Why Does My Apple Watch Randomly Keep Locking? (2022)

Why Does My Apple Watch Randomly Keep Locking? (2022)

Apple Watch is a great device, but sometimes it can be frustrating. This article will tell you why does my apple watch randomly keep locking? One of the most common problems people experience is that their watch randomly keeps locking. 

This can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of something important. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the possible causes of this problem and how to fix it. If you’re wondering why your Apple Watch keeps locking, then you’re not alone.

Apple has released several updates to its watchOS software over the years to improve the user experience. But there are still some issues that users are facing. Some people are having issues with their Apple Watch randomly locking, and it’s not easy to fix.

Here are some tips to get back into your watch again. This is a common problem that many people are experiencing. In this blog post, we will discuss the possible causes of this issue and how to fix it. Keep reading for more information!

Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Locking?

Why Does My Apple Watch Randomly Keep Locking?

The smartwatch is one of the best gifts for the men and women out there. It is one of the most powerful devices that you can wear on your wrist and it has its special features. But the biggest question is how does it work and what are the most common issues that it faces.

The watch is a device that connects your phone to your wrist and it is the best way to control the phone from your wrist. But the question is that why does it lock sometimes? 

If you are wondering about the same thing then you are not alone. Here I am going to share with you some of the most important reasons that may help you to solve this problem.

Faulty Wristband

One of the most common problems faced by the watch is the faulty wristband. The band gets loose or it gets stuck somewhere inside the watch. So, you have to check it carefully and if you see anything wrong then you need to replace it.

Battery Issues

Another major issue is the battery. The battery may die and it may drain quickly. So, it is better to charge it regularly as it will save you from many troubles. You can charge it using the charging cable that comes with the watch.

Faulty Screen

The screen is the second most important part of the watch. If the screen is damaged or it is not working properly then you will get many issues. It can be due to many reasons like water damage, dust, scratch, etc. So, make sure that you clean the screen every time before charging it.

Why Does My Apple Watch Keep Locking Randomly?

If the watch is not worn tightly, or if the sensors are dirty, an Apple Watch can keep randomly locking. When removed from the wrist, Apple watches have a mechanism to keep them safe. There could be some causes behind your Apple watch randomly locking up.

You need to place your Apple watch directly above your wrist bone. Your Apple watch may get locked if you wear it too far away from your wrist bone. For the watch to be in constant contact with your skin, it needs to be in constant contact with your body.

It will lose its touch with your skin if you loosely wear the watch. If you lose contact with your Apple watch, try wearing it close to your wrist bone. If you want to stop your watch from losing contact with your wrist, you need to tighten the band or strap.

If the back of your watch gets too dirty, you can lose connection with the sensors on your wrist. Other issues that can affect the wrist detection of your Apple watch are wrist tattoos and heart rate, as well as the ultimate solution, will be to update your phone to the latest software. 

Wrist Detection is a measure that can be used to ensure that your Apple Watch is locked when you remove it from your wrist. It keeps your sensitive information out of the hands of criminals. 

When you wake up, you need to enter a password or an unlocked phone number. You have to put the watch on your wrist. Apple watch has some everyday annoyances and quirks that make it get locked randomly throughout the day.

How To Stop Your Apple Watch From Locking?

At times, it can be annoying to have a constant lock on your apple watch. There are some things that you can do to prevent your apple watch from getting locked.

You can check for wrist detection with your watch app. Go to the app that is on your phone. If you click on General, you will be taken to the general section. There is a Wrist Detection option that you can find. 

It’s a good idea to check to see whether it’s disabled. If that is the case, you can enable to fix your problem. If you want to engage the watch tightly on your wrist, you should try the smallest strap setting. 

If the above methods don’t work, you can try contacting apple support. If you want to restore your data from the backup, you need to unpair your Apple Watch from the iPhone device.

How To Turn Off Your Apple Watch Screen Lock

Why Does My Apple Watch Randomly Keep Locking?

Go to the Digital Crown screen and tap on Settings, then enter your watch password to turn it off.

You Also Need To Check For The Following:

The device’s photoplethysmography abilities can be affected by wrist tattoos. If your watch is placed over your tattoos, you need to check it. The watch must be placed over your wrist bone. 

Long sleeves can make it difficult to detect your lock. If the cloth gets between your skin and the watch, it will prompt a request for a password.

Apple Watch Locked After Update

While opting for an update, your Apple Watch needs to be on charging mode. If your watch gets locked after an update, you should connect your watch to the Apple magnetic charge.

Press and hold the side button for a few seconds and the power will show on the screen. All apple content and settings can be erased if you choose to force power off. Press the digital crown on the Apple watch to enter the passcode.

If your password doesn’t match after the update, try a different password on your phone. Go to My Watch after you open the watch app on your device. Then click on the button that says general. On the Erase screen, tap on it to watch content and settings. 

You will be able to reset your phone. You can restore your data from backup when the process is over. Next, you have to set a new password to access your phone.

Apple Watch Keeps Locking While On The Wrist

When you remove the apple watch from your wrist, it’s normal for it to lock. It is a security measure that Apple has put in place to keep the device safe. There are several ways to fix it if it closes while on your wrist.

The apple watch app can be downloaded on your phone. If you want to turn it on, go to wrist detection. It’s a good idea to check if the Bluetooth is turned on. Go to the settings on the phone and enable it.

Also, Check For The Following:

Wrist tattoos can interfere with the wrist detection process, so be sure to check for them. If wrist detection is working correctly, you should check it out.

If your watch isn’t tightly fixed on your wrist, you need to check it out. The back of the Apple watch needs to be cleaned to make sure it works smoothly. You can try contacting a service center for your Apple watch if none of the other techniques work for you.

Apple Watch Keeps Locking And Asking For A Passcode

If you have more than one password, your apple watch may fail to connect to the correct one. Some things can be done to overcome this issue.

You can pair your Apple Watch with your phone by using the correct Apple ID. If no one of your passwords matches, try a different one. It’s possible to unpair your watch from the iPhone device. And then repeat the process. 

Follow the steps if you want to go to your apple watch settings. All settings and content should be erased. Go to your Apple Watch app on your phone, and tap on My Watch. If you want to unpair Apple Watch, you need to confirm. Go ahead and pair your watch with your phone.

You can try to uninstall the apps that were installed in the past. Don’t forget to check for the latest updates. Your device will lag if you don’t update your software frequently. To charge your phone, you should charge it to 50%. 

You will need to connect it to your phone and the internet. Don’t let your phone get in the way of watching it in close range. If you want to download the software, go to Apple Watch> My Watch> General> Software Update.

Apple Watch Keeps Locking During Workouts

If your watch loosens during the workout, it could cause your Apple watch to lock. Your watch screen will stop working if it encounters an accidental interaction. There are some steps you can take to prevent the apple watch from locking.

It’s a good idea to tighten your watch band before you exercise. A sudden interaction between your watch and your skin can be caused by your gym clothes. If you want to prevent accidental touches to your watch screen, you can use the workout app on your phone. 

It is possible to watch the app on your phone. If you want to, tap on “My Watch”. You will be able to work out with the workout button. The running auto-pause should be turned on or off.

Apple Watch Locking During Sleep

The apple watch’s sensors are not always able to identify the wrist’s response. Inked wrists or any other dark-colored objects near your wrist can interfere with your watch’s senses and cause it to lock during your sleep.

It’s a good idea to make sure the watch stays tight on your wrist while you sleep. The watch should be loosened a bit if it is too close. It is a good idea to wear it on your wrist while you sleep to maintain its accurate position. Before going to sleep, get the watch out and put it back in.

The pressure can be applied to the watch sensors by using both thumbs. The sensors don’t always work correctly while you sleep. If that doesn’t work, you can try disabling your Wrist Detection again. You can use the Watch app on your phone. Click here if you want to see my watch. 

Privacy can be accessed by tapping on Motion and fitness. It’s time to turn it off while you sleep. Try turning it back on if it was turned off initially. Make sure to turn off both devices before restarting your phone. Your watch should be restarting.

How To Factory Reset Apple Watch If It Is Locked 

Even if your Apple Watch is locked and unpaired with your phone, you can still perform a factory reset. It’s possible to back up your data and settings from it.

Press the side button until the power off screen appears on your screen if you connect your Apple watch to your charger. The Erase all content and settings can be accomplished by pressing the sliders.

The factory settings on your Apple watch will be reset after that. You can pair it with your mobile device. If you don’t have an Apple watch, you can create a new password by restoring the data from your backups.

Further Troubleshooting:

You can access the Home and Side buttons at the same time. For around ten seconds, press and hold both buttons at the same time. When the screen is turned off, your watch will enter a mode called the reboot mode. The factory settings on your watch will be reset when the restart is complete.


If you are facing any of these problems then I am sure that you will be able to fix them easily. There are a lot of other problems that the watch can face and it is better to take it to a service center if you find anything wrong.

I have shared with you some tips that will help you to fix this issue. If you face any other problems with your Apple Watch, then don’t hesitate to I will help you out. 

I hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know why does my apple watch randomly keep locking? Thanks for reading! 

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