RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide Crashing/Freezing/Overclocking

RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide Crashing/Freezing/Overclocking

Wanna know about RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide? Read further to know more.

RTX 2070 is a great card, but it can be difficult to overclock. This review will cover how to overclock the card, what to expect when you do so, and how to troubleshoot if things go wrong.

So do you want to know about RTX 2070 crashing/freezing/overclocking (troubleshooting)? If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything out!

Is The Rtx 2070 Worth It?

Many computer users think the price of the RTX 2070 is worth it. Ray-tracing and outstanding gaming performance can be found at an affordable price. There is an imposing transistor count that can make you enjoy a 4k gaming performance.

The performance of the RTX 2070 is better than the performance of the GTX1080. It’s possible to enjoy 4k gaming performance without fighting. It’s not a bad deal to go for this powerful gaming card with advanced Turing features. If you owned a graphics card before, it will give you a performance boost.

RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide

Is The Rtx 2070 Good For Streaming?

If you want something over and above ordinary gaming, then you should go for RTX 2070. The brain of our system is the graphic cards, and they offer impressive streaming and content creation.

The streaming performance of the RTX 2070 is better than that of the GTX 1080 Ti. The pressure from your processor is lifted by the additional cores used for encoding. It makes your streaming performance better by preventing your graphics card from getting overwhelmed.

For game streaming, it provides an improved performance. In games like Call of Duty, the frame rates are improved by over 50%. You can stream with superior and impressive image quality, even in high-motion scenes, if you choose to.

It’s possible to stream on the RTX 2070 because of its sharper texts, more detailed texture, and superior viewing experience. It is possible to add stability to game streaming with the help of the Tensor andRT cores of the RTX 2070.


It lacks game performance while providing visual fidelity and is more expensive than 5700XT RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti in terms of streaming performance.

Is RTX 2070 Good For Gaming?

The RTX 2070 is a mind-blowing graphics card with a 4k gaming experience that is within the zone of midrange cards for gaming. 60 frames per second can be handled with 1440p. 

The Turing architecture of the RTX 2070 has cutting-edge features to provide you with incredible realism and impressive game performance. At 4k resolution, you can play the latest games.


It can sometimes be unstable at the maximum power limit. If you try to increase your performance by a lot, your system will freeze or crash. You can’t increase your power boost to more than 16%.

RTX 2070 Idle Temperature

The temperature range for the RTX 2070 is between 45 and 50C. If you’re playing a high-end game, it usually runs at 55C. You can apply thermal paste, which will lower the heat even more. Extreme temperatures will damage your components, so if you are reaching 80C you need to seek a service provider.

You can improve your fan speed by using programs like Afterburner. If you keep bumping up the pace, your fan will stop working. There is a way to create a curve to use your card at a lower temperature. The thermal limit can be found in the range of 80 to88C. You don’t need to be concerned about the temperatures below that range.

RTX 2070 Super Temperature Limit

RX 2070 Super temperature ranges from 158-176°F. If the temperature exceeds 176°F, take steps to avoid a burn. If the temperature exceeds 200°F, please turn off your GPU and remove it from your case and restart your computer.

Reasons For High Graphics Card Temperature

The card should be no warmer than 70°C during gaming, and your airflow settings should be tuned for optimal performance. There are many programs and devices out there designed to help you optimize your airflow settings. It’s important to make sure that you do it right.

Why Does Rtx 2070 Keep Freezing?

Check your fan curve settings to see if you need to try stabilizing your overclock. You should install the latest drivers and the updated bios to prevent the RTX 2070 from freezing.


The most common causes of problems during gaming include overclocking the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), which can cause problems. It’s important to have the right power supply for your computer, but also to test the memory of your computer before you play games. Overclocking can also lead to system errors.

Steps On How to Fix Freezing RTX 2070

Try to uninstall all your files and drivers with DDU, then use a driver removal software or tool to clean the files, and check the power settings of your system. You need to install all the drivers on your PC after you have rebooted it.

RTX 2070 Low FPS

It’s possible to put your graphics card in another part of your computer. You can also install a new driver to boost your performance.

Causes and advice:

Maybe you aren’t getting enough power from your processor. It is possible to cut off the system power from the switch. Check to see if the cables and attachments are connected correctly.

The version of the BIOS you have is no longer up to date. You should try to update to the latest version if you are using third-party caps. It’s possible that ray settings can hurt your game’s performance.

Numbered steps on how to fix: 

If you want to prevent your games from auto-optimizing, turn off your graphics card if it is already enabled, uninstall all the graphics card drivers with the Display Driver Uninstaller, restart your computer, swap to full-screen mode, and check for your memory. 

RTX 2070 Low FPS Fortnite

You can try to get the game and drivers back in working order. You can change your size and position on your computer. Enhance the performance of your graphics cards.


Epic settings can lead to low fornite. It is possible that your game settings are not optimal.

Steps on how to fix:

For those that have been playing Fortnite for a while, you know that sometimes it’s better to turn the graphics down so you don’t run out of RAM when it takes several minutes for your computer to load the game’s UI (user interface). In addition, you can reduce the number of graphical effects that you see on the screen.

Advice and tips:

Plug your computer monitor into your gaming card when you open the task manager, and install the right drivers to prevent game lagging.

RTX 2070 Low FPS Minecraft

The performance of the game depends more on the computer’s performance than it does on the computer’s performance. If you install the latest version of Java, make sure you check for thermal throttling.

Causes And Advice:

It’s a good idea to check for your render distance. If it is more than 32 chunks, it will affect the performance of your processor as it isn’t multi-threaded. Try to increase the number of frames per second, check your settings and see if your fps is capped.

How To Fix:

If you’re playing a game, check your clock speed and thermal readings, change your global settings to enable default options, and make sure all your devices are securely connected.

RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide

RTX 2070 Low GPU Usage

You can limit the amount of RAM you use by playing your games in settings that are ultra graphics intensive. If you want to increase your gaming graphics card usage, you can change the settings on your computer.


  • A bottleneck CPU can cause low GPU usage by reducing the amount of RAM that your GPU has access to. It is important to know where your power draw is coming from and the best way to do that is with a utility like Wattman.

Steps On How To Resolve It:

Do you want to upgrade your PC or do you want to change its settings? If you want to change your memory settings, upgrade your computer’s processor to 9700k. To maximize performance, set everything to maximum capacity.

Go to the control panel and select power options, and replace your faulty fans with new ones to reduce overheating and boost GPU usage. You can change plan settings to a balanced plan with the power options windows.

How To Overclock Rtx 2070

If you press the button on the OC scanner, you will be able to increase the performance of your RTX 2070. You can check the voltage curves and intervals with a software algorithm test. It’s possible to boost the overall performance of your game with overclocking. You can change the voltages and frequencies of the memory clock.

The clock cycles of calculation per second will be increased by increasing the rate of your card’s memory and graphics processing units. If your core clock is too hard, it will cause your game to crash or freeze.

Steps To Overclock Your Rtx 2070

You can use an afterburner to increase the performance of your computer’s graphics card. Click on the OC scanner if you want to press Control+F. The power limit should be set at the maximum. It’s a good idea to set the voltage control panel at default. The stability of the curve will be presented by the scanner. Take the new curve and apply it.

You have the option to automate or do it manually. There is an automated curve that is more smooth than the manual forcing method.

RTX 2070 overclock settings

Continuously check the stability, voltage, and temperatures as you continue to increase your card’s settings, and know when to stop. You can download the latest version of MSI afterburner.

The OC scanning methodologies will be enabled by all that is swapped. If you have a stable OC, the OC Scanner will find it for you. Make sure to check for memory and voltage usage.

The power delivery of your system will affect the OC scanner’s setting of an overclock curve. A game crash is possible if the game’s temperature is set beyond a certain limit. If you boost your fan speed, you can force an airflow that directly hits your graphics card.

Better results will be achieved by maintaining a lower temperature. The best way to set an OC curve is to set it for your processor.

RTX 2070 Vs 2080

The performance improvement of RTX 2080 is less than the performance improvement of RTX 2070. The price to performance ratio of RTX 2080 is not as good as the price to performance ratio of RTX 2070. The RTX 2080 comes loaded with a lot of different types of cores. The performance of RTX 2070 is not as good as the performance of RTX 2080.

The 4k gaming in RTX 2080 is more powerful and smooth than it was in 2070. The features in RTX 2080 are much more advanced than they were in 2070. Although it is supported in the higher version of 2080, it is not supported in the lower version of 2070.

RTX 2070 Super Vs 2080 Ti

The price of the RTX 2080 Ti is not justified by its performance. The performance upgrade from 2070 to 2080 Ti is not as good as it could be. The RTX 2080 Ti has more memory bandwidth and better floating-point performance than the RTX Super 2070.

The price to performance ratio for the RTX 2070 Super is better than the price to performance ratio for the RTX 2080 Ti. The power supply and performance of the RTX 2080 Ti are better than that of the RTX 2070 Super.

There is a possibility that professional users and game developers will benefit from the new RTX 2080 Ti. Users with higher benefits will be the ones who use the RTX 2070 Super. 

The cards have Turing features such as ray tracing, Tensor cores, and RT cores. There is a slightly better streaming experience for professional streamers with the new technology.

The difference between the RTX 2070 and the RTX 2070 Super is significant. It has advanced features to enhance the gaming experience and is a good value for money. The ridiculously high price of the RTX 2080 Ti isn’t supported by many additional features.

RTX 2070 Troubleshooting Guide


Overclocking your RTX 2070 is still possible and you must know the reasons why you are stuck with overclocking. It will help you to avoid the problems that come with overclocking. If you want to know how to install the latest version of the driver then check out our guide on how to install the latest Nvidia drivers.

This blog on “RTX 2070 Crashing/Freezing/Overclocking (Troubleshooting)” would help you with this issue.

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