Ultimate Guide to know How to Fix Sim not Provisioned MM2

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SIM cards are small chips that act as a link between your phone and your network operator. It is used to provide the operator with certain information to identify your smartphone account. And finally, you can make phone calls and surf the Internet. Now, if your device says SIM card not provided on Android, it means you can’t connect to your carrier’s network, or maybe you can’t identify your cell phone account with the carrier. Let’s read on to learn how to fix the MM2 unfunded sim.

Fix Sim unfunded-MM2

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Part 1. Why does the MM2 error appear which is not supplied with the SIM card?

The pop-up window indicates that the SIM card is not on Android for various reasons. In practice, this will rather affect consumers who have activated a new SIM card. If it is a serious problem or the SIM card does not work in Android, the problem is with the SIM card and it needs to be replaced. However, here is a brief description of when you should be concerned about the SIM card not being issued.

  1. Your phone has a new SIM card
  2. When connections are transferred to the new SIM card.
  3. If the network operator’s authorization system is not available.
  4. You may be out of network coverage without an active roaming agreement.
  5. Nevertheless, excellent work has been done on the new SIM cards. However, it is often important to unlock the SIM card for security reasons.

If you have not bought a new SIM card, but the one that worked perfectly until now, this can most likely be explained by the following words:

If your SIM card is too old, it may be defective, try to replace it.

Another explanation is that the SIM card is not available because it may have been assigned to a specific phone by the service provider. Nowadays, you may see a warning that the SIM card is not valid if you even connect the SIM card to another device or system. I think this method is more than sufficient to solve the unfunded Sims in MM2.

Part 2. 8 MM2 error correction is not supported by the SIM card

The MM2 not supported SIM error on Android has been fixed in one click.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the first and easiest way to fix a SIM card that is not supported by Android. We are pleased to present you Dr.fone-System Repair (Android), a tool that can solve almost any Android operating system problem with a few clicks. Whether it’s a SIM card not supported by Android, or a SIM card that doesn’t work for Android, or a hard drive or a dead black and white screen. Incompetence in the Android operating system is the most likely cause of these errors. And with Dr. Background Repair (Android), you can quickly and efficiently repair your Android operating system without any hassle

A step-by-step guide to correcting the MM2 error, if it was not provided.

>> Step 1) Connect the computer for Android

Download and launch the Dr.fone toolkit, then select the System Restore option from the main interface.

>> Step 2) Select Android and Restore Key Information –

Now click on the Android Repair button from the three options on the left, and then click on the Start button. The next screen asks you to enter important device information, such as make, model, country, and operator information. And click on Prev.

>> Step 3) Setup mode to boot up the computer –

It is important that you boot up your device to make Android OS stronger. Follow the on-screen instructions to start Android in DFU and press Next. Once the software is ready, it will automatically download the most compatible and up-to-date firmware for your smartphone.

>> Step 4) Initiate Repair –

The application scans the firmware and restores the Android device after the update is completed. In no time, you will find that your Android smartphone is completely repaired.

2.2 Protection against dirty or wet SIM cards

Sometimes preparing the SIM card is as simple as preparing the SIM card. Make sure the SIM card is not wet and reinsert it. If this was the case, the Android SIM card was not working because dirt or dust prevented proper contact between the device and the SIM card pins. This is the best way to fix Sim, but not to deliver MM2.

2.3 Inserting the SIM card correctly.

If your SIM card has been working properly so far, it is possible that the SIM card has moved slightly from its original location. Little by little, the SIM card and the circuitry have a bad contact. In fact, the contacts and the SIM circuit have a bad contact. Follow the steps below to install the SIM card correctly.

1> Turn off the SIM card holder and leave the Q button on the SIM socket of the device.

2>Take a soft pencil eraser and gently stick it on the gold pins of the SIM card to clean it completely. And remove the remaining rubber from the SIM card with a soft cloth.

3>Slide the SIM card back into the SIM card manager and then into the SIM card slot.

4> Turn on the computer and check whether your SIM card is linked to Android or not.

2.4 SIM card is activated

When you buy a new SIM card, it is usually automatically activated on your new device within 24 hours. However, if this is not the case and you are wondering how to unlock the SIM card, you can use the following three methods to activate it:

*Call your company’s service provider.

*Send a text message

*Log in to your provider’s website and check the Activation tab.

Message: The above options are quick and easy to activate. Get them approved, relying on your operator’s network.

2.5. The bar must touch.

Even if your SIM card is not available, grab a new work phone to call a customer or network. Make sure you explain the whole situation and give them an error message. Be careful when considering the problem. This can take a long time or be resolved in a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the problem.

2.6 Check the other side of the SIM card.

Another reason why the SIM card doesn’t work on Android may have to do with the SIM card slot. With dual SIM technologies, there is no need for immediate testing or troubleshooting. You can easily remove it by removing the SIM card from the original slot and inserting it into another SIM slot. If you consider this approach, it is clear that the location of the SIM card caused the problem. The problem was not caused by the SIM card.

2.7 Trying out other phones with SIM cards.

Or if you are still not satisfied, you are still worried about the SIM card, which does not come in Android. Try it with another Android device. Remove the SIM card from the device causing the problem and register it in other mobile phones. This way, you can determine whether the problem is only related to your computer or also to the SIM card.

2.8 Trying out a new SIM card.

Still don’t know how to fix your SIM card? Maybe it’s not for you, huh? Well, you have to go to the operator’s store and ask for a new SIM card. This way, you can perform proper tests on the old SIM card with the MM2 error not being released by the SIM card and, if possible, repair it.

These are the actions the user must take to overcome error simulation problems and the solutions to these problems.

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