The Default Gateway is not available after Windows 10 20H2 update

Have you experienced problems with internet access or unrecognized network after upgrading to Windows 10 20H2? And when you run the network troubleshooter (right-click on the Network/Wi-Fi icon and select Troubleshooting), the default gateway is not available. A number of users have reported this problem after installing a recent Windows update,

The WLAN connection will be established for a minute or two, after which the WLAN icon in the taskbar will show a warning that there is no Internet connection. With a diagnostic tool that starts and resets the adapter, I learn that the problem was that the default gateway was not available, and the problem is fixed. But this solution works for a few minutes, then the connection is broken again.

The standard gateway is used to allow devices on one network to communicate with devices on another network. In other words: The default gateway is the host on your system that forwards packets from your network to the remote network. The most common reasons for the error Default Gateway not available are incorrect network card settings, problematic network card drivers (especially after a Windows update), virus infections or security software. And if this error has occurred on your device, you can no longer communicate with the remote network. As a result, there is no internet access in Windows 10.

If you are also facing this problem, here are some effective solutions to resolve the situation when default gateway is not available in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

Default gateway not available

Turn on the router, modem and computer to solve most Internet connection problems if a temporary problem is causing the problem.

Disable or temporarily remove security software (antivirus), if installed. Also disable the VPN if it is configured.

Reset the TCP/IP settings and see if that helps.

  • Open a command prompt as administrator
  • Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter to run the command.
  • Restart Windows and check that the default gateway error no longer exists.

Updating the network adapter driver

As mentioned earlier, an incompatible, outdated or damaged device driver (especially a network adapter driver) leads to various Internet and network connectivity problems. If the problem occurs after updating to Windows 10 20H2, the installed network adapter driver may not be compatible with the latest version of Windows, which may cause the problem. Updating or reinstalling the network card driver will resolve this issue.

  • Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc and ok,
  • The Device Manager opens and displays a list of all installed device drivers,
  • Unfold the network adapter,
  • Right-click on the installed network adapter driver and select Update Driver.
  • Select Search and Update Driver Automatically and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Windows checks and installs the latest available network driver.

Reinstall network adapter driver

If updating the network driver does not resolve the issue, try reinstalling the network adapter driver. To do this,

  • Open the Device Manager,
  • Unfold the network adapter,
  • Right-click on the installed network adapter driver and select Remove Device,
  • check the Remove drivers for this device box and click on the Remove button to confirm the removal process,
  • And restart Windows to completely remove the old driver from the computer.

  • The next time you boot up, open Device Manager again, click Action, and then click Check for Hardware Changes.
  • This will automatically install the network driver for you.

You can also visit the device manufacturer’s website and download and register the latest network adapter driver for your PC. Run the setup.exe file to install it, and restart Windows for the changes to take effect.  Now check if there are no more problems with the internet connection.

Power management parameter for power supply

  • Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc and ok to open Device Manager,
  • Network adapter expansion
  • Right-click on the network card you are using and select Properties.
  • Click the Power Management tab and uncheck the following option.
  • Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, and then click OK.

  • Now open Control Panel, System and Security > Power Options.
  • Click the Change Plan Settings option under the current energy plan you selected.
  • Then click the Change advanced power settings option.
  • Now expand the settings for the wireless adapter and power saving mode, and select the maximum power (battery and connected) for both.
  • Click the Apply button and then the OK button for the changes to take effect.

After changing the power saving mode of the wireless adapter. You should now be able to access the Internet without the default gateway being unavailable when the Windows 10 error occurs.

Manual assignment of default gateway.

If none of the above solutions worked for you, try manually assigning a default gateway and IP address, which should solve the problem.

  • Open a command prompt, type ipconfig, and press Enter.
  • Note down the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.
  • Now press Windows + R, type ncpa.cpl and click OK.
  • The Network Connections window opens.
  • Here, right-click on the active network card and select Properties.
  • Under WiFi/Ethernet Properties, double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Select the Use the following IP address radio button
  • And enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway you noted earlier with the ipconfig command.
  • Select the Use the following DNS server address radio button and set the following parameters
  1. Preferred DNS server 8.8.8
  2. Alternative DNS server

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Now open your web browser and visit any website. Check that your internet connection is working properly, without frequent disconnections. Also read :

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