Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Turning Off? – Simple Guide In 2022

Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Turning Off? – Simple Guide In 2022

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the most common question “why does my sound bar keep turning off?”. We’ll also discuss why this might be happening in the first place and how to prevent it from happening in the future. So if you’re having this issue, keep reading for help!

Do you have a soundbar for your TV? If so, have you ever had the issue of it turning off randomly? This can be a frustrating problem, but thankfully there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. 

Soundbars are a great investment for those who want to add quality sound to their home cinema setup. There are a few common annoyances that can ruin the experience. Soundbars shutting off automatically is one of the common niggles that you might have encountered. We have the best solution for you, so there’s no reason to worry.

It might be due to the energy-saving settings on your soundbar. A lot of soundbars have an auto-standby mode that makes them turn off or go to standby mode after a certain amount of time. Reducing the power consumption of the device is possible with it. The models with the configuration turn off this function.

How To Prevent The Soundbar From Turning Off 

Soundbars turning off is a very straightforward solution. You have to find out why this problem is happening. There is a chance that it may occur due to the auto standby mode of your device. If you follow the method below, you will be able to stop your soundbar from turning on.

It’s essential to check your model has the “Auto Standby” function. This helps to keep your camera running automatically so you won’t miss out on any great images. However, each brand may have its settings and functionality, I have tried to cover whichever I have personal experience with.

If you don’t let me know in the comment box, you will find a solution below. I will try to come up with some solutions.

Is There A Reason Why My Yamaha Soundbar Keeps Turning Off? 

Many users complain that their Yamaha soundbar is turning itself off. It can happen when the protection circuitry is activated or when the auto power standby function is enabled. The unit will automatically turn off if the power function is enabled. 

If you don’t operate the unit for a long period, it will turn off or go into standby mode. This mode can be disabled by following the instructions below:

  • First, you need to turn off the unit
  • Then, touch and hold the input button
  • Touch the power button on the center unit

If the auto power standby function is enabled or disabled it will be shown. If the function is turned on, you can stop it from working.

How Come My Bose Sound Bar Keeps Shutting Off? 

Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Turning Off?

When there is no audio playing or interaction with the unit, your Bose soundbar will shut off. It’s because the device has a timer that is set. When your unit is not in use, this function can help you save electricity. If you want to turn it off, you need to follow the instructions in the user manual.

If the mode is off and there is still a problem, you need to check the HDMI-CEC setting of your product.

  • Go to the System menu
  • Turn the HDMI-CEC option to on or alternative
  • Check the power cord connections
  • Remove the remote batteries

If none of the above methods works, your device may need service.

Is There A Reason For My Samsung Sound Bar To Keep Turning On And Off?

You may face this situation when your soundbar is not being used for a long period. The device will turn off automatically if there is no audio signal for 20 minutes. There are solutions to it, and here are the steps you have to take.

The AUX port has an option to turn on and off the display. If you accidentally pause the device while it is still charging, press and hold the play/pause button for 5-7 seconds and it will start scrolling. In other words, you can scroll by pressing and holding the power button!

The Best Way To Stop LG Soundbars From Turning Off 

When there is no operation for a certain period, you may be able to turn off your soundbar automatically. The auto power on and off functions of the soundbar help you to use it according to your needs. 

The Auto Power Off helps you save electricity, while the Auto Power On mode allows you to enjoy digital sound whenever you turn your TV on.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to turn the Auto Power Off feature off.

  • You can connect the optical cable to your TV by pressing the Auto Power button on the soundbar remote and it will show the value on the screen.

How To Stop Polk Soundbar From Turning Off 

After a certain amount of time, your Polk soundbar may turn off if there is no signal from the input source. The feature that makes your device automatically power off after fifteen to twenty minutes is known as the Stand-by mode. The solutions you need to try are listed below.

If the power goes off due to a power surge or power cut, you need to press the power button on the switch to return to the source.

The user manual of your device can be followed if none of the above methods works. The Stand-by mode will be turned off if you go to the settings.

How To Stop Philips Soundbar From Turning Off

The SLEEP function may be enabled, which may cause your soundbar to keep turning off. When there isn’t an operation, the device will turn off after a preset time. You need to turn it off so you don’t face those situations. The steps to follow are listed here.

  • Turn your device on
  • Use the remote to operate the device
  • On Active mode, press the SLEEP button repeatedly
  • It will show OFF on the display

You can turn off the SLEEP function of your soundbar by following the above steps. If the above method doesn’t work, you might consider contacting customer support.

How To Fix A Soundbar That Turns Off Randomly

If you want to fix a soundbar that turns off randomly, you have to turn up the volume to the highest possible level and make sure all the cords are securely connected.

Steps On How To Fix The Issue: 

  • If you can’t receive a signal for more than fifteen minutes, try to turn off your energy savings mode. This feature can be used to cut down on the power consumption of your device.
  • If the signal is too low and your device is connected to a set-top box, the soundbar will turn off. If you want to adjust the volume of the soundbar, set the set-top boxes volume level to the maximum.
  • Setting the audio result to external from the sound settings of your TV is possible if your soundbar is connected to any audio out connection or TV headphones. If you can’t find this function, you can try increasing the sound level of your TV.
  • The power button can be pressed to wake up your device if it has been inactive for over 15 minutes. If you don’t get any of the above, your soundbar may be suffering from something more severe. If that doesn’t work, try asking for help from a technician.

Why Does My Polk Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

Why Does My Sound Bar Keep Turning Off?

Polk DSB1 is more sensitive to the audio signal and can enter into automatic standby mode. The volume of the signal from the source should be raised past your threshold.

Probable Causes And Solutions:

  • The soundbar may turn off because of the low battery level of the Polk remote. If you want to change the remote’s battery, remove it and then put it back.
  • The soundbar would not be able to receive signals if you accidentally flipped the places of the optical cable. You should put the wire on the right side. The larger side of the optical cable will be located at the back of the soundbar.
  • If you change the settings of the response time, it can be increased to 40 minutes. All of the TV brands don’t support this feature. There is a chance that your power adapter is malfunctioning. If the soundbar doesn’t work correctly, you can check it with another power transformer. Try to get your Polk soundbar to turn on randomly.

The power cable connection, the power on button, and the AC adapter should be looked at. It’s a good idea to see whether or not you can fix them. Your device may be broken if all of them work. It’s a good idea to fix volume settings and connect to the internet. If they don’t work, you should have a technician check your board.

It is possible that your power button is not working. The power button is preventing the switch from working, and you can try to clean it. If you want to prevent your Polk soundbar from randomly turning off, try using the DTS Play-fi instead of Polk’s app.

Why Does My Samsung Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

Your display device will be turned off automatically if it stays off for a while.


  • The soundbar will be turned off if it doesn’t receive a signal for more than 15-20 minutes.
  • If you don’t press any input keys for more than 8 hours, it will be turned off. If you keep your AUX cable disconnected for 20 minutes, it will enter sleep mode.

Here’s How To Fix A Samsung Soundbar That Always Turns Off

Turn on your Samsung soundbar Press the play/pause button. Once it is playing, press the volume button (if your soundbar has a remote control, make sure you have pressed the right button) Next, the soundbar display will start scrolling these words: On- Auto Power Down.

Further Advice:

  • If your HW-C450 or HW-E550 Soundbar is malfunctioning, try changing the optical cables or connecting your TV to it. If that doesn’t work, try installing the latest version of the TV’s software. The TV screen settings can be changed to stereo or a different format.
  • If all of the remedies mentioned above fail, call for tech support.

Why Does My Lg Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

If you want to fix it, you can either go for a firmware update or check the signal volume level. The models of soundbar that have sensitive sensors are the SH2, SH7B, and SH3K. People have had issues with their soundbars if they try to put them in a mode that is not compatible with the internet.

Solutions And Advice: 

The feature of power-saving can be turned off by pressing the button on your remote control. There is a feature of APD that can not be disabled. If the device fails to receive a signal within 20 minutes, the feature locks it down. If you don’t know whether your optical cable is connected correctly, check it out. It’s a good idea to change the volume settings on your television.


Stand-by and Sleep modes have been designed to increase the efficiency of soundbars. The mode that can ruin your experience is the one that helps you save electricity when the device is not in use. To turn off the mode, you have to do the steps mentioned.

This blog on “why does my soundbar keep turning off?” would have helped you with this issue. Thanks for reading. 

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