Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting?

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting

You may have heard a lot of news about the latest Nest thermostat and its features. So, this article will tell you why does my nest thermostat keep going offline/rebooting?

If you are not aware of the features of the Nest thermostat then you should be because it is a smart thermostat that can be used for home automation.

It is one of the most popular smart home products that are used in the world.

If you’ve ever had your Nest thermostat go offline, you know how frustrating that can be. And it’s not just your Nest thermostat- other brands of thermostats and smart home devices have the same issue. 

Nest is a company that provides smart home solutions like smart locks, smart doorbells, smart light bulbs, etc. Some people use these devices and they are impressed with the features of these devices. But the biggest problem is that these devices keep rebooting and going offline.

The Nest thermostat has many features like Nest Aware, Nest Guard, Nest Drop-In, Nest Aware, etc. The Nest thermostat is designed to control your home and the device will do its job properly. 

But sometimes some problems cause the thermostat to go offline or reboot. Let’s find out the reasons and troubleshooting process for this issue.

Reasons Why The Nest Thermostat Goes Offline/Reboots

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting?

If you have a Nest thermostat then you may face this problem which is called “offline/rebooting”. This problem is mostly faced by users who have a new thermostat. Here are the reasons why the Nest thermostat reboots or goes offline.

Battery Problem

If the battery of your Nest thermostat is low then it may go offline. You need to charge the battery once a week so that your thermostat works properly. If your battery is dead then you can replace it with another one.

Wi-Fi Connection Problem

Nest thermostats work on a Wi-Fi connection. It means that your Wi-Fi router should be connected to your device. If there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection then your device may go offline. 

You need to connect the device to the Wi-Fi router and if the problem still exists then you need to check whether there is any software update or not.

Software Updates

If you have not updated the software of your thermostat then it may reboot or go offline. So, you need to check whether there is an update available or not. You can do this by going to the Nest website.

How Come My Nest Thermostat Keeps Rebooting?

One of the main reasons for your thermostat to restart on its own could be due to a problem with the internet connection. There are possible reasons for the constant rebooting of the Nest thermostat.

The power isn’t reaching the device the right way. The thermostat isn’t properly fixed to the wall. There was an irregular Wi-Fi connection. There is a possibility that the system blew a fuse. Display not seated perfectly.

Check The Connectors

One of the most frequently reported reasons for a thermostat malfunction is that the 20-pin connection may not be seated correctly. If you find any such problems, you should have the connectors replaced.

Power Supply To The Thermostat

If the power supply to the thermostat is not stable, it could cause the device to go offline or even restart. This might be due to a problem with the wiring. The wiring needs to be done properly.

Fixing To The Wall

Sometimes you might have to use a little more force to tighten the threads while fastening the thermostat to the wall. If you press a button to change the temperature, the thermostat will go into boot mode, which can lead to an internal dislocation. There needs to be a correction.

A Blown Fuse

There is a chance that the system installed at your house could have a blow-up. If the thermostat is receiving the right voltage, you will have to check that. If this is not fixed, have it fixed.

Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

There are a few things you can do to figure out the reason for your thermostat going to the reboot mode. The wires are checked to make sure they’re in order.

The first thing you have to do is switch off the heating and air conditioning system. If the wires in the circuit are properly connected, you can check it. It’s a good idea to check the wire at the end of the terminal. 

It needs to be flushed with the base. You can switch on the heating and cooling system if these are all good. If the thermostat is functioning correctly, then you should check it out.

If you follow these steps, you can check if the display is seated correctly.

You can pull the display out of the base, which is a snap-fit design. If wires or other objects are obstructing the proper seating of the display, you should examine it. If there are obstructions, be sure to clear them. 

You can hear the clicking sound when the display is fit back and the seats are correct. If everything is normal, the thermostat will show a red blinking light to indicate that the battery is getting charged. It may take up to an hour for the thermostat to get fully charged, depending on how much charge was there earlier.

Follow these steps if you want to make sure power is reaching the thermostat.

Make sure that the power to the system is on before attempting to work with the product.

To ensure the safety of your phone’s batteries, do not turn them on and off. It is very easy to do so, but you can easily damage the battery if you do it frequently.

Check if the fuses are in place and if there has been any blow-out. Now, check if the Nest thermostat is working. Follow the instructions and avoid doing anything that could damage the thermostat. 

Make sure that the power cords are plugged in. Then make sure that the wall switch is off. If it still does not work, you will need to contact a Nest Pro to fix the issue.

How Do I Fix A Nest Thermostat That Keeps Rebooting?

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting?

There are several ways you can fix the thermostat. Here are some of the ones they have. If the connection is established, you should check it. Without the internet, these are smart devices and they can’t operate. If the thermostat’s connections are intact, you should check if the Nest service is on.

If you need to do this, you will need to consult the instructions in the Nest manual. The thermostat should be ON-OFF when you give it a quick ON-OFF. If you press the round display with your finger, the menu will be brought up. The settings menu can be found on the right side of the screen. 

You can wait for half a minute to remove the plug from the sockets. The routers will flicker back to life if you plug them back in. A shakeup can be caused by this action, and your thermostat may function normally again. If you log on to Nest Home and see the message Online under the thermostat icon, then your issue should have been resolved.

If the batteries have the required voltages, you should check them. There is a possibility of a charging issue with the battery in your thermostat. The thermostat will be able to get connected to the internet if the batteries show a voltage greater than 3.6V. 

If you want to verify this, you need to press the settings. There will be an indication of the voltage on the display. If your thermostat is showing a value below 3.6V, it’s time to have it checked by a specialist.

A complete reset is what you want to attempt. If the Nest thermostat keeps rebooting, you can check and fix it with this option. This is similar to the things you would do with your phone.

The menu actions include Reset, Network, Reset, Confirm. This needs to be done on your thermostat. You have to go back to the settings and choose the network after doing this. 

You will have to repeat the actions you took when you set up the thermostat within the Wi-Fi network. You would be asked if you have a Wi-Fi connection and if you have a password.

The common steps to fix the rebooting issue with the Nest thermostat are listed here. If the issue does not go away, you can call the technician from Nestor.

My Nest Thermostat Keeps Going Offline. Why?

The following steps are available to fix the issue of your thermostat going offline.

The display needs to be taken off of the thermostat. If you want to bring the front and back of the display unit together, you should press the display for a while. 

If you want to make sure the display is seated properly, place it back on the slot and make sure it snaps into place. The issue should be fixed with this. If the above steps didn’t help, you should remove the display again and use a MicroUSB charging device to charge the thermostat battery. 

Fix the display after charging for a few minutes to see if the problem is solved. If the problem doesn’t go away, you will have to call up Nest customer support and provide a replacement thermostat.

Changing the wire connecting the thermostat to the system is one way to fix the problem. Sometimes the display can show you a wiring diagram on the screen. You can even do a quick fix if you detect the problem. 

The only other reason for your thermostat to not work is the internet connection. Check if the internet is working correctly. You might have other devices with it. There have been some reports of the Nest thermostat failing due to the distance. 

You should be able to resolve them quickly. If you install the Nest system in your home, you could use the user manual provided by the company. It has the error codes and how to fix them.

Is It Possible To Fix Nest Thermostat That Keeps Going Offline?

If your thermostat shows it is offline, there are actions you can take on the support page of the search engine. Under the earlier questions, some of them have already been covered. The major steps recommended are summarized here. 

If your internet connection isn’t working, you should check it out. The Nest app will tell you if there is an issue if the service is not working. If you have installed the Nest app on your device, make sure it’s the most recent version. 

It is possible to fix the issue by resetting or restarting the thermostat. If you have an issue with your Wi-Fi connection, you will have to restart your routers; this is a routine that you will follow if you have an issue.

The ping speed should not be lower than 1,500 ms and the signal strength should be at least 50 points out of a possible 100 if you check the strength of the signal on your thermostat. 

You have to eliminate any interference in the circuit. If there is an issue with your thermostat, you should check your Wi-Fi router. If nothing works, call in the expert from Nest Pro to find out where the problem lies and if you have to carry out one after the other.

FAQs- Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting?

Why Does My Nest Keep Shutting Off?

There is a problem with your system and it may need maintenance for a variety of reasons. A blocked air filter can cause your system to shut off automatically. Your thermostat can’t draw power from your system to charge its battery when this happens.

How Long Do The Batteries Last In The Nest?

The batteries in a Nest thermostat are just standard batteries, but because they are only being used as the backup power for the system, they should last for at least 12 to 24 months.

Does A Nest Thermostat Have A Battery?

If your system isn’t delivering enough power, the Nest Thermostat can be used as a backup or as a supplement.


I hope you found this article helpful for the issues that may occur in your Nest thermostat. If you face any problem with your device then you can call a technician. They will solve your problem in no time and if you are facing any issue then don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

They will solve your problem in no time and if you are facing any issue then don’t hesitate to contact our team. Thanks for reading! We are here to help you.

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