Why Does My Computer Keep Blowing A Fuse? Simple Guide In 2022

Why Does My Computer Keep Blowing A Fuse?

Your computer is a powerful tool that can be a real help in the office, but if something goes wrong, you may find yourself wondering. This article will help you clear your question “why does my computer keep blowing a fuse?” While it’s important to be knowledgeable about computer repair, it’s not always possible to fix a problem on the spot. 

In fact, sometimes the best thing to do is to get your computer repaired at an independent repair shop. If your computer keeps blowing a fuse, you should consider taking it in for repair.

You might think that this sounds like a silly question, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been in a situation where you’re trying to figure out what the problem is with your computer, only to discover that you don’t really know where to start looking. 

So, you end up spending hours on Google trying to find an answer. Now without any further ado, let us begin with all the information you need to know about this topic. 

5 Reasons To Fix Your Computer Issues

Have you ever faced a problem with your computer? If yes then you might be in trouble because there are many reasons why your computer can stop working. Here are some common reasons why your computer keeps blowing a fuse.


Computer overheating is one of the major causes of computer issues. You should check whether your computer has the right fan or not. If it is not working properly then replace it with a new one.

Power Failure

If you have a laptop then you should take it off the power socket. You should also make sure that there is no power failure. If it happens then you should switch on the power button and turn it off again. If it does not work then you should call an expert to fix it.

Bad Motherboard

If your computer has a bad motherboard then you should replace it. It will cost you a lot of money but why take the risk, so you should buy a new one before it becomes a bigger problem.


Bad RAM can make your computer slow and can even crash it. So, you should always replace your RAM if it is old. It is one of the most common reasons why computers keep blowing a fuse.

Bad Hard Drive

A bad hard drive can cause many problems like a blue screen, freezes, crashes, and other serious problems. So, you should check whether your hard drive is working properly or not. If it is not working then you should replace it with a new one.

Is There A Reason Why My Computer Keeps Blowing Fuses?

Why Does My Computer Keep Blowing A Fuse? Simple Guide In 2022

A damaged or incorrect power cord, a fault in the power supply, or fluctuations in the power supply are some of the main reasons for a computer to blow a fuse. Some of the major causes of a computer blowing a fuse are listed below.

Faulty Or Incorrect Power Cord

Sometimes, a faulty power cord can be used to establish a connection. In such a case, the computer blows a fuse because the connection is not established properly. There is a power cord that isn’t suitable for a particular system model used. This is one of the main reasons for a fuse to blow off.

Fault In The Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Behind the computer system, is where the PSU is located. This unit is very important for the smooth functioning of a system. If there is a problem with a blown fuse, the Power Supply Unit can usually be faulted. The computer system shuts down automatically if there is a problem in this unit.

Fluctuating Power Supply 

There can be times when the computer system does not receive enough power supply. There is less or a different power supply that causes the computer to blow a fuse. A blown fuse is one of the most common causes of a computer shutting down. 

There are a variety of reasons that a computer can keep blowing the fuses. This problem can happen at any time during the lifetime of the computer. It is important to understand the system specifications in order to get rid of this problem. 

When the Power Supply Unit is connected directly to the outlet without any protection, the power supply unit is likely to blow up. There may be other technical causes or faults that are not identifiable. It’s important to get in touch with a system engineer to get the problem solved.

Why Does PC Keeps Blowing Its Power Supply?

A PC can keep blowing the power supply if the power supply is overheating or if the PSU is connected directly to the power outlet. There is a vital role played by the power supply in the functioning of a computer system. The system needs enough power supply to move the supply to other parts of the system as and when required.

There are times when a computer system keeps blowing the power supply. As and when this problem occurs, it is important to find an effective solution. A suitable Power Supply Unit is one of the main recommendations to prevent this problem from occurring. 

There will be no technical errors with a good-quality PSU unit. There are a few reasons why a PC keeps blowing the power supply.

Excessive Heating

Sometimes a computer faces excessive heating problems due to the amount of power supply received. In this case, the PC shuts down automatically in order to avoid serious damage. When the power supply is blown, frequent crashes of the screen are also experienced.

Absence Of A Surge Protector

The power outlet has a large amount of power supply, which might be harmful to a PC. It is important that the PSU is not connected directly to the power outlet. 

If you want to connect the PSU to the power outlet, you should use a surge protector or other protective component. The problem of blowing the power supply can be avoided with this way of thinking.

It is important to check the functioning of the internal hardware components if the problem continues. The person trying to overcome this problem should have some basic knowledge of the computer case’s internal hardware components.

Knowledge about the various cables and connections is a must for assembling the components. The internal part of the PC should be opened when the PC is switched off

The particles of dust and dirt need to be removed. If the components are connected, you should check them out. If there are faulty wires, check to see if they need to be replaced.

Testing A PC Power Supply

If there is a problem with fusing blowing or frequent shutdowns, it is important to test the PC power supply. In addition to frequent shutdowns, there are many other problems faced by a PC if the power supply is not correct. There are a number of problems which occur due to a bad power supply.

There is a lot of unnecessary noise coming from the computer. There are internal hardware components that don’t function smoothly. There is a problem while restarting the PC, but the fan keeps spinning. The screen on the monitor crashes, causing a computer shutdown.

The problems mentioned are indicative of a poor power supply. These problems could cause serious damage if an effective solution isn’t found. Before taking any action, it is necessary to test the power supply of the PC.

There are some steps that can be performed to detect if a PC is suffering from a poor power supply.

The power supply needs to be connected to the outlet wall first. It’s a good idea to look for a 24 pin version of the connector. You need to find the green wire and connect it to the red wire. The fan of the power supply should start spinning after this is done. 

The board game should be monitored after that. There might be a problem with the power supply if this doesn’t happen. There is a multimeter that can be used to measure the power supply. It’s important that the steps are performed carefully because they might be dangerous. Any type of carelessness can cause a lot of damage.

To get this job done, it is better to get the assistance of an experienced person. If the problem persists, or the steps are not clear, you should get in touch with a system engineer for guidance and advice.

Why Do Laptops Blow Fuses?

Compared to computers, laptops have extended capabilities. The same problems can be encountered in the functions of both devices. The problem of blowing fuse is the same for laptops as it is for computer systems. It is very difficult to power up the laptop when this problem occurs.

The causes are the same as a computer if there is a blown fuse. The causes have been listed before in the previous sections. It’s important to replace components if they are faulty enough to cause this problem. If you want to get a new fuse, make sure it has the same ratings and voltages as the previous one.

It is recommended to replace the battery with a new one if you want to eliminate the problem of blowing fuses permanently. If there is no clarity in any of the solutions mentioned, it is better to get in touch with a technician or the support team of the laptop brand.

How Do I Fix A Blown Fuse On My Computer?

Why Does My Computer Keep Blowing A Fuse?

There are many reasons why a computer encounters the situation of a blown fuse. This problem is very problematic, as it reduces the computer’s overall function. 

In the first section, the most common causes for this problem have been discussed. It’s important to identify the cause first and then take necessary action. There are some effective solutions that can be applied to get rid of this problem.

The power cord needs to be disconnected. The computer case has a computer inside it. All the cables need to be removed from the internal hardware components.

If any additional power cards are present, they should be removed as they may be affecting the power supply. The screws that hold the power supply to the case need to be removed. The unit needs to be examined and checked for the warranty.

It is important to note that dealing with a power supply is not an easy task and can be dangerous if the person is careless. A person with basic technical knowledge or experience working with wires and cables is the ideal person to assign this work to. If the problem isn’t solved, it’s a good idea to contact a technician.

Fuse Is Blown-In HP Laptop Battery

HP is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to high-quality laptops. The problem of a blown fuse is encountered with the laptops as well. It’s possible that the causes of blown fuses are different in different machines. To avoid serious damage, it is important to discover an effective solution for this problem.

We can discuss the methods that are useful to solve this problem. An error message is usually shown when there is a blown fuse in the battery. A failure ID is displayed on the screen when the error message is sent. There is a message on the screen that tells the user that the device is dead. You should contact the HP support team if you come across such a message.

Replacing the faulty battery or repairing the existing one is expected to be the solution to this problem. The solution depends on how bad the problem is. To get rid of the problem after a blow-off, a piece of advice is to replace the battery. There are chances of this happening if the existing battery is fixed.


I hope that you have understood the common reasons that will make your computer slow. If you have faced any of these problems then you should immediately contact a computer technician. He will fix it for free.

So, these are some common reasons why your computer keeps blowing a fuse. If you have any of the above-mentioned problems then you should contact a professional. 

They will fix your computer issues in no time. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed. Thanks for reading!

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