What Does Resetting BIOS Do In 2022 – Quick Guide

What Does Resetting BIOS Do In 2022 – Quick Guide

Occasionally, it can become corrupted, preventing your computer from starting up correctly. In these cases, you may need to reset BIOS. This article will show you What Does Resetting BIOS Do. Keep reading to learn more! 

BIOS, which stands for Basic Input/Output System, is a small software that helps your computer startup. It’s responsible for checking the system hardware and loading the operating system. 

It will be really helpful if you don’t know what resetting BIOS does. Resetting your BIOS means resetting your computer settings. If you have any technical problems then it is better to reset your BIOS settings. 

You can use a simple software called “Reset BIOS” which will help you to reset your BIOS settings. This software will help you to reset your BIOS settings. So, let’s see how it works.

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What Is BIOS Resetting?

BIOS resetting is a process that can be used to clear the BIOS settings on your computer. This can be useful if you are having trouble with your computer, or if you want to restore the default settings.

What Are The Benefits Of Resetting BIOS?

There are many benefits of resetting BIOS, here are a few of them:

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How Does Resetting The BIOS Work?

What Does Resetting BIOS Do

You can change the BIOS configuration to the last saved configuration on your computer. It resets things like the boot order and the password. 

  • Boot order
  • Memory chips
  • BIOS password

Boot Order

If the sequence of detecting the programs to launch the operating system of your computer is changed and is causing issues, you can reset the boot order to its default settings.

Memory Chips

If you want to clear the data on the chips or if the screen on your computer is blank, resetting the BIOS is a great way to fix the problem.

BIOS Password

If you can’t access the main computer screen because you forgot the bios password, you can simply reset the password.

When I Reset My BIOS To Factory Settings, What Happens?

If you change the settings in your computer to factory settings, it will change the BIOS configuration to what it was when the computer was shipped from the manufacturing unit. 

It doesn’t change the configuration of the Windows operating system or erase any data when you reset the BIOS to factory settings. It only resets specifications such as boot order, BIOS password, hardware configuration, and so on. Since you don’t have to worry about losing your data or Windows, that’s a good thing.

Would It Be Safe To Reset The BIOS Back To Default?

It is possible to reset the BIOS back to the default settings. Changing the settings to factory defaults improves the working of the board by making it work more efficiently. 

It helps the board to function more effectively. It won’t affect the Windows OS of your computer or mess up with any data stored in your computer hard drives when you reset the BIOS. The best way to solve most of the laptop hardware and software issues is to reset the bios configuration.

If you want to eliminate the issue related to BIOS passwords and computer hardware, you should reset the BIOS. If you want to diagnose the issue and find its origin, you should reset the computer’s BIOS to load fail-safe defaults.

How Often Should You Reset Your BIOS?

It’s a good idea to reset your bios when you forget the password, encounter computer boot problems, or have a failed overclocking setup. If you are having hardware issues like RAM not working, the computer won’t recognize the graphics card, and so on, you need to reset the bios.

Resetting the bios is a great way to diagnose hardware issues and fix computers that don’t boot up because of a forgotten bios password. It’s very easy to reprogram the system. There are two different types of settings that you can use to reset your bios. One is load fail-safe and the other is load-optimized defaults.

The load fail-safe default settings help to identify the origin of problems occurring in the computer hardware, whereas the load fail-safe default settings help to reset the bios to its factory settings. The bios can be reset in three simple ways, which will be discussed in detail later in this article.

Load Optimized Defaults In BIOS?

Many performance parameters are used in the BIOS to reset the settings to the factory default settings. According to the system hardware, the default settings are usually adjusted.

When you reset the BIOS to load optimized defaults, it resets the BIOS passwords, boot order and resets the hardware as well. If you have installed new hardware like an upgraded RAM, it is good to reset BIOS to load optimized default settings.

To reset the BIOS of your computer to load optimized defaults, restart your computer and press the “Del” key or the key specified by your manufacturer’s owner’s manual to enter BIOS setup.

Then select the “Exit” tab in the BIOS menu. Select the “Load Optimized Defaults” option. Press the “Enter” key to load default settings. Click the “Save settings and Exit” button to get out of the BIOS setup.

How Do BIOS Load-safe Defaults Work?

The minimum performance parameters in the BIOS are activated when the load fail-safe defaults setting is set. The origin of the problems in the computers bios is found through this procedure.

If you want the BIOS to load fail-safe settings, you have to launch the CMOS setup. The arrow keys can be used to navigate to the “Load Fail-Safe Defaults” or the “Reset the CMOS value to default settings” option. You can exit setup by clicking on the “Save Changes and Exit” button.

Resetting The BIOS Will Erase Data?

Resetting the BIOS only wipes out the configurations of the bios and things like ram and chips. It doesn’t change the bios version or erase the data on the HDDs.

Resetting The BIOS Erases Windows?

No, wiping out Windows doesn’t happen with a reset of the BIOS. It only wipes out the current settings and configuration so that they can be reverted to their factory default options. If you plan on doing so, Windows can only be erased.

How Does Resetting BIOS Affect Windows?

Resetting the bios does not affect the Windows operating system. It doesn’t change the bios configuration to the factory settings. There is no data erased from the hard drives as well. You don’t have to worry about losing your Windows settings after you reset the BIOS.

Is It Possible To Reset Windows 10 From The BIOS?

What Does Resetting BIOS Do

It is not possible to reset Windows 10 from the BIOS. It won’t reset Windows 10 even if you change the settings in the BIOS. The only thing it will do is reset the settings of the bios. It’s possible to reset Windows 10 from the main desktop screen. 

To do this, you have to make sure that the power supply is continuous. You can go to the settings option if you press the “Windows” key. Click on the “Update and Security” option if you want to know more. The recovery can be selected from the left panel. Click the “Get Started” option under the “Reset this PC” option to get started. 

The instructions are followed by following the prompts. Wait for a few minutes to reset your computer after you click the next button. You will be able to see the login screen when Windows 10 restarts after the reset process are complete.

Resetting BIOS To Default

You can reset BIOS to default in 3 ways, by resetting internally from BIOS setup, by replacing the CMOS battery, and by clearing the motherboard jumper.

To reset the bios internally from the setup, restart your computer and press and hold the “Shift” key. You have to keep pressing the key until you see the advanced options screen. You can go to the settings in the “Start” menu of the setup.

Click on the option that says “Update and Security”. Click on the recovery button from the list of options on the left-hand side of the window. Under the “Advanced Setup” heading, click the “Restart now” button to restart the computer.

If the blue screen appears with advanced options, click the Troubleshoot button. You can click on the advanced options from the new window. Click the “Restart” button if you don’t want to continue after selecting the “UEFI Firmware Settings” option. 

Click on the options “Load Default Options” or “Load Setup Defaults” if you want to reset the BIOS. You need to save the settings and exit the setup. The main power supply of your computer needs to be removed and all the connections disconnected to reset the BIOS. 

Make sure that your computer is properly grounded to prevent damage. The computer cover has to be taken off to find the board. Wait for five to seven minutes for the battery to be removed from the board. 

Attach the battery back to the board and reassemble it as it was before. This will be used to reset the BIOS. Shut down your computer and remove all the connections and devices from the main power supply if you want to reset the bios settings to default. It’s a good idea to make sure your computer has proper grounding. 

To clear the jumper, open your owner’s manual and follow the instructions. Depending on the specifications of your computer, it’s important to follow the correct instructions.

FAQs – What Does Resetting Bios Do?

Is It Safe To Reset BIOS?

Do you think it’s safe to reset the BIOS back to the default settings? Changing the settings to factory defaults improves the working of the board by returning it to the default settings. It helps the board to function more efficiently.

Does Resetting A PC Damage It?

No, a factory reset does not cause a PC to be damaged. Factory resets can be used to solve bad problems. Re-installations and factory resets are possible with both Microsoft and manufacturers.

Should I Wipe My PC?

This has been updated with Windows 11 and the latest version of the mobile operating system. Before you sell, return, recycle, or donate your computer, phone, or tablet, you should make sure to remove all of the personal information that is stored on it.


If you have any technical issues with your computer then you should reset your BIOS settings as it will solve all the problems. You can also save the settings in a form of a file so that you can easily use them whenever you need them.

There are many other benefits of resetting bios but I think this is all you need to know about it. Hope you liked the post. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know.

Thanks for reading!

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