What is the Average Laptop Screen Size? (with Chart) – 2022

What is the Average Laptop Screen Size? (with Chart) – 2022

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, one of the most important factors to consider is screen size. But what is the average laptop screen size? And how does it compare to other devices? In this blog post, we will take a look at What is the Average Laptop Screen Size

When considering all of the specifications that go into laptops and which will fit into your lifestyle, this is particularly true. One of the most important factors to consider when weighing is the screen size for each model. 

There are a variety of sizes of laptops that correspond to lifestyle needs like budget, processing speed, and portability. 

Their screen sizes tend to go along this scale, where smaller screen sizes tend to have lower processing speeds and storage, but better portability, than bigger screen sizes.

What Is The Average Laptop Screen Size?

The average size of a laptop screen is between 13 and 15 inches. The display sizes for laptops start at 13 inches and can go up to 17.3 inches.

  • At the lower end, you have 13.3-inches that are preferred by students.
  • The next higher size is 14inches, quite common among regular laptop users.
  • 6inches is also a popular size among laptop users.
  • Gaming laptops have larger displays, up to 17.3 inches; these are used more like PCs, not carried around much.
  • For the record, you may find laptops with screen sizes of 11.6 and 12.5 inches also. You can find tablets of these sizes and some people prefer them.
What is the Average Laptop Screen Size

The two most popular screen sizes for laptops are 14 inches and 15.6 inches. The choice of screen size is dependent on usage.

How To Choose The Correct Laptop Size

There are two or three key factors that will determine the correct screen size for the laptop you plan to buy. These include the purpose you are buying the laptop for, the usage pattern, whether you will be carrying it around often, and so on.

Here Are Some Useful Tips On Choosing The Size Of A Laptop:

  • If you are a college student and you need to carry the laptop to the classroom and back, a 13.3-inch size or even less than that should be ideal.
  • If you’re going to use the laptop at home to check emails, create documents or spreadsheets occasionally, then the 14-inch or 15.6-inch will be the ideal size.
  • If the laptop is to play high-end games with all sorts of accessories connected to it, then a 17.3-inch screen will be your ideal choice.
  • The factors to be borne in mind are that as you choose a laptop with a smaller screen size you may have to make some compromises. The laptop may not have space for many components or ports.

Pros And Cons Of Laptops With Smaller Screens

The keyboard is one of the key elements that distinguish the laptop from the tablets. There are 101 keys on the normal keyboard. If some keys are missing or if the size of the keys is too small for you to type comfortably, you might feel handicapped.

Then there is the display screen size. You cannot have a wide bezel either.

There can be other space issues as well if the keys and screen size are not taken care of. 

The battery size, the provision for the rest of the components inside the laptop, and the ports on the laptop’s sides are some of the things that need to be considered. These are some of the reasons why the laptop has a screen size.

Portability Is A Consideration

The convenience of portable is one of the reasons why you choose the laptop over the PC. You can bring your laptop with you to your college meeting, for making presentations, and so on. It allows you to do your work while sitting on your couch or bed.

The size of the laptop is brought to the fore by the portability factor. The larger the screen size of the laptop, the bigger the overall size.

The weight of the laptop will increase as well. The level of comfort in carrying the laptop is determined by the size of the screen. There can be specific situations that can change the decision.

If you carry a laptop bag in your car from home to your place of work and back, you may want to go for a larger laptop than the 14-inch one.

Gaming Laptops With Larger Screens Are Becoming More Common

The 17.3-inch laptops will be very comfortable for those who buy laptops with the primary intention of playing games on them. The larger screen helps to enjoy the graphics and make the game more interactive.

The larger size of the laptop makes it possible for it to accommodate cooling fans and ports for connecting devices. They could include gaming consoles, speakers, and gaming keyboards. 

All of these aspects are considered by laptop brands that are specialized in making gaming laptops. It is rare to find the 17.3-inch laptops being carried around.

What Is The Average Laptop Screen Size

Size Of An Average Laptop In Inches

The size of the laptop is usually the size of the display screen, though the actual dimensions may be different. The screen size of a laptop is mentioned only in inches.

The average measurement on the outside of a 13.3-inch laptop is just over 11 inches in the length and over 7 inches in the depth. The average thickness is less than an inch and when you open the laptop, it could go to a height of 8 inches from the surface.

The same measurements for a 14.1-inch laptop will be 12inches and 8.4inches respectively. 

Please remember that the display screen size is measured diagonally and you may find 13.3-inch and 14.1-inch laptops of the same length. The depth may vary. These sizes can also vary with each brand and each model. These are the average sizes.

What is a Good Laptop Screen Size?

The screen sizes of the 14-15-inch laptops are the most popular among users, but the correct size for your use may be different. 

The size of the laptop screen is what you can take as the good one. Since most of the requirements the user would look for are addressed by the 14.1-inch size, it’s a good idea to use it. 

It is compact and lightweight, yet powerful enough to handle a variety of required tasks. You should be able to find a good 14.1-inch laptop that has the required ports if you do a proper search.

You will be able to connect devices like printers, speakers and to watch tv on a large screen. The latest laptops don’t have a DVD drive. Look for the models that include the drive.

How Do You Measure The Screen Size Of A Laptop?

If you want to know the diagonal length of your laptop, use a measuring tape to check the screen size. If you hold the other end of the measuring tape to the right-hand top corner, you can see how much the tape measures. Your laptop’s size is determined by the screen size.

How Small Should A 13-inch Laptop Be?

The answer may be different from person to person. If you think about it, a 13-inch laptop is double the size of a 6-inch odd phone and should be enough. If you are a school or college student and the laptop is used for light activities such as browsing through the net for information, you can use a 13-inch laptop.

You might find the 13-inch laptop too small if you are doing programming or designing graphic designs. You may not derive the same pleasure in playing video games on a 13-inch screen as you would on a larger screen if you are an avid video gaming enthusiast.

Comparison Of 13-inch And 14-inch Laptops

A majority of people believe that the 14-inch laptop is better than the 13-inch laptop. There are a lot of reasons for this decision. Many people think they can see the images better on a 14-inch screen than they can on a 13 or 13.3-inch screen. 

The difference between the two should be insignificant because they are used to viewing the contents on the laptop screen in a particular size and don’t want to change this habit.

The other side to this is that once they see the difference between a 14- and 13-inch laptop, they switch over. There is a price angle that is fascinating. 

There are times when an HP 13-inch laptop will be sold for more than you can pay for a 14-inch laptop from HP. A large number of people would choose the larger-sized laptop at half the price if this happened.

Comparison Of 13-inch Laptop Vs 15 inch Laptop

A large number of users vote for the larger 15-inch laptop when confronted with the choice between a 13-inch laptop and a 15-inch laptop. Those who stress the portability factor think the 13-inch machine is better than the other. 

Users who love the 13-inch laptop argue that it is easier to use and has a lighter weight than a 15-inch laptop. The 13-inch laptop can be comfortably kept on your lap and you can work on it when you are sitting in a crowded airport or tube.

The better specifications, power, and performance of the 15-inch laptop are what the overwhelming opinion in favor of it is based on. Inside the 15-inch laptop, you can get a better processor and other components. You should choose a 15-inch laptop that weighs less, according to this group.

What Is The Average Laptop Screen Size

Is A 14-inch Laptop Better Than A 15-inch Laptop?

There is a strong recommendation to visit a computer showroom and see the two laptops, 14-inch, and 15-inch, side by side. It is important for some users to have a weight factor. 

The larger screen will be important for those who are playing games. Some say that the larger laptops are uncomfortable to keep on the lap because they get heated up more. 

If you want to keep the laptop on a desk, you need to invest in cooling pads that can be kept below the laptop.

Is the 15 inch Laptop Too Big?

The question of big or small is not always straightforward. It is possible that it is different for people with different structures. A well-built person may be able to carry a 15-inch laptop, but a short-statured person may find it hard to do so. 

The 15-inch laptop is considered the ideal size for multiple applications by many users. They do not mind the weight if there is a comfortable backpack to carry the laptop in. The degree of usage is what will determine if the 15-inch laptop is too big or not.

Is a 17” Laptop Too Big?

A 17-inch laptop is not too large. The large screen sizes of the laptops are sold to a specific group of people. These people are usually gaming enthusiasts, graphics designers, or software programmers.

There’s a need for a large screen to play games and get more excitement from the gaming community. While working on one of the windows, the graphics designers and the software programmers like to keep multiple windows open on the screen so that they can get a better view.

If you are buying a laptop for some routine mail checking at home you don’t need a 17-inch laptop.


A key factor in determining the right equipment for your needs is the size of your laptop screen. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with each option so it is important to consider what you are going to be using the computer for before making a decision. 

If you plan on watching movies or playing video games frequently, you should consider opting for a larger display so that it will be more enjoyable.

How much desk space you have available where you would use the device is one of the things you should consider when choosing a screen size. Smaller screens might not fit in this room if it isn’t enough room. 

I hope this post on “What Is The Average Laptop Screen Size” was helpful for you. I know some of you have already tried some of the tips, but it will surely help you to fix this problem in a few minutes.

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