What is Off Facebook Activity & How to Manage It?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media applications. It offers users many possibilities. Some time ago, a new tool Off Facebook Activity was introduced. Today I’m going to show you everything you need to know about it. I’ll explain what Facebook’s opt-out tool is, how it works, how to disable it, manage it and delete the data. So let’s get started…

Facebook wants to control our privacy. You can use the Off Facebook Activity tool to track our online activities. I’ll be honest with you. They want to keep an eye on us. Yet they do it, and many users don’t know why they do these things. Facebook says it’s just about giving users a better advertising experience. Well, who knows how reliable and honest they are. I’m sure you understand.

What are the activities outside of Facebook?

Sometimes you may use the Connect with Facebook option in applications and websites. Non-Facebook activity is a record of your online/offline activity on applications and websites. These applications and websites can be businesses and organizations. For example, they share your experiences and interactions on their applications or websites with FB. Facebook then adjusts and provides you with the best percentage, personalized advertising experience.

How does the From Facebook activity tool work?

The Off Facebook Activity tool is linked to the Facebook Business tool, the Facebook SDK and Facebook Login. Thousands of applications, blogs and websites use Facebook forms to conduct business and sign up.

You may have seen the Facebook login/subscribe buttons on many applications and websites. When you log in or register through these forms, the application/website and you agree to share your interactions with Facebook. Facebook records these activities in the Facebook Activity Tracker and allows you to track them.

These activities can include opening an app, browsing content, searching, purchasing, donating, etc. It’s not the same tool, but it’s pretty similar to other Facebook tools (their SDK, the business tool) and it forwards your interactions and information to Facebook.

Is the Facebook Activity Tool safe?

Yes. So it’s perfectly safe to allow non-Facebook activity as well. Facebook has nothing to do with your information and the interactions it receives. But to provide you with the most relevant offers, offer groups, products on the market, events, you can discover more brands and companies. Also to help Facebook identify suspicious activity. So they allow you to adjust, disable and turn off the traffic lights. I don’t know what else they want from us, but we use their app for free (not really).

Where the activity tracker is outside of Facebook

Easily find the Facebook activity counter in your Facebook application or in Facebook on your computer. Here’s how to find them in the Facebook app: Open the Facebook application, tap Menu and then tap Settings and Privacy. Now select Settings and then Facebook Activity under your Facebook information. You can turn it on or off, view your activities outside of Facebook, manage your future activities, clear your history, etc.

Where in the institutions is the activity outside of Facebook?

You can simply go to your Facebook account settings and then click Facebook Info on the left side to find activities outside of Facebook in your PC settings. However, in the Facebook applications, you can go to the menu, then Settings and Privacy, and tap Settings. You will then see the option Activity outside of Facebook under your Facebook information.

Disable the Facebook Activities tool

Facebook gives you the option to disable, deactivate or turn off the Facebook Activity tool. You can do this in the application and in the PC version of Facebook. Follow these simple steps:

On the Facebook application

How can I disable Facebook activity: Open the Facebook application > Menu > Settings and privacy > Settings. Now under your Facebook information, click Disable Facebook activity. Tap Advanced options, tap Manage future activities, tap Manage future activities again, and then uncheck the next option Manage future activities outside of Facebook.

Disable Facebook activity in the Facebook application

On Facebook with a PC

You can disable Facebook activity on your PC. Here’s how: Click on the drop-down icon, then Settings and Privacy and go to Settings. Now click on your Facebook information on the left side of the page. Then click the View button next to Off-Facebook Activity. Click the Advanced option on the right, and then click Manage Future Activities. Click Manage future activity again and uncheck the box next to Future activity outside of Facebook.

Disable Facebook activity on PC

Clearing Facebook activity history

You can easily delete your non-Facebook activity history in the Facebook application. Here’s how: Open the Facebook application. Then press Menu > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Stop Facebook Activity > Clear History. In the last step, click on Clear History. Here’s how: How to delete your non-Facebook history.

Delete Facebook activity from the Facebook application

What happens when you delete your activity history outside of Facebook?

A pop-up window will appear before your off-Facebook activity is deleted. This pop-up window contains the following information:

Your activity history will be deleted and disconnected from your Facebook account. However, this will not include Oculus operations. However, Facebook will continue to receive information and interactions from the applications and websites you visit. This is the case if you have not disabled this feature.

In addition, clearing history also deletes applications, games and websites (a list of these applications and websites is displayed before clearing history). In the future, you will also be able to connect to Facebook in these applications and on these pages. However, this will not remove or change your advertising preferences. You will always have the same number of relevant ads on Facebook.

frequently asked questions

Are activities outside of Facebook safe?

Once you delete the activities managed by the tool, Facebook deletes your credentials shared by applications and websites. This means Facebook doesn’t know what pages you’ve visited or what you’ve looked at, so you won’t see targeted ads on those pages. Stop your activities.

How do I disable Facebook activity?

Select Settings and Privacy and click on the Settings option. Now click on your Facebook information in the left column and then click on Non-Facebook Activity. You can also visit the off-Facebook activity page directly after logging into your Facebook account.

Can Facebook track your offline activities?

Fact check: Rumors that Facebook would be tracking its users with a new feature for activities outside of Facebook have come true. … But recent developments in Facebook’s privacy issues have shown that the social media platform can collect users’ data even when they are offline.

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