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In the old days of The Sims, chess was always a logical game.

And with the popularity of the Queen’s Gambit series, chess is back in the spotlight…..

A game where you have to make precise moves, read your opponent’s moves and just understand IQ philosophy. It’s my pleasure.

But maybe you should change your game a little bit. Well, this list is definitely pelas as we rank some of the best custom chess sets and chess items for Sims 4.

Let’s take a look at some of the best chess boards your Sim can say…..


8. Isabel Chess Set

Look at this CC

This ornate chess piece is a pawn on our list.

Soloria foldable chessboard with 5 unique designs.

It’s actually a custom board similar to how most kids play their first game. This could be the perfect place for your little Sims to learn logic.

7. Bella Knight

Look at this CC

The following article is not used directly for chess, but uses the chess horse figure as a decorative figurine.

Designer Flovv offers 3 different textures for this horse statue, but the glass texture is a clear expression.

For all chess lovers this piece is definitely a W, even though the knight can only move with the pattern L…..

6. Tuomo Modern Chessboard

Look at this CC

This Scandinavian chess board has a modern and simple design.

As a solid square wooden board, this piece is perfect for any modern household looking for something unique, unlike most simple chess pieces.

Since this is a modern piece, I can imagine the Vikings fighting with this board for hours.

5. King Reserved

Look at this CC

The next chess piece in the decoration is the most important piece of the game: the king.

If the king is defeated, the game is over.

This TS4 CC decal has a platinum finish on the king chess piece.

It comes in two color options: a beautiful ruby red or a platinum steel.

In my opinion, one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. Perfect to put on a desk in your home office or playroom if you have one.

Long live the king.

4. My test board

Look at this CC

The popular creator of SIMCredible gives us our next piece of this custom chess table.

Speedy glass cube table, ideal for placing a chessboard in a narrow corner.

In addition to the two color options, the table also features a striking brown trunk that almost looks like the roots of a tree.

A unique approach to a difficult game and a good choice for custom content.

3. Chess table for girls study

Look at this CC

Here is an interesting chessboard designed by an efficient SIMcredible.

This one looks perfect for the college scene, with bright colors and a nice finish on the board itself.

The table contains 2 colours in 16 variations.

I see girls everywhere trying to get a boyfriend after a shot of tequila.

2. Chess game without table

Look at this CC

One of the major complaints of the simulator community is the application of certain tables to certain topics.

This also applies to chessboards that only work on a certain number of tables. Why?

Who knows?

Well, thanks to creator Brazenlotus, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

This table has a built-in chessboard, so you don’t have to search for it.

Kill two birds with one stone, huh? Now he’s a friend.

1. Chessboard, regardless of surface

Choose this mode

We all know how hard it is to find the right chess table.

What if the chessboard could work on any surface instead of combining elements?

A revolutionary, I know. Well CC creator Kya Sarin has created a plate that can be applied to any surface for your sims.

Coffee tables, dining tables, everything.

This fixes one of the most annoying problems in The Sims 4. Now we need a laptop…

This item is not only unique with a great extra feature, but it also has a great design.

You will receive neatly finished grey chess pieces with cherry black counterparts. Very stylish.

And with the ability to place it anywhere, your humble little Sim could become the next chess prodigy.

frequently asked questions

Where is chess in The Sims 4?

Both can be found under Hobby > Knowledge in purchase mode and can be placed in either the home zone or public zone. Unlike in Sims, the chess pieces are now separate from the chess table itself, and players can now follow their play in more detail.

Which chairs do you use to play chess in The Sims 4?

Re : Chess 4 Place a dining table, piece of furniture or outdoor chair in front of the table. The chair in the living room is not compatible. You can recognize the compatibles by a picture with two base plates instead of one, when you are ready to place them.

Why can’t my Sims play chess?

Try different chairs or even buy different copies of the same chair if the chairs themselves don’t fit. If a unit can be put together from a chess table and chairs, as apple-like2 said, then they are well connected and Sims should be able to enter.

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