Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Games for April

Image: Sony

Sony has announced three games that PlayStation Plus subscribers can enjoy for free in April as part of its monthly PlayStation Plus game offer. You come from a strange world: Soulstorm (PS5), Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PS4) and the action-adventure survival horror title Days Gone (PS4), which will also be available on PC this spring. The three games will be played starting at 6:00. April to the 3rd. May be offered for download.

It’s a crazy world: Soulstorm | PS5


Oddworld’s Abe returns in this platform adventure game set shortly after the events of Oddworld 2014: New N Delicious. Abe has been transformed from an unwitting cog in a mega-corporate machine into an unlikely hero and a beacon of hope, and must now save his fellow Mudocons by any means necessary. If you gain minions, stay stealthy and solve puzzles to survive, or loot goods and build an arsenal to free your friends. In Oddworld: Soul Storm, you will begin to understand that it takes the power of many to solve problems that individuals cannot solve alone.

Gone are the days when the PS4


Step into the open, desperate world of the Pacific Northwest as drifter and bounty hunter Deacon St. John. John. Take the risk of defying the threats of the beaten track on the back of your trusty motorcycle as you encounter swarms of mindless wild monsters and equally terrifying humans. Unpredictable weather conditions and different times of day and night can lead to incredible dangers and shocking surprises… and all mean death. Develop your strategies by modifying your weapons and skills, taking out traps and upgrading your engine as you try to survive in the unforgiving wilderness.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War | PS4


Hitler’s hordes are back in this scary shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4. Gruesome occult enemies, epic weapons and a terrifying new 1-4 player campaign await you in 1940’s Europe as you fight to save humanity from the Armageddon of the undead. Continue the alternate history of the Zombie Army trilogy on massive new levels and unmask a sinister plot to attack the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond.

Source: PlayStation

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frequently asked questions

What are the PS Plus games for April 2021?

Sony has revealed that Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War is the PlayStation Plus game for April 2021.

What are the free PS Plus games for April 2020?

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to three games in April: Those days are over, Oddball: Soulstorm, and Zombie Army 4: A dead war. From 6. April to the 3rd. May, a trio of free PS Plus downloads are available.

Will Sony offer free PS4 games?

As part of its Play at Home initiative, Sony has announced that it will be giving away the next 10 games for free to PlayStation owners, including Horizon Zero Dawn and indie games like Enter the Gungeon and The Witness.

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