Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing? – Quick Guide 2022

Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing? – Quick Guide 2022

Minecraft is a hugely popular game that can be played on many devices. However, one common problem people experience is their server crashing. This article will explore some of the reasons why this might be happening and how to fix it. By following the tips in this article, you should be able to clear up your question “why does my Minecraft server keep crashing?”. 

Don’t worry, if the game keeps crashing on your computer, it’s not a big deal. You can try these solutions to fix your problem if you are getting issues such as Minecraft crashes on startup or keeps crashing.

Reasons: Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing?

Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing?

Mod conflicts, dirty laptop fans, and interference with installed software can cause a server to crash. There are several reasons why your server can crash.


There are a lot of different features in the game where you can enjoy them at once. mod conflicts are the most common reason for crashes on the server. Wrong versions or buggy mods in the game could cause the server to crash.

Hardware Problems: 

When the server crashes, it’s a good idea to check the fans and vent in your computer. It is possible to look for dust and fan obstructions. Extreme places like games and the server are affected by hardware problems, which heat the system.


If your server crashes, again and again, you should check the different software in your system, even after considering the problems. Most of the issues with the software are caused by the anti-malware files.

JVM Crashes: 

The reason behind your server crashes may be due to the JVM Crashes. It happens when large files or blocks are mishandled and explode. The server crashes when the game cannot take a load in those situations.

How To Troubleshoot Minecraft Server Errors?

Connection Refused: 

The code states that the whole server is down at the moment, or that the server is not working at the moment. You can restart the game if you want, or you can check the address you put on the game.

End of the stream:

The code means that signals or information from the server are not reaching the player. Technical flaws or internet connection may be the reasons for this.

The solution is that you can restart the game. If you have access to the server, you can reset it once, but you need to check the connection between the server and the client.

Outdated client:

This error code indicates that the client or player is trying to reach a newer server even though they have an older version of the game. You can try to update your version of the game on the server that you are attempting to reach. The Profile Editor can be used in the Launcher for the update.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Minecraft Servers From Crashing?

There are surprising yet straightforward ways to prevent your server from crashing. You can learn the striking techniques by taking a look at the points and steps below.

If you want to fix a problem, you need to understand the problem and its source. There is a possibility that your server might crash due to non-supporting 3D graphics.

There may be a shortage of memory in your system, which is why the game crashes when it does not have enough space. If your operating system doesn’t support the game, you might be using an outdated system.

The Following Steps Will Prevent Your Minecraft Server From Crashing:

Restarting the game is the most straightforward way to prevent the server from crashing. It’s possible to uninstall and reinstall the game at the same time.

The system card driver and graphics texture can be updated to support the 3D graphics of the game. It is possible to understand and apply the correct settings on the server.

Is There A Reason Why My Minecraft Keeps Freezing?

The issue of game freezing is the most common problem that every game player has to face. The character movement and mobility of the game stop for a short time. If you want to know what’s going on, then you need to go through the following.

The game keeps freezing because of the lack of memory in the system. There are a lot of features and fun in this game. The game will keep on freezing for seconds if you get it in 1RAM. If you want to have a smooth experience, you can change the JVM arguments section to 2 or 4 RAM.

Minecraft Keeps Crashing On Launch

The heart of most of the people of this generation is the people who play a game called Minecraft. Some players have said that the game can crash while it’s being launched.


There are often bugs in the game that cause it to crash on launch. The cause of the crashing of the game on launch may be that the processor is too powerful. The game will crash on launch if the incorrect settings are not changed. Outdated graphics card driver is one of the most common reasons for clients to have crashing issues in the game.

Ways To Fix The Problem:

Updating the recent patches that the game provides to fix bugs is the best method to fix game bugs. Updating the outdated graphics card driver will solve your problem if you keep doing so.

If you want to stop the game from crashing on launch, you have to use the default speed on your processor. To get a smooth game, you can turn off the VBOs in the settings.

Minecraft Server Keeps Kicking Me Out:

Players are often kicked out of the server by Minecraft. I can show you a few ways to get out of this problem, even though it has been a burning issue recently.

The other time’s players are kicked out of the server, the other time’s server crashes. There are many reasons, but the most obvious one is the internet connection.

When the server crashes on entering the game, the players get kicked out and the most natural solution is to re-download the game once. If you still face the same server issues over and over again, then the best thing to do is to contact the support of the game.

It Keeps Timing Out On The Minecraft Server

Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing?

If you are a crazy fan of the game, then you must have had issues with timing out in the game. There are several obvious reasons and solutions for the problem.


The most likely reason for the timing out of the game is the problem with the connection. The server timing out all the time is because you remain unaware of the virus in your system.

There might be bugs in the version of the game that you are using. The server keeps timing out while some other software in the system manipulates the game.


If you want to prevent time-out problems in the game, you need to reinstall it more than once. It’s possible to fix your internet connection to make your game more enjoyable.

You probably don’t think the software is a barrier to the game in your system, so uninstall it. It’s possible to take the desktop to the shop to fix it. You can change the version you are using.

What Causes Minecraft Servers To Crash On Startup

People enter the game with an expectation that they will enjoy the game, but end up getting upset when the game crashes on startup.


Setting up the computer’s speed too high can cause the server to crash on the first day of play. The overloading of software and application in the system may be to blame for the crashing of the game on startup. The issues in your game may be the result of the connection between your computer and the internet.

The server crashing instantly on startup is caused by the slow loading of the progress in the game, which is caused by the slow internet connection. The crashing of the game on startup can be caused by the mismatching of server and client based on the updated version of the game.


If you want to put less pressure on the gaming server, you can use the default speed on the computer. It is possible to uninstall unused applications and items from the system to make it run faster, which will prevent the game from crashing on startup. It’s a good idea to avoid slow network connections while playing a game. The version of the game that is on the server should be kept updated as well.

Opens And Closes Minecraft Server

There are a lot of people facing difficulties in opening the game. The reasons behind the problems might be the same as before, but the solution might be a bit different. Here are some things you can do to prevent the opening and closing of the server.

To get rid of these terrible problems, you can simply update the Java of the game. If you download the game from a weird server, it can lead to the opening and closing of the game. It is possible to download the game and its data from the official source only.

The problem of opening and closing Minecraft can be solved with the help of editing EULA.txt. To stop the server from crashing in the beginning, you need to separate the server file in batches. 

It’s a good idea to have operating system updates installed to avoid server crashes. It is possible to set and reset win stock for avoiding critical issues in the game.

Whenever I Join A Minecraft Server, It Crashes

It is very disappointing to find out that the server crashes when you join the game. The problem may be a result of another problem in your system.

It might never let you join the server if you try to log in with a chunk of corrupted files. If you want to destroy the virus in the system, you should choose an excellent scanning device. The ways of fixing this corruption-related problem are the same as the others.

When A Specific Player Joins, The Minecraft Server Crashes

The answer to such an essential issue of your fellow mate can be for several reasons: He or she could be facing network issues or connection issues. It may happen due to an outdated version of the game. 

The setting of the game might not be satisfactory. He or she could face server crashing every time because of the lack of space. The change of the version of the game immediately is the solution to the problem.

When Someone Dies, The Minecraft Server Crashes

When someone dies, the server crashes, which is a common problem for players of the game. It is possible to suggest that the people with network issues face the same problems like the ones with Minecraft. 

If you restart the game once while facing this problem, you and your friends will be fine. If you want to avoid the game crashing, you can uninstall and reinstall the game at the same time.

When Trying To Connect To The Minecraft Server, An Error Occurred

When you try to use a port already in service, you will get a code error in the server. Unique and fresh ports are provided for individual players to avoid server crashes.

If you want to start the game at once, you can pick another port. If you need help avoiding server failures, you can contact a support representative.

Xbox One Keeps Crashing When Playing Minecraft

The problem of crashing the XBOX one is faced by a lot of Minecraft players. The following steps can be used to assist you.

There’s a button on the controller that you can choose from. Go to the menu button and select manage game & add-ons.’ Then choose the data and press “A” to confirm the deletion from the console. It would allow you to have a fresh start if you took out every copy of the game.

The PS4 Keeps Crashing When Playing Minecraft

The problem of the server crashing while using a PS4 controller is faced by many of the players in the game. There are a few steps that can help you out of the problem.

Hardware defects in your PS4 might be to blame for the crashing server issue in Minecraft. If you want to restart the PS4 console, you have to do it first. You can restart the controller if you want to. For the first time, you can restart the game to avoid the problem.


The reason why your Minecraft server keeps crashing is that your server is running out of memory. The best way to prevent this from happening is to upgrade your server to a newer version of Minecraft that has been updated to use more RAM. This blog on why my Minecraft server keeps crashing would have helped you with this issue. 

The reason why Minecraft servers crash so often is because of the old Minecraft versions which have been around for years. Minecraft used to have 1 GB of RAM in the earlier version of the game.

But, as time passed, the version of Minecraft that you are running started using less RAM. This was done to make the game more stable, but it also caused the game to crash a lot. 

As the game has been updated over the years, Minecraft has been updated to use more RAM. You can upgrade to any version of Minecraft from the official Minecraft website. Thanks for reading! 

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