Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself? – Simple Guide 2022

Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself? – Simple Guide 2022

Do you ever turn on your TV and it’s not on the channel that you left it on last? This can be frustrating, especially if you were in the middle of watching a show. It can seem like your TV has a mind of its own! In this blog post “why does my tv keep changing input by itself?”, we will explore some of the reasons why your TV might be changing channels by itself.

We will also provide some solutions to help you fix the problem. If you are not aware of the error messages that your TV is showing, then don’t worry because you are not alone, there are millions of people facing the same problem.

Most of us don’t realize that our TV is not working properly, but there are some things that we need to know about it. Some of you might be facing the following issues: If you are having some issues with the input of the TV, then you need to check the following points:

Things To Consider: Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself?

Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself?

Signal Mismatch

It is possible to use a different signal source for the television if you have connected it to a satellite or cable set-top box. The issue will often be solved with this.

Remote Or TV Malfunction

There could be a problem with the circuit connection or the remote. If this is the case, you need to replace the remote. This problem may occur on your TV as well, so you will need to seek professional assistance to get the TV repaired. Before checking on the TV, try changing the remote and seeing if it works.

TV Is Exposed To Sunlight

If the TV is positioned in such a way that sunlight falls directly on it, the TV’s IR receiver is likely to be receiving random signals. It is possible to stop the input from changing randomly by repositioning the TV.

Dust Accumulation

The back panel of the TV needs to be removed after the TV is turned off and the dust and dirt on the board need to be cleaned. This might involve some blow-drying and wiping. 

It is a good idea to replace the motherboard after you have cleaned it. It is possible to remove the power cord and keep the power button pressed for a short time. Reconnection of the power cord is necessary after doing this.

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Is Enabled.

When the sources are powered ON, it’s intended to simplify the setup process, but sometimes it also causes the inputs to change on their own. The automatic switch will be stopped if this option is turned off.

Why Does My TV Keep Switching From HDMI To DVI?

A problem with the TV set, a faulty HDMI cable, a pending software update, or an incorrect resolution setting is some of the things that may cause your TV to switch from HDMI to DVI. If you use the remote control of the DirecTV to adjust the volume on the AT&T TV, it can cause this problem.

The TV input setting is changed automatically when the input of this remote is used. If you press the Input button on the remote control of the DirecTV, it will help you make the changes or check the options.

If you replace the existing cable with a new one, you can see if it resolves the issue. faulty, causing the automatic switch. There is a chance that your TV needs a software update to function correctly. You won’t have to face this problem once this is done. 

This is often the case with any television, regardless of brand. If your TV has more than one HDMI port, it’s a good idea to check if the other ports are connected to something that could cause the switch. It is possible to help if they are removed. Users with Sky+ HD boxes connected to their TV have found this step helpful. In some cases, you will need to set up a separate audio connection.

If you have a Coby TV, you should enter the system menu and then display it. If you don’t want the display recovery setting to be used, manually set it to1080i or1080p. It’s possible to remove the HDMI cable from your TV. 

The TV and cable box should be unplugged from the power source for a second. Wait for a few minutes before you turn on the TV and cable box. If the TV and cable box doesn’t turn on, you should connect the HDMI cable. A third option is to use an external DVI to HDMI conversion/adapter. work for other brands as well.

LG TV Keeps Changing Input By Itself

There is a pending power supply reset or disabled Simplink option that may cause your TV to keep changing inputs.

  •  There is a pending power supply reset 
  •  Disabled Simplink option.

You can try the following steps to see if you can get an answer. The power supply should be disconnected from the television. If you want to keep the power button on the TV, press it for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

Plug the power supply again and make sure the power cord is firmly attached to the TV as well. It’s important to make sure that the TV’s keys don’t get stuck.

How To Set Default Input On Your LG TV

When you’re done watching TV for the day, you can switch off the set-top box and use the remote to set HDMI as the default input of your TV. If you have a setting that blanks out the inputs that don’t have anything attached, you should check it out. 

This will make them very difficult to get around. If you want to do the setup all over again, consider resetting the TV. The input you want the TV to start at can be set at the beginning of the setup. The program list update option needs to be turned on.

Samsung TV Keeps Changing Input By Itself

The activated Anynet+ feature that automatically switches to HDMI or a pending system reset may be the reason why your TV is changing input by itself. It’s possible that it’s an outdated firmware connection, or that it’s a problem with the board.

The Anynet+ Feature Was Activated Pending A System Reset Or Connection Problem. 

Anynet+ or HDMI-CEC is a feature that automatically sets the input on when you turn on your TV. Depending on whether you have an IR remote or a Smart remote, the method to turn this off is different. The TV must be updated to the latest version in both instances.

If you have an IR remote, make sure you keep it pointed towards the TV and press the exit keys in rapid succession. If you want to see if the change has been implemented, you can power on an HDMI device that is already connected.

If You Switch On An Already Connected Device, You Can Check If The Change Has Been Done.

Users of the UN49KS8000 TV have found that a simple reset stops the automatic switch on. The power cord should be disconnected from the power outlet. The power button on the TV needs to be held down for a minute. The automatic switch will stop if this stop is not in place. 

Press the TOOLS button on the remote if you want to change the television’s settings. You can turn it off by scrolling down to the Anynet+ option. Press the TOOLS and choose the auto option if you have a Samsung HD TV. If it is turning on, turn it off. If you have a TV like the LN40B530P7N, the latest version of the software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. 

This is usually a zip file that needs to be copied to the thumb drive before installation. You will have to change the Anynet+ setting as well.

If the automatic switch of inputs takes place without the remote, there is a possibility of a problem with the connection. To sort this out, you need the assistance of a technician.

Vizio TV Keeps Changing Input By Itself

If you have a malfunctioning HDMI 2 port or a pending TV reset, your TV could be changing input by itself.

  • There is a malfunctioning port.
  • The TV reset is pending.

If you want to turn on your television again, turn the HDMI 2 port off. The HDMI ports are likely to be malfunctioning and in need of replacement if the port still isn’t working. 

The plug connection needs to be removed from your TV. You can press the Power button on your TV for half a minute if you left it that way. It’s a good idea to plug the TV back into it. 

For 15 seconds, you can press the Input Select and Volume Down buttons on your TV. After turning off all other devices connected to the TV, you can release the buttons and switch on them.

How To Set Default Input On Vizio TV

Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself?

The remote control of your television can be used to set the default input on a Vizio TV. The TV usually comes with one of the default ports.

With The Remote Control

The input button is located on the remote control of the television. The top left corner of the remote has this picture on it. The Up and Down arrow keys can be used to scroll to the input of your choice. If you want to confirm your selection, press OK on the remote.

Without The Remote Control

This involves setting the input using the buttons on the side of your Vizio TV.

  • The OSD screen on the television can be opened by pressing the Menu button.
  • To move to the right and left of the screen, you can use the volume buttons.
  • The Channel buttons can be used to move up and down the OSD menu.
  • The Menu button should be pressed once again.
  • Setting the default input using the remote control is always easier than using the other methods. 

Hisense TV Kchanging Input By Itself

Your Hisense TV can change input by itself when a device is connected to it, either because of the TV input port or the IC of the main system controlling memory being malfunctioning. The main system control memory is affected by a faulty input port.

It’s a good idea to connect another working gizmo to the input port. It means that there is no problem with the port if that gadget works well. The television input port has a problem if there is no response. 

Get professional assistance if the problem isn’t solved by cleaning it. The main system control memory’s IC needs to be replaced if it is malfunctioning. To get this done, it is a good idea to seek the help of a technician.

How To Set Default Input On Hisense TV

With or without the remote control, you can assign a particular input as the default input on the Hisense TV. It’s an easier method if you choose the former option. You can assign a default input on your Hisense 32H5590F TV with its remote control with the following steps.

The input button on your remote control can be pressed. There’s a button on the top right corner of the remote control. When you can select the default input of your choice, scroll up or down until you reach it. If you want to confirm your selection, press OK.


TVs are notorious for changing the input source without any interaction from the user. This can be incredibly frustrating when you’re in the middle of a show and all of a sudden the TV switches to input mode for your cable box or game console. 

We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for Why Does My Tv Keep Changing Input By Itself? Thanks For Reading!

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