How To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking (Steps 2022)

How To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking (Steps 2022)

You may have already heard that there was a problem with the Oculus Quest controllers losing tracking and causing users to experience a black screen when the headset is removed. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this post, I’ll show you how to fix Oculus quest controller losing tracking.

The pair of included controllers are the default method for controlling your headset. They are the only controllers that are supported in a lot of games. You can sometimes find that the headset loses track of where the controllers are.

If it is often happening or if it happened once when you were close to beating a new song in Beat Saber, this is frustrating. We have put together a list of tips to help you out if you are having controller tracking issues.

Why Is My Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking?

How To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking

There are issues in the hardware that can cause the controller to lose track. When you play a game using this issue, it can pop up out of the blue. Losing track is something that can happen while you are using the controller. There may be other problems that the controller has to contend with.

While putting on/off or adjusting the headset, your fingers will inevitably touch the sensors now and then. The oil and dirt are transferred from your fingers to the glass. One might find it difficult to make other connections.

It takes a lot of time to pair the quest headset and the app. Sometimes a lower battery charge can cause the quest controller to lose track. Sometimes, charging the battery won’t help if the hardware issues are major.

A factory reset is usually the solution to this problem. You have to contact the service center at the earliest if it continues for a long period. They will make the necessary changes when they come. If the faults are major, they will replace them with a new one for you.

Check The Headset Tracking Cameras Are Clean

The cameras in the headset can be used to keep track of your controllers and surroundings. For these cameras and the tracking they facilitate, the cameras need to have a clear view to work.

You need to make sure that you don’t put decals or stickers over any of the camera lenses. If the lens does not have anything obvious blocking them, give them a quick wipe down as dirt on the lens can also cause tracking issues.

How To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Tracking

Setting the factory setup of the quest controller will usually solve the tracking problem. Resetting is possible because the sensors on the actual body are on the quest.

The quest controller can lose track if the lighting is not even. Make sure all the lights are on in the room where you are using it.

Take time to make sure there are proper connections between the headset and the application of the controller. They can lose track if that’s not the case. Put them up to charge if the battery is running low.

It’s important to clean the headset as soon as possible, especially the glass covering it. The tracking process should not be hampered by any type of oil/dirt obstruction. The microfiber cloth needs to be used for cleaning.

Tracking problems can increase if the Wi-Fi connection is slow or not stable. It’s important to make sure the connection is reliable.

Along with the factory reset, there are many times these tips can fix the tracking issues. If it continues, return the controller that was defaulted and swap it for a new one.

Too Bright Or Too Dark

Being a camera system, the tracking needs light to function. Ensure that your play-space is well lit because dim light and darkness can cause tracking issues. Don’t forget that direct sunlight can be a problem if there is too much light.

The Quest 2 is not designed for use outside and can be difficult to use if it is exposed to sunlight or glare. If you have a lot of natural light coming in from a window, try closing the curtains or blinds a bit to reduce the glare.

Troubleshooting Oculus Quest Controller Tracking Problems

There are a lot of physical issues with the tracking issue of the Oculus quest controller.

Pairing Trouble Between Oculus Headset And Oculus App

Make sure that all the connections between these two are perfect. You need to make sure that you entered the correct code. If the problems don’t go away, you should contact the support team.

Straps Of The Oculus Quest Are Troubling

The straps need to be adjusted carefully while putting on the headset. The take-off should be carried out cautiously. You don’t want to apply too much force on the strap. 

You don’t want to pull them too much. Make sure the straps are tightened one at a time. The warranty doesn’t cover any wear and tear or physical damages caused to the controller.

Charging Issues

It is recommended that the charging cable be connected to the headset. The cable shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Plug the cable back in if it is loose, and make sure the wire is connected correctly.

The side of the headset should have an illumination device on it. Either orange or green should be the color of it. The headset isn’t charging correctly if it’s not either of them. When the headset isn’t being used or charging, it should be turned off.

Error Tracking Lost On Oculus Quest

While playing Sairento, the quest controller can lose its ability to track. If you haven’t updated to the most recent version of the software, this can happen. The newer versions of the game may not be compatible with the older versions. This can cause the game to crash, and you may lose all your data. The following steps should be used to fix the problem.

The latest updates are what you should look for. 70% of the cases will usually be solved by an update. If you want to do a factory reset, you need to reboot the headset. The internal issues that may be responsible for causing the controller to lose tracking can be solved by this.

Lightening effects can be tried in different room settings. The light in one room may be different than the rest of the room. Too much brightness at the opposite end can cause it to have a dark phase.

If the controller is only on one side, check if it has lost track on both sides. If one of the controllers is malfunctioning, you need to fix it in a way that doesn’t damage the other. If both have failed, then you should contact the service center.

Make sure the headset stays on all the time. The controllers should be connected. The controller should show the IR LEDs.

What Is Wrong With My Oculus Quest Controller?

How To Fix Oculus Quest Controller Losing Tracking

There are several reasons why your quest controller has stopped working. Along with the solutions, there are some reasons mentioned.

Trouble Connecting To Wi-fi

When you receive an error indicating the same, you find out that this problem is very common. It can be solved by a different method. A web page can ask for interaction before giving you access to the internet connection. A page like this is called a captive portal. 

These captive portals are used by the public networks of public wi-fi in hotels, airports, and the like. If your network is connected to a captive portal, the quest controller will not work immediately. Making the necessary changes is what you have to do.

The quest won’t function properly if the wi-fi signal is weak. If you want a better signal, you should move closer to your router. If that doesn’t work, connect your controller to another wi-fi connection, which has a stronger signal.

In case you’ve entered the wrong password of your Wi-Fi into the Oculus quest controller, an error will pop up.

Trouble Pairing/Connecting Oculus Quest Controllers

There are a lot of reasons you can’t pair your Oculus quest controllers. If you can’t fix the issue, try one or all of the steps.

While the quest is being used, wake up the controller by pressing any button. The quest controller needs to be reoriented by holding down the plus button for about 20 seconds. This is where you should remove the battery. Then use the oculus touch controller to put it back in.

The Oculus quest controller should be unpaired and re-paired by the following steps.


You can change the settings from the app on your phone or laptop. Pick the headset which is currently being used. The Unpair controller option can be found in the controller’s menu. You will be able to log out when the unpair is successful.


If you want to change the settings on your phone, select the option from the app. The pair new controller option can be found in the controller’s menu. If you want to pair up, you can choose either left or right. The menu button should be held until the light blinks and the pair is confirmed.

Controller Touches Are Not Able To Set Up The Guardian

There are times when the area in which you are playing has a lot of distance from the guardian. There is a chance that the pair could break in the future. There can be problems with the touch controllers if they are mishandled. The following steps can be used to sort out this issue.

You need to make sure that the area in which you are playing is at least 2 feet by 2 feet. If you want to define your boundary, place objects like a couch, table, and sofa.

The Trigger on your quest controller should be pressed and held while you set the boundaries. Don’t use your hands, legs, or any other body part to block the tracking fence of your controller while setting the boundaries. If the battery on your touch controller is low or dead, make sure to charge it or change it.

How To Fix The Oculus Quest Controller That Keeps Disconnecting

Various issues can cause the controllers to disconnect. Either the right or the left can be disconnected. Both can become disconnected in some cases. The following steps can be used to sort out this issue.

The controllers should not be connected to the headset at all. Only one of them should be disconnected if it’s troubling (right or left).

Remove the batteries so that the controllers can rest completely. For the next two to five minutes, this position should be maintained. This is done to make certain that the controllers are reset correctly.

The batteries are supposed to be reinstalled after the time is up. The controllers will start working again if you make the necessary repairs.

Change Tracking Frequency

Tracking issues can be caused by light-emitting devices. LED bulbs don’t have the same issue as other bulbs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cause problems. When electrons flow over the light-emitting device, it emits light.

Depending on which country you live in, the power delivery in homes uses either 50 or 60 hertz. The light is on when the electric pulse causes it to flash, but it goes off again after a few seconds.

The LEDs flicker out of the corner of your eyes, even though you can’t see them, because the speed of the pulses is fast. If you pull out your phone camera, you will see a weird flickering effect, which can be even more noticeable in the slow-motion video camera, but that just doesn’t happen in the slow-motion video camera.

The Quest 2 headset tries to compensate for the flickering rate of the light bulbs. You can try to change the setting yourself if you can’t resolve your tracking issues. You can change this setting by opening up the settings and choosing between Automatic, 50, or 60 percent.


The most common cause of tracking issues for the Quest controllers is not the hardware itself. It’s the cables that are connected to it.

The Quest uses the same cables as the Rift, but they can be a bit too long for the small form factor. This is why some users have reported having tracking issues even though they have had no problems with the Rift.

I hope you liked this post about “how to fix Oculus quest controller losing tracking”. I know some of you have already tried the mentioned ways but I am sure you will love the results. Thanks For Reading! 

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