Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself – Quick Guide In 2022

Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself – Quick Guide In 2022

Do you wanna know why does my phone hang up by itself? You are in the right place. Read further to know more.

Do you ever find yourself talking on the phone and all of a sudden, your phone just hangs up and you might wonder why does my phone hang up by itself? This can be really frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of an important conversation. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why this might be happening and how to fix it. Stay tuned!

Weak cellular reception on the service provider’s side, incorrect phone settings, and a faulty sim card are some of the reasons why a phone can hang up. When a phone call ends abruptly in the middle of a conversation without both parties ending the call, this is when the phone has hung up.

To help you understand the potential reasons behind your phone hanging up, we have detailed here most of the causes along with a few possible ways of repairing them yourself.

If you have a smartphone that’s lost its connection to the network, the problem may be caused by an area with a weak or non-existent cellular signal. We suggest using the app that we created to fix this problem. It will help you to find out if your SIM card is the reason for your phone not working.

Your Settings Are OFF: Fix Them

Your settings could be turned off without your knowledge, which can cause a problem.

What you need to do is to check your phone settings for any functions that might be turned OFF. Look through all of the menus and sub-menus for anything that looks like it could possibly turn off your cellular reception.

For example, on most Android phones, under Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks, there will be an “Access Point Names” or APN menu. Just make sure this is set to the default carrier settings provided by your phone service provider.

Unfortunately, with some carriers, there are no user-serviceable defaults stored in these APNs. With these phones, you will have to go through the long process of finding out which carrier is being used for cellular.

If your phone is set to sound only, the call may be ended because your phone did not alert you. The screen of your phone will stay dark and you may not notice the call ending without the ringer or vibrating alert. To fix this, go to settings and select sounds and notifications. Make sure that ringtones are turned on.

Hardware Issue?

Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself

There is a strong chance of hardware issues if everything is working well and the settings are correct but the problem persists. It is possible that the phone has a problem with its board. Whenever you make a call or attend a call, there will be an issue if it is not working right.

Hardware failure of any kind is also one of the reasons why your phone hangs up. There are several reasons why this can happen:

Faulty sim card: A faulty sim card is one of the biggest culprits that can cause your phone to hang up. If it isn’t sending or receiving messages, then your phone will not send or receive messages. 

This is because the sim card controls messages, calls, the internet, and other functions of your phone. It can be caused by the sim card being faulty or corrupted.

Hardware Failure: 

If there are hardware issues, then you might experience issues at some point even if it’s minor ones like hanging up while using the phone which could be caused by the sim card not being able to function properly.

Faulty Software: 

The hardware is not the only thing that can cause your phone to hang up on calls, the software of the phone can also be a culprit. If there are some bugs in your firmware or if it isn’t working right, then you will have issues with your phone at some point.

Upgrade to the latest firmware: If you need to upgrade your firmware or change some settings, then doing that will turn out better for you. 

Make sure that you’re having all the correct information if this is something that interests you. A new update can give you a fresh start and get rid of any issues on your phone so this will help get rid of any problems on your phone.

Cell Phone Hang-ups: How To Stop Your Cell Phone From Hanging Up

There could be more than one reason for your phone to stop working. There are a number of ways to stop your phone from hanging up.

Install Antivirus Software:

Installing antivirus software is always a great idea because it can help protect your phone from hanging up. This will remove any viruses or malware on your phone which might cause issues.

There is a chance that your phone is vulnerable to a virus. If you have a virus on your phone, it can slow down your phone and cause it to hang more often. You can’t use your phone anymore because of the virus. It will be possible to combat this issue with the installation of anti-viruses.

Do Not Overburden Your Phone:

If you are using more than one app at the same time, you may overburden the phone. This can cause your phone to malfunction. If you close the apps that are not currently being used, you can avoid this. The release of space and avoiding hang-ups is achieved by this.

Delete Redundant Apps And Data

You may have a lot of apps on your phone. You might not use some of them but they still stay on your phone. Deleting those you don’t use anymore will free up space and cause the phone to function more efficiently. Extra data can also take up valuable space, so delete any unnecessary data or files that are causing a problem for your phone.

Clean Your Phone

Dust and other particles might be stuck inside your phone which can cause it to malfunction at times. Cleaning out dust from within the case of the cell phones will help keep it running without having complications along the way. 

This will make sure that everything works well with no problems arising from using it improperly or incorrectly because of dust build-up over time due to poor maintenance.

Factory Reset Your Device

It is possible for you to reset your phone back to its original factory settings. Doing this will solve several problems with the interface of your phone and make it faster than before, meaning that it does not hang up when in use.

Change Show Size Of Texts

Using a bigger font for your text messages can help you avoid any issues like hanging up when using the cell phone. Go into your settings menu and change the size of the font on all of your messages. 

It is usually recommended that you use at least 16-point font or higher if that doesn’t work then try different sizes until there are no more problems.

One-Ring Hang-Up? Here’s Why Your Smartphone Keeps Hanging Up

Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself

The Issue With The Line

It is possible that there is a problem with the line. The line might need repairing by your carrier.

Being busy or having no answer is a very common issue with cell phones. This happens when someone calls your number and you don’t answer it in time so the other line gets disconnected by itself or if the call doesn’t go through at all for some reason.

For one-ring hang-ups, this is an automated dialing feature that has been added to many telecommunication services nowadays. It works by sending out a short ring signal which makes the receiver’s phone automatically connect to the line immediately.

Line Hooked To An Analog Device

Your phone might be connected to a device that is using an older technology which can cause the line to get stuck in a loop due to a lack of compatibility.

If you have an old VCR, answering machine, or anything else, this could be what’s causing your issues with the phone. Resetting these devices may help fix the problem.

It is possible that there is interference from several devices in your house because they use similar frequencies for their signals and might keep on interfering with each other. This will make it difficult for the line to stay connected properly with all of them fighting over it at once. Check if any appliances are causing similar issues and try separating them from your phone, cable box, or modem if necessary.

Carrier Routing Destination Number To Wholesaler

This is rare but your carrier could route the destination number to a wholesaler who has set a timer on their network.

There is a problem with the number you dialed and it tries to go straight to a wholesaler instead of reaching out directly to your phone. This happens when you try calling internationally or if there is something wrong with that specific number.

If this is the case, check with your carrier about changing your carrier’s routing destination number in order to save time when dialing any international numbers.

How To Resolve The Issue

Contacting your carrier’s customer care service and lodging a complaint is the best way to deal with these issues.

Cell Phone Hangs Up After 2, 3, Or 4 Hours

If your phone doesn’t work after 2, 3, or 4 hours, that’s most likely a problem at your service provider’s end. The service providers often have a hard limit on the number of calls that can be made at a time.

Why Your Phone Keeps Hanging Up by Itself

High-intensity Applications

The internal memory of the phone and applications that exert a lot of load on the processor are reasons for the phone to hang up.

Unnecessary Features And Widgets

The excessive use of features and widgets on your phone could be one of the reasons. These features and widgets drain the phone’s battery and slow it down.

Tiny RAMs

The processing unit in the phones is affected by too many operations at the same time.

Other Reasons

Change in service providers, busy areas where cell towers are overloaded, and physical obstruction of phone signals are just some of the possible reasons.

Why Your Phone Keeps Hanging Up By Itself

A hardware problem or a service provider problem is what the call dropping in is. Several carriers block the call after a specific time limit in order to prevent exploitation of the service. There is an issue that can be resolved easily.

Toggle Airplane Mode

To enable airplane mode, you have to go to the settings. The airplane mode should be turned off after ten seconds.

Restart iPhone

One of the easiest ways to solve call dropping is restarting your phone. Once you restart it, all the issues will be resolved.

Uninstall Apps That Are Not Used Regularly

Many people have old applications that they uninstall but these applications still remain active in the background which could affect the memory and processor usage of the device. Uninstalling them can help reduce the load on devices.

There are many third-party apps that can be installed to monitor the memory usage of your device which might help resolve any issue you face with your battery life or slow processing times. Even if you don’t use an application for a long time, make sure to uninstall it properly after making sure it’s no longer needed by you or anyone else.

Check Phone Settings

Make sure that your phone is not in Do Not Disturb mode, there are no blocked numbers and the call is off if you go to the settings.

Software Is Up-To-Date

If there are any carrier settings updates or ios software updates pending, check to see if they need to be installed. This time, we’ll test again.

Contact Your Carrier

If everything goes wrong, you can call your carrier and inquire if the account you are using is configured to use the specific iPhone. Check with them to make sure there are no service disruptions.


The three most common reasons for a phone to hang up are an app, the operating system, or the hardware. Each of these issues can be resolved by restarting your phone, uninstalling and reinstalling apps, updating your software, or replacing your battery or charging port. 

If you’ve tried all of these solutions and your phone is still hanging up, it may be time to seek out professional help. Thanks for reading. 

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