the adrenaline as you play on this monitor, seeing realistic graphics that are sharp and remarkable in their detail!

The narrow bezel allows for more viewing area without missing any of those details – it’s easy when they’re all right before your eyes, unlike other screens where there might have been some scrolling or panning involved due to just trying to catch everything worth seeing at first glance.

And because we want our players not only to see but also hear what goes down during gameplay too so comes Harman Kardon certified speakers built into every unit which provides superior sound quality so no matter how intense things get inside cyberspace, you can still stay.

  • Display-NearEdgeless,QHD, anti-glare
  • Audio-Detachable Harman, Kardon certified, speaker (Optional) 
  • Certification-TÃœV Eye Comfort

Advanced Connectivity

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The Legion is a premium monitor with the clean design that you want. It has three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI+DP for connecting all your devices easily, and an audio combo jack so nothing gets left out! The ergonomic lift function lets users adjust how high they want their screen to be when in use – perfect if it’s mounted on something like an easel or wall mountable; then there are tilt control options as well which allow flexibility while working at different angles (upward 90 degrees). And even swivel allows rotation around two points without losing too much distance between them perfect if either side needs more workspace than one standard 27-inch panel provides.

Display and performance

The Legion Y27GQ 25 is a great choice for people looking to maximize their shiny new RTX 3000 series or Radeon RX 6000 series cards. It uses a 27″ flat TN panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution (2560 x 1440) which will make your gaming experience even more immersive than before. TN panels are able to achieve insanely high refresh rates without driving the price up even higher, though at a cost of color accuracy and viewing angles.

The Legion Y27GQ 25has less appealing viewing angles than most IPS displays. However, Lenovo was able to provide accurate colors due in part to using their proprietary monitors which are designed for gamers and other professionals who need high-performance graphics without any lag time or input timing bugs.

The Legion Y27GQ 25delivers as promised. There’s no frame skipping evident and the 3ms response time makes for some really smooth gameplay. You can now have buttery smooth gaming with the new 240Hz refresh rates. The output should still be interesting, creative despite being more informative.

With a 2560 x 1080 resolution and support for high refresh rates, the Legion Y27gq-25 is one hell of a gaming monitor. It also features GSYNC technology from NVIDIA so you can enjoy buttery smooth gameplay without any screen tearing or stutter on your PC.

There’s even Freesync compatibility if that tickles some fancy in your brain because who doesn’t want more fluid movement when they play games. The end result is a monitor that’s like playing on air, with the cards passing through our review labs. The user experience of this product was made even better because it left an impression from its predecessors.

The fans at the back of this computer are designed to keep it cool and running smoothly. With a refresh rate that’s higher than most monitors, there is bound to be some heat generated from all those frames being updated so quickly – luckily for us! The fan helps vent out air molecules created by gaming sessions which could cause heating problems in other parts if left unchecked.

The fan noise is there, but not at the same level as our main PC rig. You could probably hear it in a really quiet room with AC on and if you’re next to one of these fans while using your computer or standing close by yourself -it’s not going to be loud enough for everyone else around though.

For those that are sensitive to noise, the Fan- distraction won’t be an issue. It’s quieter than our main PC rig and you could probably hear it in a really quiet room with AC on – but not so loud as being distracting at least for me! If you’re sitting beside/on top of a stand fan without any windows nearby? Then yes.

While there is still some fan noise from this machine when running programs or doing heavy multitasking tasks such as gaming online throughout different meals (notification pop-ups can get quite annoying), I am able definitely to say these fans have been more tolerable compared to other computers

Feature And Benefits

The 27-inch near borderless QHD (2560 x 1440) anti-glare gaming display is perfect for gamers who want to up their game. It has an incredible resolution that makes games look so sharp, it will be hard not to put on one of these when you have free time.

With a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time, this monitor is perfect for gamers who want to get the most out of their gameplay without any lag! The latest NVIDIA G-SYNC technology adds even more smoothness so you can enjoy playing with ease.

The gaming screen features an impressive 120hz display coupled by 1 ms (millisecond) pixel sync capabilities that will be sure to make your opponents feel like they’re once again while victory slips through your fingers due only in part because its quick responsiveness – nothing beats winning when it doesn’t take long.

The perfect way to enjoy your favorite games without sacrificing sound quality, the XONAR DG is a fully-fledged amplifying speaker that delivers clear and loud sounds. It has been designed with both gamers’ eyes comfort in mind as well as being TÃœV eye certification – so you can game all day long.

The monitor offers a host of ports to make it easy for you to connect your various devices. With three USB 3.0, HDMI+DP, and an audio combo jack available on this sleek design – there’s no need ever worry about being disconnected from what matters most! The pivot function allows the screen angle adjustment so that users can find their ideal posture without hassle or discomfort when using prolonged periods of time.

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This monitor is a steal at only Php 49,995! It has more than enough features to keep you satisfied and it doesn’t hurt that this bad boy can go up to 4K resolution.

The 27-inch 1440p resolution display is perfect for gamers and creative professionals alike. It can handle more serious work with full-color accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your presentations suffering just because they’re not made in front of a screen.

This monitor not only has a display with both HDR and G-Sync capabilities, but it also offers an impressive 240Hz refresh rate. All this combined makes for some serious gaming goodness.

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